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Chapter One

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Very little things could be said about Lilly James, but one could: she wasn't all there.

She had her books, her band, and her music, and that was it.

Her mind wasn't working, and sometimes not even there.

She was her own person, so confusing and delicate.

Something people seemed to look past when they saw or met her.

She was on anti-depressants and friends were a problem to her, all of them ditched her.

All but one, the best friend she could ever have.

But it wasn't her fault, she was just... messed up.

So many people made fun of her.

And four times as less stood up for her.

Her mother had passed away giving birth to her.

And her father was never there.

Her grandmother took care of her most of the time.

She was alone in the world; there wasn't anyone else like her.

Err, that least that's what Patrick thought.

Whispers filled the cafeteria so bad that Lilly didn't even eat in there. She ate outside by a huge oak tree with the only friends she'd ever had, Peter and Tina, they've been best friends since pre-school.

Lilly didn't talk to anyone but Pete and Tina.

Pete and Tina were two of the people who stood up for her when she got picked on.

Tina and Pete were always there for Lilly, and their parents were too.

They treated her like she was their own daughter.

It made Lilly feel loved.

Everyday Patrick would look out the window in the cafeteria and watch Lilly, Pete and Tina laugh and play around.

Patrick felt jealous that he wasn't Pete.

And sometimes even Tina.

But Patrick was lucky he was friends with Pete and Tina.

Because Pete and Tina hated Patrick so much for helping the other kids pick on Lilly that for the longest time they didn't want anything to do with Patrick.

But they cooled their jets down a bit when Patrick told them that he liked Lilly, and wanted to get to know her better.

Pete knew that there was very little chance Lilly would even get ten feet near Patrick.

But somewhere inside her, Tina thought there might be a chance.

So that's where this all starts off, Pete and Tina trying to get Lilly to talk, or even look at Patrick.
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