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The Morning After

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Conclusion to "Harmless Games of Truth or Dare" Rachel tells Scarlet about her feelings towards Gerard.

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Chapter 5-

RECAP: He then turned to me. I took a deep breath, and I leant in. Gerard did the same. The room fell completely silent, I could feel their eyes on us, leaning in as we got closer and closer. I looked down at his lips and made a mental note to kill Mikey later. My lips were tightly pursed shut. Our lips then slowly met and...

As soon as I felt his lips on mine, I pulled back. My lips started to tingle weakly. It was like pins and needles, but not painful at all, it was actually a little pleasant. Scarlet, Lily, Tegan, Ashley, Ray, Frank and Mikey then all cheered loudly and started clapping. I looked at them and shook my head. I then looked at Gerard who was also smiling. We both looked at each other and smiled. I suddenly felt like my stomach had tied itself into a knot. I felt dizzy and sick, it was like that night we went to the lake, but ten times worse. I thought to myself as we played on about why I was having these sudden feelings. I then decided to forget about it for the time being, and enjoy myself.

A few more rounds of the game went past, and the novelty soon wore off of "truth or dare". We all just sat around and talked. We were drunk and our speeches were starting to slur. Everyone was talking among themselves, while Gerard and I were laying on our backs, staring at the ceiling with the top of our heads were touching.

Gerard giggled.

"Rachel's gay." He giggled.

"Hey! I am not!!" I defended.

"Well that's what you said before when you were on that skateboard, before... When you where rolling down, th-that hill..." Gerard stuttered/slurred.

"Yeah, I only said that cause you dared me to!... And so what if I am?! Leave me alone! There's nothing wrong with lesbians! It's perfectly normal to like the opposite sex." I defended again.

"No, there is nothing wrong it. But you still said it though." Gerard said.

"Whatever Gerard." I sighed.

I sat up and he followed my lead, and I suddenly had an urge to kiss him. We looked into each others eyes deeply, and I could of sworn he was about to kiss me when Frank shouted out if anyone wants another drink, and ruined everything. But I knew I wasn't going to go though with it anyway. I couldn't, he is my best friend.


When I woke up the next morning, everyone still in the same position they were in when they had passed out the night before. Ray and Mikey laying in the middle of the living room floor, Frank sprawled out on the couch, half hanging off. Tegan laying with her back pressed up against the couch and her hands up against her face. I looked around, and realized that there was no Gerard, Scarlet, Lily and Ashley. I stood up slowly, but soon regretted it. My head pounding and my stomach churning. I headed for the kitchen, knowing that's where they were going to be. As I approached the kitchen, I smiled. Just as I thought. Gerard, Scarlet, Lily and Ashley all were on the kitchen floor, knees up to their chests with a cup of coffee in their hands.

"Well good morning! Didn't except you up until at least one." Scarlet said sarcastically as I sat beside Lily.

"Shut up." I mumbled while rubbing my eyes, still not properly up yet.

"Coffee?" Gerard offered.

"Yes please." I whispered.

He got up and poured me a fresh cup of coffee and handed it to me. I took a sip and heard people stirring in the living room. I turned my head to see who it was, but realized I had my back to a cupboard, so I saw nothing.

"WHAT UP BITCHES?!" Frank shouted as he jumped into view.

We all groaned.

"Frankie please. I don't think I can handle your extremely high pitched, annoying, hyperactive voice at this time of the morning. And being hung over doesn't really help..." I said and I took a sip of my coffee.

"SORRY!" Frank screamed as a smirk spread across his face as he walked away. We all winced.

"FRANK!! SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I SHUT YOU UP!!" I threatened, and then realized I was screaming as well.

Everyone winced again, I looked around and apologized.

Gerard stretched his neck up high, attempting to see something.

"Are you even hung over Frank?" Gerard questioned.

"Ah, a little bit. But not bad. Nothing Frank Iero can't handle!" He announced and then made a superman pose and he and Gerard laughed.

"We didn't really get drunk, so, can't really be hung over if you didn't get drunk." Frank added.

"What are you talking about Frank?!" I said as Frank made his way back over to us and sat next to Ashley.

"'Oh, we got drunk. So, so, very, very drunk... drunk... drunk... drunk... drunk" I trailed off, whispering "drunk" for no apparent reason.

We all snickered and continued to drink and wait for the rest of the group to awake.


A few days after our very eventful weekend, we sat in class, staring into space. I was still thinking about my feelings towards Gerard. When I kissed him, when we went to the lake, my dream. I was putting it all together.

"You okay?" Scarlet whispered as she leant in towards me.

"Umm... Maybe?" I answered.

"Maybe? Well, maybes not good enough... C'mon girl. What's up?" She questioned.

I thought long and hard weather or not I wanted to tell anyone yet. But I trust Scarlet, she would know what to do. She always did. I sighed.

"I'll tell you at lunch, it's not exactly something I can just tell you right now. Might take a while trying to get it out the right way." I whispered.

"Okay, fine. Lunch time. Better be fucking good though, to make me wait this long!" Scarlet huffed.

"Aww, get over it! It's only another hour!" I said.

"Rachel?! Are you talking again?!" Ms. Coburn yelled at me.

I sighed.

"Yeah?" I answered.

She then sighed.

"I'm getting sick of this Rachel. All you do is talk, and get distracted by your friends. And when I move you, you still don't do any work, and still manage to get distracted somehow," she started, talking softly.
There was a pause. I knew straight away what she was going to say next.

"Rachel, take your books and sit outside. You can do you work out in the corridor, and I'll see you after class." Ms. Coburn sighed.

I laughed and stood up. I grabbed my books and sighed as I opened the door and stepped out. I sat down again, and leaned against the wall. A cold shiver went up my spine. I placed my books beside me. I sat there doing nothing for about ten minutes when the bell finally ran. I shot up, happy that maths was finally over. I looked through the window, and saw Ray trying to work while Gerard sat there poking him repeatedly and laughing. I turned and slid down the wall. It was a double period. I sat there for a bit longer, waiting for the bell to go...


The sound of the loud high pitched bell rang through my eyes. I smiled and stood up while grabbing my books. I saw Lily walk out. She laughed when she saw me. I giggled and sighed at the same time. Lily stopped in front of me. Being slightly pushed and shoved by people as they all rushed to their lockers.

"You know Lil, I'm getting fucking sick of this." I laughed.

"Here's a suggestion for ya! Try not talking and doing some actual work?!" Lily screamed sarcastically.

"Ha. Whatever." I said.

I turned away and walked into the class room again. I knew what she was going to say. I knew what she was going to do. She used the same lecture nearly every time, I could just about say it word for word. I sat down on the table in front of her and waited for her to start and finish...


After a 15 minute lecture for Ms. Coburn, I had put my books away and got my lunch. I walked into the small, warm room. As I shut the door my friends looked up and smiled. I noticed Gerard's smile almost instantly, his cheeks were slightly pink and blushed from the heat of the room. Scarlet pounced in front of me and stopped. She stood there staring until she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.

"Scarz!" I moaned.

"It's too cold out there. Where are we going?!" I cried, Scarlet still yanking at my arm,

She continued to pull at me until we were out in the cold corridor. She lead the way and went into the room next to the room we had just left. She pushed me in, me slightly confused, and she slammed the door shut and pushed me down onto the table.

"Now, I've been waiting for too long... What was wrong with you in maths?!" She asked.

I raised my eyebrow. Giving her a "you're an idiot" look.

"It's not that important..." I started quietly.

"Like fuck it isn't. I could tell. You were dying to say something, to someone, anyone! You had that look on your face that said you were thinking long and hard about what's happening to you, but then again you don't really want to tell anyone because you're afraid of what their going to think. Which is highly irregular, for you because you don't usually give a fuck about what people say or think towards you. So it must be worthy of hearing and worth talking about. Cause these times barely ever come up. So, spill. My beautiful miniature friend..." Scarlet explained quiet loudly.

"Damn.... You're good." I laughed and stared blankly at her.

"Ok, but promise you won't tell anyone." I whispered.

"I won't." Scarlet promised.

"No! No one! At all! Not another living soul!" I shouted.

"Calm down. It can't be that bad." She screamed.

"Well, at least I think it is..." I sighed and looked down at my lap.

I breathed deeply and loudly.

"Alright... lately, I've been having different feelings and thoughts towards Gerard." I started before Scarlet shot up from her position of sitting in front of me on the ground.

"I knew it! I knew it! It was only a matter of time until it happened and you admitted it, but I knew it was bound to happen sometime!" she screamed while shaking her arms about in the air.

"Shut up Scarlet! I haven't admitted to anything yet." I yelled at her.

"Key word in that sentence being "yet"." She said while cutting me off.

"You wanna know or not?! Cause I can stop right here, and leave you in wonder!" I yelled, slightly annoyed.

Scarlet took a deep breath. "Go on."

"Couple of weeks ago, me and Gerard snuck out to the lake. I was climbing out the window, and he gave me his hand... and when I touched it... I felt... kinda weird... like I was going to be sick. But, it didn't really feel that bad. Kinda. And, then, I got stuck, and he grabbed my hips, and sort of... pulled me towards him? I felt all tingly, and weird...and when I'm around him lately, I get nervous?" I explained softly.

We stared at each other. I could tell she was trying her best to fight back a laugh. I sighed.

"Can't believe I'm telling you this... When, I did that dare the other night. Where I had to kiss Gerard... it felt... nice... and, lately, I've been wondering what it would be like, to be with Gerard... just, stuff, I'm not used to... ya know? We were talking later that night, and we were just kinda staring into each others eyes... and I... wanted to, kiss him... I don't know what's happening Scar! I mean, I'm not supposed to feel this way! He's my best friend! Been that way for a while now!" I said while pacing the room in a frantic way.
Scarlet took a hold of my arm and pulled me down beside her. I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh.

"What do you think this means?" She asked me.

"I have no idea! That's why I'm talking to you Scarlet! I'm hoping you have some kind of solution to it all!" I said.

"What do you mean solution? Rachel, you're making it sound as it's a bad thing that you..." She said, before pausing mid-sentence.
I gave her a "say it and you die" look.

"POSSIBLY like Gerard." She finished.

I groaned. "Well, it is bad! I mean, he's my best friend, besides you. Has been for a while. I just can't start feeling this way towards him. It could fuck everything up!" I screamed, frustrated.

She sighed, I then sighed too. Scarlet scuffed up my hair.
"To be honest Rach... I don't know..." She said quietly.

I sighed again. Scarlet got up and gave me her hand.

"C'mon, lets go crazy and buy heaps of sugar from the canteen. Maybe take your mind off it? You look like you want to drop the subject." She suggested, knowing it would make me feel better.

I smiled at how well she knew me, I took her hand and pulled myself up. I opened the door and we stepped out into the cold, dark corridor...


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