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Crazy Old Women.. . . . .

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Brendon, Chelsea, and Thomas spend Christmas eve at his parents house.

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I love how Grandma's always know exactly what is wrong as soon as it happens. It's like they are psychic or something but it makes me happy so enjoy~~

'So when do I get my presents?' Chelsea asked as she woke Brendon up by smothering him in kisses Christmas Eve morning.

'For Christmas, it's not Christmas yet.'

'But Brendon.' Chelsea pouted.

'You can't have them, but in the meantime, you can have me.' Brendon smirked pulling her down on top of them as they heard Thomas cooing from his bedroom.

'I think I'm going to go get your son.' Chelsea smiled getting up off the bed and walking down the hall into Thomas' nursery and picking him up out of his bed. As Chelsea walked back into their bedroom she began to feel a little nausea. 'Brendon take him.' She said Brendon quickly took the baby out of her arms and watched her dash to the bathroom.

'Uh oh little man, mommy's sick.' Brendon said walking into the bathroom to check on his wife.

'God I hate being sick.' Chelsea said leaning back against the bath tub.

'I'm sorry babe; do you want me to get you something?' Brendon asked as Thomas reached down for his mom.

'Do we still have any ginger tea in the kitchen?'

'I think so; I'll go make you some.' Brendon set Thomas down next to his mom and walked out of the bathroom.

'Hi baby.' Chelsea said picking Thomas up off the bathroom floor, 'What do you think of a new baby brother?'

Thomas looked up at his mom and smiled as he began talking, 'ma ma ma.' Thomas clapped before Brendon walked back into the room.

'Come here buddy, let's let mommy go back to sleep. She's not feeling well.' Chelsea walked into the bedroom and crawled in bed. Brendon kissed her cheek and covered her up before starting out of the room with the baby. Thomas began to cry as they walked down the stairs together.

'Hey no crying, daddy is here, what about daddy?' Brendon asked walking into the kitchen. Brendon set Thomas in his high chair and walked over to the fridge to make him some breakfast, 'You know, I might not be as good as mommy but I'm still daddy.'

Thomas watched eagerly as Brendon mixed his cereal. Ralph soon walked into the kitchen, Thomas watched him as he walked over to his bowl and began nudging it closer to Brendon. Thomas roared with laughter as Ralph sat patiently waiting for his food. Brendon continued to ignore him before he began barking. The smile on Thomas' face quickly turned to a frown as he started to cry. Brendon put the bowl down and walked over and picked Thomas up to comfort him. Thomas laid his head on Brendon's shoulder as he started to calm down.

An hour later, Ralph was fed and asleep on the bed with Chelsea as Brendon walked through the bedroom to give Thomas a bath. Brendon stripped him of his clothes and turned on the water making sure it was the right temperature. He closed the tub and walked, with Thomas, into his bedroom to find him some clothes. Brendon got out a pair of Thomas' jeans, a black shirt, some socks, and a pair of his little black converse, along with a diaper. Brendon walked back into the bedroom seeing Chelsea still sleep soundly curled up on his side of the bed with her head buried in his pillow.

'Okay little buddy; we're going to give mommy a surprise when she wakes up.' Brendon said as he laid Thomas down in his crib for the afternoon nap before they went to his parent's house. It was one thirty in the afternoon and Chelsea still wasn't up, 'I'll be back to get you in two hours or when you wake up.' Brendon said as he put Thomas' Passy into his mouth and turned on his monitor and his waves and walked out of the room shutting the door behind him.

Brendon walked into the bedroom and walked over to the bed crawling on top of it and over his wife, 'Baby...Chelsea wake up.' Brendon whispered with his hand on her stomach under her shirt.

'Hmm.' she groaned softly.

'Baby wake up, we have to get ready to go to my parents.' Brendon whispered.

'Can we lay here for a little while?' she whined.

'Of course,' Brendon whispered pulling her closer to him so she could rest her head on his chest, 'Are you feeling any better?'

Chelsea stepped out of the shower not feeling sick but feeling a little dizziness. She walked to her hair drier and dried and straightened her hair before walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where Brendon was sitting with Thomas. Chelsea chuckled as she looked at Thomas' outfit consisting of a pair of Joe's, a black shirt, black converse and red ribbon tied in a bow around his chest with a big package bow on top of his head, 'Merry Christmas mommy.' Brendon smiled as he walked over and kissed her.

'What did you do to him?' she laughed taking her baby out of his arms and kissing Thomas.

'I wrapped him up to give to you as a present. I thought it would make you feel better.' Brendon smiled.

'Too cute.' She said again giving him a sweet kiss before putting Thomas in the air and bringing him back down into her arms, 'You too baby, you're too cute.'

'Come on let's go we're going to be late.' Brendon said standing up. He walked into Thomas' bedroom to pick up his diaper bag before meeting Chelsea and Thomas at the car.

'So I talked to my parents about New Year's eve.' Chelsea said as she buckled up.

'Are they going to keep him while we're gone?' Brendon asked.

'Yes, they said they were going to keep him for the few days that we are going to be gone.'


'When are we leaving?'

'We leave on the 29th and we will come back on the 2nd.'

'Okay I'll let them know.' Chelsea said.

'Are you nervous?'


'About leaving him for four days?'

'I am, we haven't ever left him that long before. I don't know how he'll deal with it.'

'He'll be okay, don't worry about it.' Brendon said.

'I know, I'm just worried about him. It's okay.'

'He'll be fine, he'll be with your parents, they won't let anything happen to him.'

'I know they won't.' Chelsea smiled.

'Don't worry about it today babe, let's go to Christmas.' Brendon said as he backed out of the drive way.


'Ready to see Grandma and grandpa?' Brendon asked as he took Thomas out of his car seat while Thomas held his blue elephant in his arms.

'Don't forget his bag babe.' Chelsea said pulling it out quickly before Brendon shut the door.

'Ooops.' Brendon smiled before turning and starting into the house as Chelsea held his back pocket.

Chelsea walked into the Urie house behind Brendon. She smiled as she heard the hustle and bustle of the household as she heard small children running around being summoned by their mothers who stood in the kitchen as their fathers sat around the living room with hearty laughs going on. Chelsea smiled as she smelled the food being cooked in the kitchen, no doubt, by Mrs. Urie. Brendon's parent's house was so different from her parents, much more laid back and informal but in its own way. Chelsea loved it; it was a nice change for her.

Chelsea took Thomas out of Brendon's arms as he took off his jacket. Chelsea then walked into the kitchen with Brendon right behind her.

'BRENDON! CHELSEA!' Mrs. Urie shouted over the noises of the other rooms.

'Hey ma.' Brendon said scrunching his face as his mom kissed his cheeks.

'Chelsea, dear, you look so beautiful.' Mrs. Urie smiled as she pulled Chelsea into a hug.

'Hey ma.' Chelsea smiled as Mrs. Urie took Thomas from her.

'He is utterly not fat enough, come on sweetheart, we can let mommy and daddy go talk to everyone while we fatten you up a little bit.' Mrs. Urie said as she walked over to the stove.

Brendon took Chelsea's hand and started to lead her into the living room before she stopped him, 'Brendon your grandparents are here.'

'I know, it's okay, don't worry about it.'

'Brendon, they are Mormon, I'm catholic.'

'Honey, calm down, they won't say anything about it.'

'Brendon I'm catholic, we eloped and we have a child before twenty five.'

'Chelsea.' Brendon whined as he brought her into the living room with him.

'HEY!' was sung out as they sat down on the couch. Chelsea put her feet up on the coffee table next to his dad and checked the stats on the game going on. Both of Brendon's grandfathers looked at her as she joked with his dad about the game.

'I see you two are still married.' Brendon's dad's father said to Brendon.

'Yes, and we're always going to be.'

'I just don't understand Brendon.'

'There is nothing to understand drop it grandpa.' Brendon mumbled so Chelsea didn't hear any of the argument.

Brendon soon stood up and walked into the kitchen to check on Thomas who had his mouth full of grandma's mashed potatoes, 'Mom what are you doing to him?'

'When you were a baby you had a huge belly, Thomas needs one of those.' Mrs. Urie smiled winking at Chelsea who sat on the bar stool between Brendon's two grandmothers.

'Chelsea honey it's so good to see you.' Mrs. Urie's mother said, 'You get more beautiful every time we see you.' She said hugging her granddaughter.

'And let's not even get started on your son.' The other said.

'It's good to see you two again as well. It's been forever.'

'Now Chelsea, I haven't heard anything about a big wedding anytime soon when is this wedding going to happen?'

'Soon, I promise.' Brendon said.

'Why hasn't it happened yet?'

'There has been a lot going on mama.' Brendon said as he took Thomas away from him mom who was trying to stuff more potatoes into his son, 'You're going to give him a stomach ache.'

'Brendon, I've raised five children, I think I know what gives them stomach aches.' Mrs. Urie said as Thomas reached out for his grandma, 'and he likes them.'

Chelsea laughed as Brendon continued to argue with his mother about their son, 'So when is baby number two coming along?' grandma asked.

'Oh not for a while, we're going to wait until Thomas is about a year and a half then start trying I think.' Brendon said.

'That long huh?'

'I think it's going to be a little sooner then that.'

'What makes you think so mama?' Brendon asked.

'Just a hunch, Chelsea looks like her body is getting ready for baby number two.' Brendon looked at Chelsea as she avoided eye contact.

'I think you're just crazy woman, no more babies for us for a little while.' Brendon said going back to arguing.

'Have you told him yet?' grandma number one whispered into Chelsea's ear.

'Told him what?'

'That you're pregnant.'

'I don't know if I am or not.'

'Trust us are.' They both said at the same time. Chelsea smiled lightly as her hand lay at rest on her stomach. Baby number we come.
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