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saying goodbye

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ryan tells hannah he's leaving. how will she react?

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it had been 2 months since the night i met ryan. we had become best friends in the short 2 months. we hung out everyday. we were pretty much attached at the hip i guess you could say. where ever you saw one of us, you knew the other wasn't far behind. but our friendship was about to be put to the test. "HANNAH! RYAN'S HERE" eric yelled from downstairs. i grabbed my bag and walked in the hallway, running into someone. "oops sorry" i said looking up to see ryan. "oh it's only you" i said laughing. "that hurts right here" he said pouting and pointing to his heart. "let me fix it" i said kissing him. "geez you two, get a room" lacy said walking out of her room with brendon right behind her. "looks like you beat us to it" i said smirking. she just laughed and they went downstairs to get some food. "so what do you want to do today" i asked ryan as we got into his car and drove off. "i don't care. the usual i guess" 'the usual' was us going somewhere for a couple of hours to get food or something then going back to his house to have sex. " i don't want to do the usual. lets do something different" i whined. "fine, then pick something else for us to do" he snapped. that was the first time he had yelled at me. during the 2 months i'd known him, i'd seen him be mad and yell at other people but never at me. i looked out the window and said quietly "if you don't want to hang out today, then maybe you should just take me home" "i'm sorry hannah. i do want to hang out today. we just found out some news and i don't like it" he said sincerely. "what is it ryan? you can tell me anything" i said getting worried. "it's nothing to worry about, honestly" he said, giving me a reassuring smile. "how about we just get some snacks then go to your house and watch movies" i suggested. so we went to the store and got all the junk food you could ever need for a movie marathon. we got to the house and i noticed it was empty as always. i wonder if the guys plan to have everyone else gone while that guy has his girl there in privacy...haha. we're all gonna have to hang out one day. i changed into the extra pjs i had there while ryan put some popcorn in the microwave. then he changed while i got the first movie. i picked Grind out because that is one of my all time faves! "so, what do you want for your birthday" ryan asked me while the previews were on. 'today is july 30. my 18th birthday is in 5 days' i thought. "wow, i had forgotten all about that. i can leave eric's house when in 5 days" i said. "you can" ryan asked curiously. "yeah, well i mean i don't have to but he said once i turned 18 i can leave if i want to" i said. "oh" was all he said. the movie came on. the rest of the night was spent watching movies and pigging out on food. i called eric during the third movie and told him i was staying with ryan. i think he had pretty much gotten used to us being together. he hadn't assigned anyone to me since the night ryan came. the only thing i had to do was work at the bar. i don't know if that meant anything or not but i liked it. around 4 in the morning we made our way upstairs and fell asleep in eachother's arms.

i woke up the next morning to an empty bed. i smelled something good coming from dowstairs, so i went down there to see what it was. "morning sleeping beauty" ryan said. he had made some eggs and pancakes. "i thought you might be hungry when you woke up" he said smiling. "you know me too well ryan" i said laughing. we ate our food in silence. then we took a shower and left to go back to eric's house. "so what are you doing later tonight" ryan asked walking me to the door. "you" i said laughing. "haha well besides that" he said winking. "probably nothing. something with you i guess" i had really fallen for this boy. "ok well i'm taking you to dinner tonight, so where something nice" he said. he kissed my cheek and left. i walked in the house and saw eric sitting on the couch. "hey eric" i said sitting next to him. "hey hannah. so your birthday is in 4 days. do you know what you want or want to do" he asked. "i don't know. could we just have a small party" i asked. i never really had big parties. i liked to keep them small and simple. "well, actually i was thinking about having Panic! and Fall Out Boy play at your party. if that's ok with you" he said. "yeah, that's fine" i said. after we finished talking i went upstairs to pick out a nice dress for dinner. i laid in bed watching tv until i decided i should get up and get ready. i took a shower, did my make-up and hair, and put my dress on. i made my way downstairs too see ryan and eric talking. they stopped talking when i got to the bottom of the stairs. "we'll finish this later" eric said smiling at me. "you look gorgeous hannah. have fun tonight you too" and went upstairs. "what was that about" i asked looking at ryan. "oh nothing. just a friendly conversation" he said ushering me out the door. we went to the nicest restaurant just outside the strip. i had been there once after i moved in with eric. we talked over dinner and desert. then we went to the park and played like were kids again. he chased me up the slide and grabbed my waist. we sat at the top kissing when i felt myself moving backwards. he fell on top of me and we slid down to the bottom, laughing the whole way. after that ryan decided he should take me home. we sat in the car outside the house kissing. "hannah there's something i have to tell you" he said breaking the kiss. "what is it" i asked, not wanting him to stop. "well, you know the news we got the other day. um...we're leaving in a week for tour and i don't know how long we'll be gone" he said in one breath. i just stared at him. "when were you gonna tell me. or were you even going to" i asked getting mad. "were you just gonna up and leave without a goodbye. just thinking 'oh she was only there to fuck' but it never meant anything" i asked. "no..hannah. it's not like that. i care about you" he said stammering. i opened the car door. "no ryan i get it. goodnight and goodbye" i slammed the door and ran into the house. he chased after me. i ran upstairs and locked my door. he kept banging on the door telling me to come out. "hannah just let me explain" he begged. "ryan, just leave her alone. i'll talk to her and call you" i heard eric say. assuming he gave up, i heard the front door open and close. i looked out my window to see ryan walking to his car with his head down. 'and i thought i loved him' i fell asleep crying over him.

sorry this was updated earlier. i've got something good coming up in the next chapter. hope you liked this :)
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