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The Kiss

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This is it, what you've been waiting for, they finally kiss! YAY... Sorry for not updating in a while... I'm working on a lot of stories right now because I just have so much time and creativity...

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'So Laura's been staying with us for almost a year now, 9 months, and it's been great. Since that night my luck has changed for the better. Everyone's been getting along and I think Laura may like Patrick. If so, go them. Well its dinner time so I better get my little ass downstairs. Just one more thing... today is mine and Pete's one year anniversary. YAY!' I put my journal back under my pillow and headed downstairs. Everyone was sitting on the couch waiting for me I guess.

"Why is there no food?" I asked. I was pretty hungry by this time and was getting pissed off.

"Because we're going out to eat," Pete said a little too excitedly. " Cattleman's." Again? OK!!! I NEVER turn down an offer to go to Cattleman's. You should know that by now. I smiled brightly and went to grab Laura's hand when she stopped me. "She's not going. It's just me and you tonight ok?" That was even better.

We left about a minute later and arrived at the beach. Before I could start questioning him he said one thing that got my attention. Just 2 little words that, when thinking about it, makes perfect sense to why I'm at the beach looking at a dock with a table on it and food. Can you guess what those words may be? Yea, you guessed it, 'Happy Anniversary!' I wasn't expecting this out of him.

"Pete it's... well... wow. I was NOT expecting this from you. How did you know I love the beach, and that this was my biggest dream?" I looked at him questionably.

"Promise not to yell at me?" I just nodded and waited for his answer. "I asked Ryan why you've been spending so much time in your room lately and he told me you kept a journal. I couldn't help but read it and when I came across the first entry about spending an anniversary with someone like this I couldn't refuse. Please don't be mad." How could I be mad at that? Secretly, I wanted him to read that so he knew and I guess my want/wish came true.

"I'm not mad. I told Ryan if you asked to tell you. So it's ok." I smiled again and got out of the car. I was a little cold but I hid that part.

After eating we sat down by the water, more like laid, and looked up at the stars. This was the best anniversary ever and it just kept getting better. Every now and again we'd look at each other and smile. Finally, the last time we looked at each other, I just couldn't hold it in. He couldn't either because we kissed each other at the same time. It was sweet, and caring. He didn't push it and neither did I. We just kissed; no making out or anything else. I'd have to say, it was the best kiss I'd ever had and I didn't want it to end. But it did and we had to get back home.

The car right home was silent, mainly because we were both thinking about what happened. When we got there I almost got out of the car but stopped myself. "Pete, I want you to know, that this has been the best night of my life." He just smiled and slightly blushed at me. I smiled back and got out. He got out of the car too and we headed to the door hand in hand. Everyone else was asleep when we got home, which only made things better. We headed to bed and got ready for the lecture we'd most likely get tomorrow by someone. Oh well, it'll be worth it.
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