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Chapter Nine

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A secret show...

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"Hey, Adds," Patrick said into his cell phone, pacing back and forth across the floor of his bedroom.

"Patrick!" Addie smiled,"What's up?"

"Ah, nothing much," Patrick began,"Just wondering if you're busy tonight."

Addie thought for a moment,"Nope, I'm free."

"Awe- Sweet. Would you mind coming to a secret show we're doing down town tonight?"

"Sure, that'd be great."

Patrick smiled,"Cool, I'll pick you up at six."

Patrick flipped his cell shut and grinned.

He was nervous out of his mind, it had been three weeks since his first date with Addie, and he had plans for tonight.


Pete, Joe, Andy, Patrick, and Kendall climbed into the bus that afternoon and sped off towards Addie's apartment.

Joe drove into the parking lot and Patrick climbed out of the van, the butterflies in his stomach beginning to take flight.

He walked down the second story hallway and rang the bell outside the door.

"Hey, 'Trick," Addie said, opening the door while slipping on a checkered Van and grabbing her purse.

"Ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be."

The couple walked back down to the van.


"Don't worry, you'll do great," Addie said, hugging Patrick knowingly.

Patrick had pre-show jitters, but it wasn't because he was afraid he'd forget the songs.

"Good luck, Dad," Kendall said, hugging him tightly before disappearing into the crowd with Addie.

The guys grabbed their instruments and rushed out onto the stage, accompanied by the cheers of at least a hundred fans.

Patrick loved playing there, it was a smaller venue, and it always made him feel at home.

The band started playing, and the show went fairly smooth; as usual, Pete did all the talking.

"Long live the car crash hearts, cry on the couch till the poets come to life, fix me in forty five, WOO!" Patrick sang.

The nerves kicked into full gear as he struck the last chord.

He stood at the microphone stand and inhaled deeply, combing the crowd for Addie and Kendall.

Finally he sighted the pair and stared intently into Addie's eyes.

"Alright guys," he began shakily,"I just wanna thank everybody for coming out to hang with us tonight, it's always a lot of fun. But I got an important question I gotta ask somebody," Patrick smiled subtly,"Addie," she looked up at him with those beautiful, brown eyes,"Be my girlfriend?" Patrick asked, bracing himself.

Addie nodded her head vigorously.

"Ladies and Gentledudes we have a yes!" Joe shouted.

"Alright see ya later losers!" Pete called into the microphone before dashing off stage with the rest of the band.

"You guys were freaking awesome!" Kendall said, rushing up to her father as he picked her small frame up and placed her on his hip.

"That was amazing, Patrick!" Addie said, following close behind Kendall.

Patrick set Kendall down and Kendall went to helping the others carry equipment out to the van.

The couple walked hand in hand out to the van a few moments later and found their van the only car left in the parking lot, the door open and Kendall sitting on the edge of a seat, kicking her feet out the door.

"Patrick, that was amazing," Addie said again,"Thanks," she kissed him deeply on the lips.

Kendall put her index finger and thumb in her mouth and whistled loudly, as Joe covered her mouth and pulled her into the van, slamming the door shut.

The two pulled apart and boarded the van, riding home hand in hand.
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