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Can life get any better...?

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Izzie graduates high school, but who will be there to celebrate with her? Will or her best friend Brendon whom she hasn't talked to weeks? And what surprise will this person give her? Read and Re...

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Izzie's POV

So a couple of weeks had passed and I have never been happier. I celebrated my 18th birthday 2 weeks ago, and Will kept to his word and asked me out the next day. Brendon on the other hand didn't even call me to wish me a happy birthday or hasn't returned any of my phone calls within the past 3 weeks. Well today is the day I graduate high school and decide what college that I will attend in the fall.
The family and I all get ready and head over to the site where I graduate. After they finished calling the names and the graduates throw their caps in the air, we all file out to search for our families. A downside about these stupid gowns that it doesn't have pockets to store your cell phone. After an half an hour I finally found my family and they couldn't hold back their excitement. Then I heard a loud cough from behind me. I turned around and there he stood that bastard of a best friend, Brendon. Instead of hugging him I just hit him with my diploma cover until he said, "nice to see you too!"
"No you stupid bastard you haven't called me back and I thought something had happen then I saw pictures online that proved that you were alive and well. And oh yea," I hit him where his new tattoo was, "that is for getting a tattoo!"
"Now Izzie do you want me to hit you where you got something pierced," as he patted my stomach.
"You say anything to my parents, I will kill you. And that is a promise."
"Ok, let's start over. Izzie you graduated from high school I am so proud of you." He said as he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Brendon good to see you and thanks for coming, so how have you been?"
"We can catch up during your party, now let's go to the car because it has air conditioning."
We drove back to my house and my "party" only consisted of my parents and three of my friends from school. We ate and had a good time and Brendon and I snuck off to my room to do some catching up.
"So you miserable lazy piece of shit of a best friend, what the hell happen to you? And when did you decide to get a tattoo?"
"Around the time you decided to get you belly button pierced, and you parents are going to kill you by the way. Anyways the new record is coming along great by the way thanks for asking. I haven't had time to really call anyone besides the band, Pete, and my real estate agent. Oh by the way I brought a house and I was hoping..."
"So the band comes before a friend whom you have known longer than the band, and Pete and some real estate agent. And your moving where? Are you staying in Vegas or are you moving to L.A. or even Chicago? I mean I have missed so much within the past month, I don't even know you anymore." I was on the verge of crying until Brendon started to laugh.
"Why are you laughing?"
"Because before you cut me off I was going to say, I was hoping you decided to attend UNLV and come live with me. It is my way of making up to you for being such a quote "miserable lazy piece of shit of a best friend."
"Are you serious because if you are not, I swear I will kill you!"
"I already talked to your parents and they are ok with it as long as you are not pressured into going and if you called them like 10 times a day."
"So I actually get to live in Vegas again?"
"Well it all depends if you are saying that you want to come live with me."
"Well who else is going to cook and clean the house when you are not there?"
"That's true." We both laughed and hugged.
"I can not wait to tell Will that I am moving to Vegas."
"Will who?"
"William Beckett, we are sorta dating."
"Yea really. He actually came over during my prom to see my dress. You see?" I handed him a picture frame that Will had given me for my birthday. "And then he heard that I use to live in Denver, so when the Honda Civic Tour kicked off he flew me out and took me to my favorite restaurant after the show."
"Izzie, you need to be careful. I mean he is giving you presents flying you out to see him. You never know when he will ask for something more in return that is more than thanks and kisses."
"Brendon you don't have to worry about any of that. Will knows that he is not getting anything out of me until I am ready. And to be perfectly honest I may never be ready because I am afraid to fall for him because I am too young to fall in love and to have my heartbroken."
"Yea I know what you mean. Just know I am here for you and if he hurts you in any way I will kill him."
"Fine!" we laughed and proceeded to leave my room to go downstairs, but not before Brendon stopped to look at an ad I cut out from one of his mom's magazines last year.
"You still have that ad from that magazine up on your wall? That is so last year."
"What? I want that ring if and when I ever get married. Come on the Vera Wang Aquamarine ring. I want it."
"Yea maybe one day."
"Maybe." We proceed to go back to the party and I told my family that I am going to attend UNLV and live with Brendon. Of course my mom cried, my dad almost had a nervous breakdown, and my sister just not happy.
"That is so totally not fair you are letting her go to the college she wants to go to! What about me and where I wanted to go."
"Diana you wanted to go to a college in Europe which was nearly 4 times the amount we are going to pay for Izzie's tuition."
"It is always Isabella this and Isabella that! I am going back home! Congratulations Isabella and have fun living with a guy who is not you boyfriend!"
"Your sister is really crazy!"
"Yea tell me about it."
The rest of the guest just kinda left after that, leaving my parents, Brendon and myself to ourselves. Brendon and I cleaned up and said our goodnights to my parents. We went upstairs to my room and Brendon plopped himself on my bed and I checked my voicemail.
"So has dear William called you?"
"Yea, but I can't call him now because he is probably performing. So do you want to watch a movie?"
"Yea that's fine."
"So when can move to your house if you don't mind me asking?"
"First off it is our house and while we are on the subject, here are some pictures of it and this one is one of your room. And as far I am concern on you moving in you can move in today but I am too tired to lift any of your shoes and posters of Jack Sparrow, Fall Out Boy, and that handsome group Panic! at the Disco to your room."
"Quick question, why do I get the smaller room?"
"It has it's own bathroom and I hired a contractor to knock down a wall to have it become a really big walk in closet, but if you want to switch with me be my guest. Can we watch Beauty & the Beast because I want to sing along to "Be My Guest" now."
"You really do care about me!"
"Yea because you are my BFFE. Did I totally sound gay just now?"
"Yea just a little."
"Well in that case pop that movie in girlfriend and come snuggle with me."
"As long as you don't tell Will we snuggled, ok."
We watched the movie and Brendon sung along the whole time and cried when Beauty and the Beast finally got together.
"Hey Brendon, quick question. Do you remember that summer you kissed me?"
"Was I your first kiss? Brendon? Are you sleeping? Nevermind."
I turned off the t.v. and the lights in my room and fell fast to sleep. Life is great. I graduated from high school and moving to Vegas to go to college and live with my best friend. And not to mention I have an amazing boyfriend. Life can not get anymore perfect.

Author Note: I know this may be a little boring but I am really trying to establish "depth" to the characters before the story becomes more juicier and the rating might have to be bumped up to NC-17, all depends. But review and let me know what ya'll think!
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