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I Am The Girl Anachronism

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Thank You for the reviews I couldn't wait until Monday so here is the next chapter.

It's been two weeks since that day at Starbucks and I haven't been able to sleep properly. Every time I do I keep dreaming of that day but it always ends differently. You see in my dream when he grabs my wrist he ends up kissing me and I swear he is a brilliant kisser. He dominates yet at the same time is so gentle, unlike most guys who like to shove their tongue down your throat like they are searching for gold dust. If only we knew each other well then I could mope about in that hoodie all of my life and scream about how I miss him but I can't.

Barely deciding against moping around my room any longer I rolled out of bed dropping with a thud onto my floor, putting on, what I have now christened as THE hoodie I stomped into the living room like a spoilt brat who never got her pony for Christmas, flopped onto the bright yellow leather sofa, slid down it and landed on my backside rather painfully.

"You look like your cat just died." My brother said coming in from his morning jog. I am telling you that boy is not normal.

"I don't even have a cat." I said chucking a cushion at his head and missing, it hit a mug and sent it with a heavy crack onto the floor.

"I'll buy you one, one day." Ashley (my brother) replied. "And that was mums favourite mug, you might as well confess all your sins before you meet you maker."

"Huh?" This thing I call brother is acting all crazy as usual. He really drives me mad but I love him. I have to he's my twin. My big brother by a massive three minutes. Twins should have so much in common but my brother are so different.

He is 5 foot 9 and I am five foot eight and that is where the familiarity ends. He is muscular without being a giant beefcake and inherited our mother's looks and our fathers brains. He has porcelain skin. I however am quite the opposite.

Most girls who aren't stick insects say that they have curves. I am not going to lie I have curves but not perfect ones. I have love handles and my backside could rival Jennifer Lopez. I inherited my fathers' looks and my mothers' brains which isn't all that great. My mother as pretty as she is isn't the sharpest pencil in the box, she's the sort of person who will push a door that said pull more than once and spend a good half an hour before discovering you have to pull the door, then argues that the door should go both ways (she actually has a point).

My dad isn't ugly but he doesn't match my mother, she is possibly the prettiest girl I have seen. Most girls have to compete with pretty sisters I have a mother who looks like she could be my sister.

I heard my brother muttering down the phone. Well my phone. Who the hell was he talking to?

"- her heart I'll break your neck." I heard him say.

"Gimme that!" I grabbed the phone and shoved it to my ear. He walked out of the room mumbling, what he was mumbling I don't know (or care).

"Hello?" I asked whoever was on the other end.

"Hey, is this Dylan or do I have the wrong number?" The voice asked. I know that voice anywhere.

"No this is she, who's this?" I asked knowing full well.

"Ryan." THUD went the phone. I thought it was Tiffany.

The last thing I remember my brother saying made sense. He says that to every guy. The not scary You break her heart, I'll break your neck line. He even says it to my friend Chris, and he has a boyfriend.

"Hello?" I picked the phone off of the ground.

"Yeah, I'm here" I said. "How has England been treating you?"

"That's the problem." He said and I gulped. "I got lost looking for Taco Bell."

Is he kidding me? I dropped the phone again as I burst out laughing. Taco Bell? In England? That's like looking for a burger at a vegan convention.

I once again picked up the phone and told him this which earned me a very sexy laugh from him.

"You have a habit of doing that don't you?" He asked.

"Always" I replied as a thought struck me. "How about this. We go to Tesco's, it's a supermarket, buy some stuff and I show you how to make a taco the Dylan way." I paused, "On one condition."

"Whats that?" He asked.

"I get to keep the hoodie." I said. I fucking love that hoodie and no one and I repeat no one will separate me from it even if he is cute.

"I agree with your condition if you agree with one of mine." He said. "You wear it when you come over today. You look quite sexy in it."

I blushed, can you believe it? I actually blushed. He wasn't even in the room and he had that effect on me. I was standing, gaping like a fish when I realised I still hadn't said anything. Now he must know he had that impression on me.

"Really? Thank you." I said, I had this weird feeling as if my knees were going to give way so I sat down.

"Don't thank me for being honest." He said and I smiled. "It gave me an excuse to keep on talking to you."

"Well in that case you'd be pleased to know that I'm wearing it right now."

That sounded like one of those sex phone lines.

"If someone had just walked in on you saying that they would have probably got the wrong idea." He said.

Wait what? Was he flirting with me? And was I flirting back? Sarah and Tiffany flirt, I don't flirt. What the hell has he done to me?

"I realised that. I guess I wouldn't have that much of a problem being your sex toy." I said, suddenly feeling pretty embarrassed. It just slipped out!

"I'll meet you at Starbucks." I said. "At three" liar "I wont be late" Liar "I promise" LIAR

"Ill look forward to it." He said. That better not had been a lie. "See you then."

"Later." I hung up the phone. I know I have to wear his hoodie but what else? Jeans? Skirt? What? Was this a date? Was it just friends meeting? I knew exactly what to do.

I dialled in that familiar number. "Tiffany? Is Sarah with you?...good. I need your help. Both of you."

I just hope they know what they are doing.

Dont worry things will get more interesting as time goes on. Read? Review!
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