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short chapter

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not much actually happens in this chapter...

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Sorry it so short people! I couldn't think of anything!! But I hope you like it even though it is incredibly short!

Joyce passed me my uniform.
"Ok, its all washed and erm...badly ironed, but its the best I could do in such short it ok?" She asked. I nodded my head, of course it was fine.
"Thanks...erm...I better go, not that I want to but...duty calls." I said. Joyce smiled.
"Go get 'em soldier." She laughed. I grinned, and before I could even register the fact that the thought had even entered my head - I kissed her, just a light kiss on the lips. I pulled away, quite shocked about what I had just done. But Joyce was smiling.
"Go on you - your fans are waiting." She said before giving me a big hug. I nodded and ran off.
I felt sick, oh my god i had kissed her! And it was only the first date! What if she never wants to see me again...but...she did look happy...but maybe it was fake, so that I didn't get hurt or something...
"BOB ARE YOU READY!?" It was Mikey, he knocked on the dressing room door.
"NEARLY!" I yelled back.
"HURRY UP DUDE YOU STILL GOTTA GO TO MAKE - UP!" He called and then there was silence so I guess he must of walked off.

Once I was completely ready, I stood outside the stage door, Frank was insisting that he was fine as our manager fussed over him and how he was meant to be resting from his illness, which strangely had cleared up straight away. Gerard was leaned against the wall, drinking from a bottle of water. Ray was talking to Mikey about, from what I could hear, transformers.
I was taking deep breathes, I still get a little nervous before a show...we all do.
The door opened and our manager rushed away, it was time to go on. As usual Gerard went on stage first. Then Frank, closely followed by Ray, Mikey flashed me a thumbs up before following, then it was me, but as I went to walk through the door someone grabbed my arm and pulled me round to face them.
I caught a quick glance of Joyce before I pulled into a deep kiss. I was completely shocked and Joyce soon pulled away.
"Err..." I began, Joyce smiled at me.
"Good luck!" She laughed before rushing away, I stood there for a moment, wondering what the hell had just happened when Ray appeared round the door.
"OI! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? COME ON!" He whispered urgently, I had almost forgotten about the show.
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