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Sleep...or not.

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Bob can't sleep. (how interesting does that sound?!)

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I tossed and turned all night, I couldn't stop thinking about Joyce, it was stopping me from sleeping...well...that and the loud snoring going on! I ended up lying awake all night, and then getting up early in the morning - before everyone else, admitting defeat. I turned on the TV on low, every channel was crappy kids programs, starnge ones at that - we don't watch a lot of TV, especially English. There was one called 'The fimbles' or something, then there was 'Balamory' and 'Lazy town'. It was making me fall asleep. I glanced at the clock. It was just coming up to 6:00 am, and then I fell asleep. I woke up when I heard some one walking down the bus, I opened my eyes to be greeted by the sight of Frank wearing nothing but boxers, he was yawning so much he hadn't noticed me. I watched as he walked over to the fridge and helped him self to some juice. After he had drunk some he stretched and wandered into the living area. He still hadn't noticed me, is he blind? Frank flopped onto the sofa, inches away from my feet. He was yawning again. "Tired Frank?" I asked, he jumped at the sound of my voice and turned to look at me. "Oh hi Bob" He yawned. "I'll take that as a yes shall I?" I asked. Franks reply was a yawn. "I didn't get much sleep, I kept having dreams about vampires" He mumbled. I rolled my eyes. "You've been hanging around with Gerard for too long." I said. Frank chuckled. "Yeah" He replied. I looked back at the TV, it was some wierd cartoon. "Nothing on TV" I stated, switching it off. Gerard appeared in the door way. "Morning!" He said brightly. I smiled at him, Frank yawned. "Gee, you've been giving Frank nightmares." I said. Gerard looked confused. "Why, what have I done?" He asked. "Nothing, but I couldn't get to sleep because I kept dreaming about vampires" Said Frank. Gerard laughed. "Aaaaawww, ickle frankies been having bad dreams!" He said in a baby voice. Frank scowled. "Don't make fun of me!" He whined, Gerard laughed and sat down next to Frank who instantly rested his head on Gerards shoulder. "Your shoulders comfy." He said closing his eyes. My phone began to ring, I rushed over to my bunk, where I had left it and answered it. "Hello?...oh Hey Joyce!...Sure I, no you haven't woken me...erm...well, can you give me about...10 minutes and I'll be straight round...yeah, ok...alright...see you...bye!" I put my phone down. "Joyce I presume." Said Gerard, Franks head still on his shoulder. I nodded. "Yeah, we're going on another date today" I said happily, before rushing off to get changed. I pulled on navy blue jeans, a T - shirt I think was clean, and a black hoody, then I brushed my teeth and hair, I quickly washed my face and put on some eyeliner, then I pulled on my green converse, grabbed my phone and ran to the door. "I'll be back Frank ok?" I asked, Franks eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply, now completely leaning on Gerard. Gee poked his head, and frowned. "I think he's asleep." He scowled, I grinned. "Aaaaw...cute!" I laughed, Gerard glared at me. "You try having him leaning on you - he's like a dead wieght!" He retorted, I laughed. "Whatever, see you later dude!" I left the bus and made my way over to the bus where Joyce was staying.

A/N: I'm slightly stuck now people, so I want to know some stuff, so could you please let me know what you think - 1. Is this story getting too romantic or is it ok? and 2. Should I get Frank and Gee 'together'? I know some people don't like it but I just think it would be interesting to put it from Bobs point of view. But please let me know! THANKYOU!! ^^
P.S - sorry the writing went all buggered up all - I dont know what went wrong!
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