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its a date

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Guess what happens.

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I knocked on the door of the bus Joyce was in. It was answered by Carla, one of the crew members, she looked shocked to see me.
"B...Bob! What are you doing here?" She asked. I know that she's a huge fan of the band and acts like all other fangirls when we're around her, she has a load of our merchandise and our autographs in a frame.
"Hey Carla. I was just wondering if I could speak to Joyce." I said cheerfully. Carla raised an eyebrow.
"Why?" She asked. I knew she would ask me that. So I did what any other guy would do - lied.
"Oh, I just have a question about my uniform." I answered.
"Oh Ok. I'll go get her. Wait here" Carla went back into the bus. I heard some people asking her who it was.
"Its Bob. Wheres Joyce?" Some one answered and Carla came back past the door and to the other end of the bus. I could still hear what she was saying though.
"Joyce. Bobs here to see you"
"Bob who?"
"Who'd you think! Bob as in blonde hair blue eyed drummer Bob"
"Yeah he wants to see you"
"Oh my god! Really? Why?"
"Something about his uniform."
"Oh...ok" I heard foot steps. Soon after Joyce apeared in the doorway.
"Hey Bob" She smiled. I smiled back.
"Hi Joyce." Butterflys were in my stomach and I was suddenly shy. She was beautiful, she was wearing skinny fit black jeans, a dark pink belt, and black T - shirt with a white pentagram on it. Her hair was straightened and her fringe covered one eye in an emo style. Her eyes were outlined in heavy black eyeline and she wore red eyeshadow. Her lips were glistening from lip gloss.
"So wanted to ask me something about the uniform?" She asked.
" actually...I was wondering if you wanted to join me for a cup of the next venue..." I stopped, oh how stupid that must have sounded! But Joyce looked pleasently surprise.
"Oh Bob thats so sweet but -" I cut her off.
"I get it, your with Frank right?" I said. She looked shocked.
"What!? I'm not with Frank! What made you think that!?" She asked.
"I dreamt it...Err, I mean, no reason!" I said lamely. Joyce laughed.
"You dreamt I was going out with Frank!? How strange, because last night I had dream that you were going out with Carla!" I laughed along with her.
"What I was going to say was, its sweet of you but I don't like coffee, so would it be alright if I had tea?" She said. I laughed at this.
"Of course its alright! You don't have to ask me!" I replied. Joyce smiled.
"I know...I just, I'm tired thats all." She said. I laughed.
"'ll join me then?" I asked, Joyce's smile widened.
"Its a date." She promised. I grinned.
"I'll see you there then" I said.
"I look forward to it. See you." I gave her a quick hug before she shut the door. I turned to leave when I heard -
"IM GOING ON A DATE WITH BOB!" Then there was loud, happy screams from about 6 girls.
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