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Touya thinks it's been long enough.

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by Mina Lightstar

"It's been long enough," Touya decides, and raises his hand to ring the bell for a servant.

"No, it has not," Yukito says, and his paler hand encircles Touya's wrist and lowers his arm. "She probably hasn't even arrived, yet."

"She travels fast when she wants to see that brat," Touya argues, stubborn. He pulls against Yukito's grip, but not enough to actually break free.

"Your Majesty," Yukito insists, and his tone should be sharp but it isn't because he's Yukito. "Let her be awhile longer."

Touya grouses inaudibly, but lets his arm fall back to the large cushion that he lounges on in his private quarters. "You should call me Touya," he says, changing the subject -- at least until Yukito is distracted and he can reach for the bell again.

"Ah, yes," Yukito agrees. "Touya."

"Besides, it's strange to call me 'your Majesty' when you're sitting in my lap."

"So it is," Yukito says, and makes to get up, looking as though he is at fault for being there when it was Touya who had pulled him down in the first place.

This time it is Touya who restrains, wrapping his arms about the High Priest's waist and keeping him from going too far. Yukito doesn't resist, and when he is sitting in Touya's lap again, Touya is satisfied -- and disappointed, as he's missed his chance to ring the bell.

Yukito releases a soft sigh, and then a deeper one when Touya rubs two fingers up and down his spine, through his robes. "The King and his High Priest--"

"The King can do whatever he wants," Touya dismisses.

Yukito volleys: "Even the King mustn't be above the law, else there is no law."

"I've yet to hear of a law concerning this," Touya shoots back, feeling victorious even though they aren't really arguing. Yukito simply worries someone will walk in for an audience while they are like this. Touya is worried, sometimes, but these days their quiet moments alone are hard to come by. Besides, he was the King.

...Sakura has been gone long enough. He reaches for the cord again.


He drops his arm, makes a face, and decides to pay more attention to Yukito for the moment. Touya knows Yukito doesn't enchant their kisses, but hell if it doesn't feel like he does.

When they pull apart, Touya removes Yukito's glasses so the other can lean against him without worry. He stretches an arm out to set the glasses onto the table... and takes the opportunity to pull the cord.

Yukito looks up when the sound of the bell sounds. "Touya," he says wearily.

"Long enough!" Touya insists. He takes Yukito's face in his hands and kisses him firmly before a servant knocks.

"Your Majesty?" the servant asks. It is a woman.

"Sound the castle bells!" Touya orders.

"Your Majesty," the servant says before running off to do as he asks.

Yukito is shaking his head, but lets Touya kiss him a few more times before they leave to resume their duties.
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