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The Difference Between Hair Dye and Tattoos

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Kyo gives a detailed account on the cheif difference between the Risoka and the Yakuza (1st person POV)

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The Difference Between Hair Dye and Tattoos

Now I'm sure you're wondering about the arguments and such between the Risoka and the Yakuza, right? Well, gather 'round children! It's time for a lesson about JAPAN'S GREATEST MOBS!

Okay, that was stupid... but seriously, you need to know this stuff. Sure, all gangs are basically a bunch of gun-toting delinquents no matter how you look at it and these gangs are no different. But there are differences, specific ones. Like how different assassins have different calling cards so they can get the credit for a kill. There's always a difference between grace and brute strength. The Risoka takes form in grace, the visually stunning. The Yakuza are our lumbering enemies, dogs with the teeth to tear the visual world to shreds.

I have spent most of my life without a home. What little of my life has been spent elsewhere has been with the visual mob in all of its flamboyant glory. If its one thing I've learned its that my "kind", those glorious with their hair dyed every shade of the fucking rainbow, is an unstoppable beast. Swift as it is growing and flexing its claws. Unlike the Yakuza, the Risoka trains itself diligently and is constantly recruiting. The last time I heard, there were eighteen sects in the US. Another thirteen scattered around Europe.

I heard Kaoru speaking about several sects that had begun to work closely with the Russians, savage bastards they must be to cooperate with swine so intent on being vicious.

The Yakuza prefers to stay with it's own, ruling the streets of Japan's largest cities with an iron fist. Burly, tattooed, and convicted of every crime you can imagine, you will know one of them on sight. They aren't given training, just a brutal crash course that will shock them into a violent nature. Though the Yakuza does mingle with factions from different countries they prefer to stay away from those in it's own. There must've been two other syndicates that were crushed as infants when they even stepped in the Yakuza's way.

Territorial like the dogs they are, Shinya doesn't belong with them. Only his ruthlessness and his adoptive father place him there. Otherwise he would make a formidable Risoka leader. Maybe he wouldn't need my marionette's strings tied so tight around his spindly fingers. Our first encounter in thirteen years and I know the bastard has me by the hair already.

"It'll be a grand scheme." He says. It'll be something that'll change the world for the worst. I can feel it somewhere inside of me. And it's making me nervous, that look in his eyes...

Anyway, getting off track... the gangs...

Now... Hmmm... uh... Gimme a moment.


Okay, here we are. Gomen, I have this splitting headache... My vision's been going in and out too. I won't worry about it though...

Now! The Risoka, when trained, are started out with a simple thing until promotion to a higher job. Like the dancers. They are recruits waiting for Kaoru's examination. From there they will be dispersed into groups for training under either me, Die, or Toshiya for specific work. In the visual mob you aren't given a multitude of tasks at once you are trained for one and only one.

Die is the last of our ten-man hired assassin unit. The others were killed or arrested and I can tell you now that none of them went down quietly, none of them ever do. He shouldn't be the only one for long though. Shi and eight others are under scrutiny to begin training to fill the unit again. The woman doesn't really want to though, but like Doll said, she would make a very good triggerman.

Toshiya is one of three other suppliers out of the original twenty-five trainees. There is no real training for this. What can you learn except codes and sophisticated ways to lie through your teeth? It's the only "profession" that the Risoka provides that contains nothing but a hope that they'll learn quickly. Only three tend to survive. Thankfully, one of them was Totchi.

I, myself, am a planner, an easy term to use. I know where everyone is, what they're doing, and how many different drugs they're carrying or people they've shot dead. If you want someone eradicated, come to me first and then we'll talk. Where there's more than one of every profession, there's only one of my profession in every sect. Two are selected for my place. Sometimes both make it, but mostly not. Kaoru doesn't let me leave much on errands; neither do the bosses in other sects let their organizers leave. We're target practice in skirts and lip-gloss. Kill us and the sects are at a complete disadvantage for some time... confused. That is one of very few disadvantages we have.

The Yakuza works much differently as I have said before. They hand you a gun, a bag full of crack, and three or four lower thugs and then they send you on your way. Risoka moves forward with grace while Yakuza stalks through darkness following the sheen of our leather gowns and the trail of our perfume.

You know, I've been thinking very hard about a lot of things since my head has begun to hurt... I don't know why. It's been nagging at me. Eating at the corners of my brain.

That place I grew up in, you know that place I spoke so bitterly about, the orphanage? Now that I've been thinking about it so much, I've noticed so many things that seem odd and out of the ordinary to me. Before meeting Doll, I might've shrugged it off but I can't now. That woman is so unreal, something that shouldn't be here. One time, this young woman that helped out at the orphanage...

I'd done something... I think I'd tried to take a handful of raw meat from the kitchen while she was working on dinner and she caught me. She grabbed me so hard by the wrist, like Doll had, and then she slapped me hard enough to leave a mark, not a bruise. That woman, tall and willowy, walked me back into the kitchen and made me put the meat back. I felt dazed and all I knew was that I sure as hell didn't want to get hit again. I think I might've started crying; I wasn't that old then, so she gave me this motherly look... but it was ruined. She had the cruelest eyes... blood red as if her irises were just veins.

You'd think that she might've told me something like "Wait until dinner's ready" or " You aren't supposed to eat that" but she didn't say anything like that. You know what she did say? She said "You aren't old enough for that yet, Ko-chan.".

Yet? What could she have possibly meant by 'yet'? What? ... What!?




It stopped again. This pain keeps coming back so strong. I haven't told anyone about them, but they keep getting worse. Last night... there was a pain that was so strong that I woke up on the floor this morning with Toshiya beating on the bathroom door. I didn't remember anything from the night before. Nothing except that... I'd had another nightmare... exactly like the other.

There's something big about to happen. Can you feel it?



I don't know what I'm saying anymore. I guess I've explained enough, right? Kami, I'm so tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I don't think I've had a full night's sleep in three years. I'm sure that there are some people that have dealt with the night shift? Yea, well, screw Kaoru... I'm callin' in sick.


A/N: I couldn't manage to sit still long enough to take a break after you know, my dog... So I typed this up real quick to get it finished. There are very important plot points in this!! Pay attention!!

Also, there will be some information that I will post about story detail on my profile. Since I haven't had a chance to explain... This story is actually taking place around 2011. I changed their birth years.

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