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"You've never heard Iron Maiden!?"

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Yeah, summaries are annoying. If you wanna find out, I'd suggest you read. OH but this story is hetero. No homosexuals whatsoever :D

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The bustle of the shopping mall depressed me. The groups of emos sulking in corners depressed me. Even the animals at the pet store depressed me; they only served a a reminder that I was in New Jersey--no self-respecting New York mall would ever have a PET STORE, for Christ's sake.
We'd just made the pointless move from downtown New York to the suburbia of New Jersey, and, as self-pitying and cliched as it sounds, my life was over. What the fuck--I was known to wallow in self-pity, and as for cliches, well, I'd rather not talk about those.
My mom was unpacking our new house, and she'd sent me out to get pizza for lunch. Well, that's what she'd SAID--she probably just wanted me out of the house since I'm about the messiest person on the planet, and not some you want hanging arond when you're trying to clean house.
I decided to be generous and leave my mum alone for as much as possible, so I ducked into the SAN!TY music store. The place was full of fucking emos. Ugh.
Now, don't get me wrong: it's not that I'm racist against mos (I know they're not an actual race, but whatever). It's just that even on a normal day they make me gloomy, and today...well, that much is obvious.
A nerdy emo (stupid as it sounds, I wasn't actually aware they existed; in New York the emos are always decked out in the very latest Marilyn Manson T-shirts and such) with glasses came and stood next to me. I thought that was odd, until I realized he was looking at the Iron Maiden display which I'd inadverdently been standing next to.
"Great band," he said, nodding towards the display. 'Wow, it talks,' I thought sarcastically, and regretted it immediately. I was being scandalously bitchy, even if only mentally.
"Yeah? I've never heard 'em," I said, in an effort to be friendly.
"You've never heard Iron Maiden? Are you fuckin' serious?" he asked, his eyes widening.
"Umm..yeah," I replied nonchalantly.
"You can't be serious. You HAVE to hear them. Here, come with me." He turned and walked out of the store and into the food court. I hesitaded only a few seconds before following him.
We sat at a table on the outskirts of the lunchtime hubbub, and he showed me an Iron Maiden song on his (black ) iPod. It was love at first sound.
"You're right," I said breathlessly, when the song had finished. "They're incredible."
"Hell yeah," he said. "You want something to drink?"
"Uhh..." I would have said yes, except that a bit fat guy chose that exact moment to walk past me with a tray of pizza. My mind snapped back to reality instantly. "I would, but I'm actuall supposed to be getting something for my mom," I said, rolling my eyes--I couldn't help but be mildly rebellious, hanging with someone like him. "I should go."
"Oh. Okay, fair enough." He looked like he didn't believe me, but he didn't give me time to argue my case. He stood up quickly. "See you."
"Wait, uh...what's your name?"
"Mikey," he said suspiciously.
"Okay, Mikey, thanks for letting me listen to that song. I might actually start listening to Iron Maiden."
He nodded. "Hey, you, live round here?"
"Yeah, really close." I wondered why he was asking. Was he some kind of underaged pervert? The mere thought made me smile.
"Sick. We probably go to the same school, then."
"Yeah, nice," I nodded. "See ya, then." I turned to leave.
"Wait!" he said loudly. "What's YOUR name?"
"Verity," I answered.
"Huh. Bye, Verity."

Yes, I know it's short and it sucks. So sue me :P I'm posting the next one right now.
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