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Chapter Five

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"Fine! Leave!" Patrick slammed the door as Lilly stormed out.

They were finished practicing. It got kind awkward when Patrick's mom burst in on them during the kiss, but that's not why Lilly stormed out. Patrick got a little too ahead of himself.

Let's recall what made Lilly so mad at Pat, shall we?

"Wow. That was awkward." Lilly said as Patrick's mom apologized a million times while closing the door.

"You can say that again." Patrick smiled.

"Well, I better be going..." Lilly said, standing up.

"Wait!" Patrick said, getting up and walking to her. "I-I have something I want to ask you." He put his hands on his eyes and rubbed. "Lilly... Would you go out with me?"

"Patrick, I'm sorry but no." Lilly said, giving a weak smile.

"What is it with you?" Patrick asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're leading me on as if you like me, and now you're pushing me away? That's really hard to understand."

"You think you're hot shit, huh? I bet that 'cool' group only likes you 'cause of your hair." Lilly scoffed, grabbing her playbook.

"Maybe you should go." Patrick said, handing Lilly her hoodie.

"I was planning on it." Lilly snatched her hoodie out of Patrick grasp and stomped out of his bedroom door. Patrick followed her down the stairs and to the front door.

"Fine! Leave!" Patrick yelled, slamming the door behind Lilly.

And that's how that all started...

Patrick trotted up the stairs and back to his bedroom.

The next day, Lilly walked up the steps and into the crowded halls, that were buzzing with other kids talking and spreading gossip. She walked up to her locker and opened it, almost hitting Tina in the face with the green door.

"He cut his hair!" Tina squealed.

"Who?" Lilly asked.


"What?" Lilly asked, perplexed.

"He cut off his hair! It's short now!" Tina bounced on one foot to the other, acting like some prep's boyfriend had just cheated on her.

"Really?" Lilly asked.

"Come on!" Tina grabbed Lilly's hand, pulling her off and down the hall. They ran into Patrick on the way to wherever Tina was pulling Lilly and stopped. Lilly looked at him. Even though his dirty trucker hat was still glued on his head, you could plainly see that he had chopped all his hair off.

"Why'd you do it, Patrick?" Lilly asked, placing a hand on her hip.

"I'll take this as my cue to leave..." Tina backed off slowly.

"I say again, why'd you do it, Patrick?" Lilly asked again, as the halls started to clear as the students went to their classes.

"Well, I was typing at my desk, standing up. I was standing up because I could turn and look at my image. I was looking at my image because it was almost the last time I saw myself alive. Oh, and by the way, if anyone hears about his, I plead insanity. Anyway, I had just had another grueling rehearsal with my mother because you left, and I was tired. So I didn't know what I was doing afterward. A half an hour before, I was in my kitchen, loading the dishwasher, pushing back the locks of hair that kept falling in my face, remembering what you had said. Then I was up in my room, looking at that hair. Looking at the nice, even, perfect, mid-neck style. Hanging a little too long and a little limp, but still neat. Neat and nice. I began imagining. I pictured it gone. I tried to feel the breezes on my bare neck. On my ears. My soul filled with happiness. So I grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk. I held out a strand. I opened the blades. But my fingers stayed put. I knew I couldn't do it. Not to my own hair. It was insane. Better idea: call Tina and Pete. Ask their advice. Have Pete drive me down to a hairstylist, at least. Then I snapped the blade shut. A clump of my hair fell to my dresser table. Perfect, reddish brown hair that spilled like a pile of straw. The I took another snip..." Patrick explained.

"So... You did it because of me?" Lilly asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Patrick said, looking to the dirty linoleum floor. "I figured because I was in the 'cool' group, that's why you shot me down."

"Patrick, I didn't shoot you down because of your hair!" Lilly told him. "I said not because you're not the type of person that would date a girl like me. You deserve someone a lot better than some girl who can't hold her tongue during class." Lilly told him.

"I know." Patrick smiled, lifting his hand and touching her cheek. "That's why I want you."

Lilly pulled away from Patrick's hand. "Patrick, you don't need someone like me. You need someone your type."

"You don't know my type!" Patrick said.

"Yes I do. And I'm not it." Lilly stalked off toward her classroom, leaving Patrick in a huff of anger toward her.
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