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The One Thing Doctors Can't Fix

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"What hurts, son?" The doctor asked. Sasuke raised his hand and pointed to his heart.

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Next Saturday
Sasuke sat wearily on the swing, she hadn't show up last Saturday and this Saturday. He sat o the swing listening to the gleeful cries of others. He could feel Itachi's stare on his back. Sasuke stood looking around one last time. He sighed when he didn't see the pink hair, he'd been dreaming of for the past two weeks. He slowly walked to Itachi.
"She's not here?" Itachi asked, then flinched away when he felt rage filled chakra head straight at him. He stayed quiet for the remainder of walk home.


Sasuke laid in bed his back against the headboard of his bed. The whispers outside his room not fazing him at all. A doctor walked into the room, bag in hand. "Tell me where it hurts son." he said. Sasuke tremblingly raised his hand ad pointed to the left side of his chest. The doctors eyes widened a little with concern. At that moment Itachi walked in to the room, and leaned in to tell the doctor something. The doctor smiled a little knowing smile, looked at Sasuke, and patted his calf. "You'll be just fine, son." he said reasuringly.
"Will you be able to fix me?" Sasuke asked as the ache in his heart throbbed, his eyes watering a little.
"I'm sorry son. You've got the only thing I can't fix. I can't fix a broken heart." He stood and told Sasukes worried parents, that it was merely a broken heart. A tear rolled down Sasukes cheek.
Where is she?
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