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Raoul finds Christines letter. and sets off to find her

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A christmas rose
Chapter 2

Rul looked at the letter that Christine had left, he basically scutinized it. It seemed he was looking to justify some reason why she had left. He came across the phrase that read, "Raoul, I'm sorry, but I'm not cut out to be living the life of a countess. I do love you, but I'm afraid I can't live the life of a countess. I love you but, I'm not in love with you. I hope youi can understand that. My heart belongs to someone else. I'm sorry if this hurts to read, but I can't ignore these feelings. I'm going to find Erik and tell him. Please, Raoul you must make no attempt to find me, your very life depends on it.
I must go know Roaul. I wish you all the best.

Raoul stared at the letter a moment more, and laid it down. He slowly moved away from the table and walked to the window. "Christine, why?" he muttered to himself. "I gave you everything you ever wanted and you refuse me for....for..."
He couldn;t even finish the sentence. A look of utter rage slowly spread across Raouls face. She's leaving me for that hideous monster. I gave her the world and she still insists on treating me this way. He walked to the fireplace and placed his hands on the mantlepiece. He gazed deeply into the brightly burning fire, and thought about trying to find a way to get her back. He closed his eyes tightly. As he closed his eyes, his hands slipped off the mantle to his sides. He shook his head slowly. Had he lost Christine for good? He desperately hoped that it wan't the case. It was a week before they were supposed to get married. Hsd she gotten cold feer or was it something much deeper than that? He thought about the last night at the opera, right after she had left the Phantom. He had assured her that leaving him was the best thing for her, but she always seemed so distant around Raoul, and would never discuss the subject. Whenever Raoul would bring it up, Christine always, closed up and wouldn't talk. At times she even baraccaded herself up in her room. Then there were the dreams she had told him about . Dreams that never included Raoul. Raoul had been deeply hurt by this . She mentioned the dreams constantly. That had gone on for weeks. Raoul had finally told Christine that he was fed up with her foolishness, and now he regretted it.
He slowly backed away from the fireplace, but still he kepl staring at it. He placed his hand on the sofa . Christine what am I gonna do, how am i going to get the courage to win you back?
He turned away toward the door. He had to find someway of getting her back. He walked through the door slamming the door shut behind him.
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