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Parental Scolding

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Untouchable Rogue
Chapter 8: Parental Scolding


Things eventually settled after the drama between Scott, Rogue, and Jean. Jean laid the matter to rest while Scott and Rogue began pursuing a real relationship. They had to do it in secret, calling each other on the phone and having long chats while arranging a few meetings here and there so they could be close. It was difficult at first because they had to work around the Brotherhood and Wolverine. While word got ing away, "Well maybe tomorrow. We'll make up for it, I promise."

"I know you will," said Jean, managing a smile.

Checking the clock, Scott saw the time drawing near. Getting together with Rogue was difficult given her situation with Mystique and the Brotherhood. But a peaceful night together was just what they needed.

"Well you best not keep her waiting," said Jean.

"Good call," said Scott, putting on some cologne, "Is Logan still out?"

"Isn't he always?"

"Point taken," grinned Scott.

"Don't worry, Slim. I've got your back," assured Jean.

"Thanks," said Scott with a smile.

There was another silence between them. This time it was less awkward. The idea of Scott dating Rogue was still settling for Jean, but their friendship remained strong.

" okay?" said Scott, getting more serious.

"I'm getting there," sighed Jean, "It's still hard to stop feeling certain things."

"Yeah, I know," said Scott.

Casting Jean one last reassuring smile, Scott grabbed his keys. Rogue had a way of making his week a good one. And with the stresses he faced at school and with the X-men that meant a lot.

"I better go," he said, "Later Jean."

"Later Scott," she said, leaving his room and walking back down the hall.

It was still hard for Jean to accept at times. Looking back at Scott as he left, the redhead sighed to herself. Her feelings were changing. A lot of things were changing. But she took comfort in the knowledge that her friendship with Scott would always be there.

"Hey Jean! Is he coming or what?" said Kitty as she met up with her friend in the hall.

"Not this time," said Jean, "He had plans."

"Oh...another date with Rogue?" surmised Kitty.

"Yep," affirmed Jean.

Knowing that was still a touchy issue, Kitty stayed silent. Scott made it clear that his relationship with Rogue was private and Jean defended it much to the surprise of the others. But like her, they too were getting used to the idea.


In the Brotherhood boarding house, things were as inactive as usual. Todd and Freddy were parked in front of the TV, Pietro was out again with some random girl, and Lance was working on his jeep. For Rogue, going out with Scott shouldn't be a problem. Her mother remained the biggest challenge. After she and Scott hooked up, Mystique confronted her about what Pietro told her. She pressed on everything from her relationship with Scott to her powers, leading to some very tense moments.

But Rogue played it cool, citing that she was trusting Pietro of all people who already had a grudge against her for shaking off his flirtations with her. She also played off issues of trust. She was her daughter and Pietro was a brat. She didn't like lying to her mother, but she just wasn't ready to come out about it yet. It also helped that she was always off doing errands for whoever it was they answered to. She even consulted Agatha and Destiny and they assured that her powers could not be controlled on her own just yet, helping to fuel her suspicions that something was amiss.

In her room, Rogue put on a pair of casual jeans and a tight fitting red t-shirt. It wasn't the usual stuff one would wear on a date, but she couldn't afford to be fancy when avoiding her mother. However, she still managed to work in a surprise.

"Dang, this thong is gonna take some gettin' used to," said Rogue, lowering her pants a bit to make sure it looked sexy, "Hope Scott appreciates it."

Checking the clock, the time was drawing near. She slipped into the hallway and started to make her way downstairs. She could hear the TV still going and as long as Pietro didn't burst in she was in the clear.

"Hey Blob, don't hog all the popcorn!" she heard Todd groan, "Others gotta eat too, yo!"

"Get your own, swamp breath!" replied Blob, "I made it. I eat it."

"Pigs," muttered Rogue, about to make her leave.

Just then, Mystique showed up from the kitchen.

"And just where are you going?" said the shape shifter, folding her arms in disapproval.

Rogue's heart jumped at her mother's tone. But she kept a calm poise.

"Just out, mama," she replied, "Ah'm gonna go for a jog and maybe grab a bite since Fred and Todd have cleaned out the fridge."

"A jog in that?" said Mystique curiously, "Don't you have workout clothes?"

"They're in the wash," she said quickly, "What? Pietro can go out and Ah can't?"

"Pietro isn't my daughter," quipped Mystique.

Rogue was getting frustrated. Scott was probably waiting for her and she didn't like arguing with Mystique. She had been getting on her case a lot more lately, but she wouldn't let that stop her.

"Look, why do ya gotta give me the third degree like this?" shot Rogue, "Didn't we already have this conversation? Why won't you believe meh, mama?"

Mystique studied her daughter's poise. She was stern and stubborn, just like her. The shape shifter had been keeping a closer eye on her, but with all the errands she had for Magneto she couldn't look into anything in major detail. Now Rogue was playing the trust card. It was every mother's greatest weakness. Her gut told her she wasn't being completely truthful, but she was in no mood to argue.

"Fine..." she finally conceded, "Just don't stay out too long."

"Ah won't," said Rogue, "Ah ain't a little girl anymore."

"Don't remind me."

Rolling her eyes, Rogue made her leave and started jogging down the road. After waving to Lance, Mystique watched until she disappeared from sight. She didn't want to believe that her daughter was foolish enough to get involved with the X-men, touch or not. She shuttered even more so at the thought of her being romantically involved with one of them. All she wanted was what's best for her daughter.

"They grow so fast," she sighed.

She was about to head off, but she just couldn't fight to urge to keep looking. She had a rare off-night tonight. Now was her chance to look deeper into Rogue's personal life. Mystique ventured upstairs into Rogue's room and made a quick sweep, looking for anything out of the ordinary. She checked her nightstand, her mattress, and her closet. For the most part, everything was in place. Rogue's room had a fairly plain layout given her gothic taste. It wasn't the cleanest room in the house, but it was still worlds better than the rest of the boys.

'What am I doing? She's my daughter for crying out loud. I'm actually trusting Pietro! Am I really that naïve?'

But that sinking feeling just wouldn't escape her. No matter how much she loved her daughter, she was still capable of lying. She kept on looking through her things. Then something caught her eye. Up in her closet, she saw a pile of clothes randomly stacked with was sticking out from underneath. She reached up and grabbed it. When she saw what it was her eyes narrowed with anger.

"Birth control pills..." she scowled under her breath, "That's it!"

This confirmed it. Rogue was lying to her. Tossing the package aside, Mystique shifted into a raven and flew out the window. If something was going on with her daughter and one of the X-men, she was going to find out. And if it turned out to be true then there would be hell to pay.


Rogue didn't have to walk long before she found Scott. They had grown used to meeting up outside the sights of the Brotherhood. Rogue just had to start walking down the road towards Bayville and Scott would drive up along her and pick her up. And with the Brotherhood out of sight, they weren't afraid to be playful.

"Hey there, Miss," said Scott as he drove up, "What's a gal like you doing walking the roads alone at this hour?"

"Still can't get the dang accent right, can ya?" grinned Rogue as she approached his car.

"I try," shrugged Scott.

"Doesn't make ya any less a gent," said Rogue, giving him a kiss on the cheek before hopping in.

Both youths smiled. When they were together, they could let down the usual façade of an uptight leader or a dark goth. Being with one another brought out a different side to their persona and it was something they enjoyed exploring.

"So what do ya have in mind for tonight?" asked Rogue as she strapped herself in.

"Well we could go someplace fancy and romantic," said Scott in a melodramatic tone, "Or we could just hang out at the gut bomb and eat some grease filled burgers."

Rogue cast her lover a humored grin.

"Hmm...tough choice," she said, "As nice as a fancy dinner sounds, there ain't no substitute for an ol' fashioned burger."

"The gut bomb it is," grinned Scott, "Not too romantic, but we'll make due."

"Oh I don't know," she said, playfully running her hand down his face, "We can make it romantic if you want."

The couple exchanged smiles. Being able to touch made Rogue more passionate than she ever thought possible. She only shared her renewed love of touch with Scott. And so far it had made their relationship progress strongly.

But as they drove into the city, neither one of them notice a black raven following them above. The figure kept a watchful eye on the happy couple. Nothing serious had happened yet. The night was young and open to plenty of possibilities.


After picking up some burgers at the gut bomb, Scott and Rogue casually hung out in a booth near a window. They kept it simple and steady as was their custom. Biting into the greasy, unhealthy food they quickly lost themselves in conversation. And with the everyday drama of being mutants in a world that didn't know they existed gave them plenty to talk about.

"So this makes how many dates for Pietro this month?" said Scott upon hearing Rogue's latest report of Brotherhood drama.

"Ah don't know," shrugged Rogue, "Ah lost count three bimbos ago."

"I'm surprised girls still go for him if he just brushes them off so quickly," said Scott, sipping his drink.

"Which is probably why he only goes for girls with a certain GPA and hip to waist ratio," muttered Rogue, "Hell, he hit on meh the first day we met."

"Guess you matched his looks requirements," said Scott flirtatiously.

"Too bad Ah have more than a handful of brain cells," she replied playfully.

"Well that's his loss."

"And your gain," quipped Rogue.

Reaching across the table, Rogue took her boyfriend's hand. She never thought she'd meet a guy as sweet as Scott. He had done more for her than anybody. Because of him, she could control her powers. Because of him, she felt love. Add to that, the sex was a major bonus.

"You think Ah could be a bimbo hottie like Pietro's girlfriends?" mused Rogue.

"Oh you definitely have the body," said Scott with a grin, making her blush, "But you'd have to change your dress sense and makeup color."

"Snowball's chance in hell," scoffed Rogue.

"You're beautiful in your own right, Rogue."

"Aw, ya like makin' me blush, don't ya?"

"What can I say?" he shrugged, "It's nice seeing the Rogue smile like a school girl."

"Don't push it, sugah."

With another smile, the couple laughed. Their lives were so complicated. Moments like this helped make the world more bearable in all its complexity. And it was a warm feeling being able to share this closeness together.

"So did ya have anythin' else in mind for tonight or do ya just wanna leave it here at a fast food joint?" said Rogue, a hint of flirtation in her eyes.

"Well I did have one idea," said Scott with a grin.

"Oh? Anythin' suitable for public places?"

"It depends," said Scott, diverting his gaze playfully, "Want me to tell you or would you rather be surprised."

"Ah like surprises," grinned Rogue.

"In that case, let's go. The night is young and so are we."

Locking her arm with his, Rogue and Scott made their way out to the car. The smile on Scott's face never waned. Rogue had a feeling he planned this out, but she wasn't complaining. A surprise by Scott Summers was always interesting and she had a feeling this would be every bit as special.


After a short drive, Scott arrived at the place. It was a small lot overlooking the city, offering a great view under the stars. Most of the kids from school called it Lookout Point. But to Scott, it was perfect. It was secluded, picturesque, and romantic. And while Rogue was by no means a traditional girl, she did appreciate his tastes.

"Here we are," he said, parking his car at the ledge.

"Wow," said Rogue as she took in the view, "Isolated, romantic, and above all, private. Not bad."

"Glad you like it."

"Like it? Ah love it," she said with a smile.

Turning off the engine to his car, Scott undid his seatbelt and slipped his arm around Rogue's waist. She quickly sank into his warmth, resting her head on her shoulder as they looked out over the beautiful city lights. The sky was crystal clear, a full moon shining brightly overhead. It was the perfect setting. It was a place where the complications of the world could just be forgotten.

For a while, Scott and Rogue sat together in a peaceful silence. Soaking up each others' warmth, they savored this close feeling. Rogue couldn't keep herself from smiling. Being with Scott brought out many feelings. She wasn't afraid to admit they were strong. And Scott felt the same way. It made them all the more certain that this was right.

"Sorry we haven't been able to have moments like this lately," said Scott, finally breaking the silence.

"It's alright, Scott," said Rogue, giving his hand a squeeze, "It makes them all the more worth it when they come."

"I won't argue that," he smiled, "But do you ever worry?"

"Worry? About what?" she asked.

"You know...that you being in the Brotherhood and me being in the X-men is going to strain our relationship?"

Rogue's look grew distant. It was hard to think about such things, but she couldn't escape her situation.

"Ah'd be lyin' if Ah didn't say it came to mind," she said, full of uncertainty, "'s complicated."

"I know," said Scott with a sigh, "Mystique's your mother. You can't run away from that. And I wouldn't want you to."

"Well to be honest, Mystique ain't a runnin' candidate for mother of the year," muttered the Southern mutant, "Hell, she left meh for years before comin' back into mah life. Not that Ah minded Irene, but it sure gets lonely when ya know yer mama's out there but she ain't there to give ya the comfort ya need."

"She's here now, isn't she?" said Scott, running his hand down the side of her face, "That's more than I can say about my parents."

Scott's expression sank. Talking about his family was always hard. Rogue was one of the few people besides Jean and the Professor who he confided. Even though Rogue had a strained relationship with her mother, at least she was still in her life. That was not lost on her as she held Scott closer.

"Ah'm sorry," she said softly.

"Don't be. I brought it up."

"But yer right," she sighed, "Ah can't get around Mystique bein' mah mama. And Ah wouldn't want to, but..."

"But what?" asked Scott, gazing into her eyes.

Rogue hesitated, uncertainty still hanging strong. It was a complicated issue dealing with her mother. She never talked about it with anybody else besides Scott. And she was still making sense of it.

"Ah don't know," she sighed, "Sometimes Ah get the feelin' that meh and mah mama ain't on the same page anymore. Lately she's cared less about being a mother and more about leadin' the Brotherhood."

"That doesn't mean she doesn't love you."

"Ah know," she said distantly, "But Ah just can't shake this feelin' that she ain't the same woman who adopted meh. She's changed, Scott. Ah've known that since Ah got here. And Ah don't know how to handle it."

Another silence came over them. This was clearly a touchy issue for Rogue. Scott hugged her closer, lending his support. He cast her a warm smile. It made her feel better inside. Feeling his touch and absorbing his warmth, Rogue's heart soared as he leaned in closer.

"You'll find a way. I know you will," said Scott, gently tracing along the white streak in her hair.

"Are ya always the optimist?" she said, sliding her hand down his face.

"Not by a long shot," laughed Scott, "Just ask the others back at the mansion. They think I'm as pessimistic as they come."

"You ain't around meh," grinned Rogue.

"What can I say?" he shrugged, "You bring out my better half."

Emotions ran strong and passions intensified as Scott slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Sinking into his embrace, Rogue wrapped her arms around his neck. They soon met in a soft kiss, the cool breeze of the night captivating their senses. The warmth was so sweet and comforting. It made their emotions soar. They were alone on an isolated lot and it didn't take long for them to realize the possibilities.

For a good long while, they kept kissing. Hands roamed and tongues wrestled. The sweet taste of their flesh made them feel so hot inside. Since they came together they had always been a passionate couple. But it was times like this when their emotions mixed with hormones that elicited true passion.

"Hey Scott?" said Rogue, their lips parting as Scott kissed down her neck.

"Hmm?" he said, sliding his hands down her back and resting them on her hips.

"Wanna do it in the back seat?"

Feeling her hot body grind against his, Scott caressed her face and smiled.

"Sure. I can't think of a better way to cap off a date."

Letting their desires take over, Scott and Rogue slipped into the back seat. Rogue went first, lying back against the passenger side while Scott hovered over her. She hooked her legs around his waist, grinding against his manly form as he captured her lips with his. Hands roamed and passions soared. The air was crisp and the yearning was clear. And together, Scott and Rogue embraced it.

Letting out deep moans, Scott and Rogue's tongue danced. While lip locked, Rogue grabbed Scott's shirt and slid it off over his head. Tossing it into the front seat, she kissed down his neck and soaked up each sensation. The warm feel of his skin made her so hot inside, fueling her craving for the sensual.

Hooking her legs around Scott's waist, Rogue adjusted herself so that Scott could get her shirt off as well. The couple grinned and moaned as they made out, Scott rubbing her covered breasts while she rubbed down his manly chest. The cool breeze of the night further tantalized their passions. They craved more as they kissed, fumbling in the confined space of the back seat.

"Here, let meh get this off," said Rogue, adjusting herself so she could remove her bra.

Reaching around to help, Scott grabbed the garment and tossed it aside. Now Rogue was topless, her beautiful breasts there for him to touch. Drunk with passion, he pinned her to the back seat and began kissing down her cleavage.

"Oh yeah..." purred Rogue, running her hands through his chestnut hair.

Sucking on her erect nipples, Scott tasted her sweet flesh. Her breasts were so full and well proportioned. He loved touching them and Rogue loved the hot sensations it brought her. Each tease made her feel hot in between her legs. She could feel a hard erection in Scott's pants, pressing up against her. She wanted to feel him so bad. She craved his sex.

"Off Scott! Get mah pants off!" she cried.

"Yes ma'am," grinned Scott, trailing his lips down her torso.

Rogue grabbed onto the side of the car as she raised her hips off the seat so Scott could do his thing. He made quick work of her pants, sliding them down her sexy legs. Once they were off, he was met with a pleasant surprise. Rogue had actually dressed for the occasion this time, wearing a sexy black thong that showed off her curves so graciously.

"Wow..." said Scott.

"Like what ya see?" grinned Rogue.

"I...I didn't know you were into thongs," he said, rubbing the area over her pussy.

"Ah wasn't until ya gave me a reason to try em out."

Smiling at her adventurous side, Scott resumed his teasing. Grabbing her by the hips, he kissed down her well toned stomach. Rogue let out soft moans of contentment along the way. Her hips swayed, showing off her sexual energy. She was so wet. Scott could see traces of her arousal around her inner thighs. Sensing she wanted more, he grabbed the thong and slid it down her legs.

"My you're horny," grinned Scott, taking in the beautiful sight of a naked Rogue.

Rogue panted, the cool night air touching her naked skin. She looked so beautiful lying naked in the moonlight. Her pussy was wet with arousal and Scott yearned to feel her.

"Let me make you feel great, Rogue," he said as he hovered over her.

With a husky grin, Scott spread Rogue's legs and kissed along her inner thighs. Slowly, he worked his way up to her pussy, listening to her sweet moans every step of the way. Her folds were plump with arousal. Spreading her lips with his hands, he licked her hot depths. Immediately, Rogue moaned in approval.

"Oh Scott!" she cried, hot sensations surging through her body.

Probing her hot cunt with his tongue, Scott teased all the sensitive areas he had come to know well. Her clit was swollen with arousal. Rubbing it with his fingers, he teased every spot he could. Rogue reacted by throwing her head back and fondling her breasts. Her body arched with each sensation. He built up her arousal until she could take no more.

"Oh fuck! Enough Summers! Get that dick out and fuck meh!" she panted in a fit of sexual energy.

Giving her pussy one last lick, Scott adjusted himself so that he was on his knees. Rogue shot up as well, giving him a deep kiss for his generous teasing and helping him get out of his pants. Once his hard dick was free, Rogue wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down so that he was on top of her.

"Are you okay?" asked Scott, his dick rubbing against her wet entrance.

"Ah'm good, sugah. Let's get it on here under the stars."

Having to adjust themselves in the tight confines of the back seat, Rogue wrapped her legs around Scott's waist and held onto the seats. Holding onto her hips, Scott slid his hard dick into her wet pussy. He had come to savor the hot tightness around his member. And once they were together, Scott and Rogue kissed passionately and began to have sex.

"Rogue! Oh Rogue!" grunted Scott, working his dick in and out of Rogue's tight cunt.

"Yes! Yes! Oh mah God!" cried Rogue.

Holding onto her shoulders for leverage, Scott plowed into her at a fervent pace. They both panted hard, gazing into each others eyes as they soaked up the warm sensations. Grunting and moaning, the two lovers moved their bodies together as one. They worked it nice and hard, dragging out the pleasure for as long as they could.

Sweat quickly accumulated on their hot bodies. The cool breezes further tantalized their every nerve as hands roamed over their tender flesh. Scott worked his dick into her harder, building up a strong climax. Rogue's pussy tensed with each thrust. She captured his lips, tightening her grip with her legs. Her orgasm was drawing near, but she wanted to hold out just long enough for her lover to have his as well.

"Uh-uh-uh-I'm cummin' Scott! I'm cummin'!" she cried, arching her body with each thrust.

"Uh-uh-me too! Me too!" grunted Scott, slamming his dick into her harder, penetrating all the way up to her cervix.

Groping her bouncing breasts, Scott pounded into her harder. Rogue's pussy tensed around his cock. She was so close. All they needed was one final thrust.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Rogue!" moaned Scott, his cock twitching in her tight folds and filling her with a load of his hot cum.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Scott!" cried Rogue, her pussy tightening around his member and milking him for every drop.

As the two lovers savored the heights of their climax, they met in a deep kiss. Their skin glistened with perspiration. It was the perfect moment on a perfect night. They had made love under the stars and enjoyed every second of it.

Tired from such activity, Scott fell back into the passenger seat. His dick was still covered in sexual fluids, softening after so much activity. Rogue's pussy was throbbing, but she still had plenty of energy to cuddle up to her lover and rest her naked body atop his.

"Damn that was good," moaned Scott, resting his hands on her hips.

"Oh yeah," purred Rogue, kissing along his neck, "Ya sure know how to make a girl feel special, Scott."

"That's because you are special Rogue," said Scott, tenderly caressing her face.

"Aw, you're sweet," she purred with a sexy grin, "That deserves a reward."

Scott moaned as Rogue kissed down his torso. His dick was still limp, but Rogue helped fix that with some gentle rubbing. Listening to his gasps of contentment, Rogue trailed lower until she was at his hard member. Flashing him a sexy grin, she enveloped his penis and started sucking him off.

"Oh fuck!" grunted Scott, throwing his head back.

Licking and teasing along him with her tongue, Rogue bobbed her head along Scott's hard member. It didn't take long for him to stiffen up again. Soon she became aroused as well, fondling her moist folds with her free hand. She flashed him sultry looks as she sucked his cock, her desire still burning strong.

"Hmm...up for more, sugah?" she purred.

"Oh yeah," grinned Scott.

With a sultry glance, Rogue straddled Scott's waist and slowly worked his dick back into her vagina. Rubbing his chest for leverage, she bounced her body up and down his hard member. Feeling her tight folds stretch to his hard dick, ecstasy surged through their bodies as they went at it for another round.

Panting and moaning, Rogue's breasts bounced as she rode Scott's cock to a world of bliss. She looked so beautiful dancing in the moonlight. Scott was in heaven as he reached up and grabbed her breasts, kissing and groping them with their fervent lovemaking.

They went at it long and hard, the sweat building on their bodies. Their moans echoed through the night, passions burning strong with sexual euphoria. It was hard at times working it in the back seat, but they adjusted. And for the final push, Rogue leaned over the edge of the car, propped up on her knees while Scott was behind pounding into her pussy.

"Uh-uh-uh-Rogue! Oh Rogue you're so beautiful!" grunted Scott as his flesh slammed into hers.

"Uh-uh-oh god! Oh God! Oh fuck it's so good!" cried Rogue.

Reaching around and grabbing her swaying breast, Scott and Rogue rocked their bodies until they felt another orgasm drawing near. The car rocked with each fervent motion, their pants growing shorter and more ragged as the final moment drew near. It was an amazing feeling, sharing such intimacy. It was thrilling, fun, and intoxicating. They loved every second of it and yearned to savor each hot sensation.

"Uh-uh-almost-oh god-there!" grunted Scott.

"Uh-uh-me too! I'm cummin' soon! I'm cummin' soon! Uh-uh-oh I feel it!"

Gripping her hips and squeezing her breasts, Scott slammed into her one last time. Rogue arched her back, her pussy throbbing around Scott's member as a rush of ecstasy surged through her body. The extra tightness sent Scott over the edge as well, causing him to climax hard and fill her cunt with a burst of his seeds.

It was a wonderful feeling, sharing such passion. Their bodies covered with sweat, Scott and Rogue met in one last deep kiss before collapsing in the back seat. Rogue tenderly embraced her lover, absorbing the warm feel of her naked body atop his. Being so close to someone was a wonderful thing. She never wanted to let it go again.

Meeting together in one last kiss, the smiling couple rested their tired bodies As they rested their naked bodies under the romantic aura of the night sky, they continued to kiss and caress each others' warm flesh tenderly. They were covered in sweat, swimming in a sea of ecstasy. Lying on top of her lover, Rogue caressed Scott's face and captured his lips. With his hands still on her hips he kissed back, holding this beautiful woman close.

"You're the only one for meh, Summers," said Rogue softly.

"Just returning the favor," he smiled.

"Favor for what?" she asked, gently rubbing his manly chest.

"For pushing me to embrace something so wonderful," said Scott, his words thick with emotion, "You'll never know how much that means to me, Rogue."

Smiling warmly at his kind words, Rogue gave Scott another soft kiss. It was an amazing feeling, sharing such closeness. And lying naked under the stars made such a moment all the more heavenly. It showed how close they were becoming and how deep their feelings for each other were.

Yet as the couple soaked up the moment, a lone observer had watched the whole thing. Now they were cuddling in the back seat of a car completely naked with smiles never leaving their faces. And it made her blood boil with untold rage.

"That little..." growled Mystique, shifting from her raven form as she watched from atop a tree, "I can't believe it! How could she...this will NOT stand!"


After spending another hour at lookout point, Rogue and Scott put their clothes back on and called it a night. They made small talk as Scott drove her home. He gave her one last kiss before they parted. Rogue walked back with a smile on her face, feeling so happy and light after such a wonderful night with her boyfriend. She was lucky to have him in her life. She never knew she could find someone who made her feel so warm inside.

It had been a passionate night. They shared some time together and capped it off with a little romp in the back seat of his car. It was not the most comfortable place to do it, but it was still an amazing experience. This was definitely a night Rogue wouldn't soon forget. It made her wonder just how serious things with Scott were becoming.

As she neared the house, she straightened out the wrinkles in her clothes and fixed her hair so it looked like she hadn't just had sex. Luckily, Todd and Freddy were already asleep on the couch and Pietro was nowhere to be seen. Slipping upstairs, she passed Lance's room. Judging from the snoring he was already asleep. Mystique's door was also closed, so she assumed the same.

"Time to get back to reality," she sighed, "But first, a shower."

Stretching her tired limbs, she slipped into her room. Suddenly, she froze at the sight of the last presence she wanted to see.

"Hello Rogue," said Mystique, sitting at the foot of her bed with an ice cold look.

"Uh...hey mama," said Rogue, a hard feeling forming in the pit of her stomach.

"You're back late. I thought you just went for a jog," she said suspiciously.

She sounded suspicious. But Rogue kept her calm.

"Ah did," she said casually, "Then Ah got hungry and went out for a burger."

"And why would that take you over two hours?" pressed the shape shifter.

"Cause after Ah was done, Ah went runnin' again," quipped Rogue, thinking fast, "It was such a nice night that...

But Mystique wouldn't hear it. She knew Rogue was lying. She had hoped her own daughter wouldn't lie like this to her, but this was just too much.

"Cut the crap, Rogue! I know what happened!" shot the shape shifter, getting off the bed and looming over her rebellious daughter.

"Wha-what are ya talkin' about?" stammered Rogue.

"What do you take me for? You think I'm so naïve that I don't recognize the signs?"

"Now yer just talkin' crazy!" said Rogue, backing away.

"Oh?" shot Mystique, taking a step closer, "Then look me in the eye and tell me you weren't out fucking one of the X-men in the back seat of a car!"

Rogue went completely numb. Every muscle in her body tensed and her face flushed bright red. Somehow her mother found out. A hard lump formed in her throat. She wanted to get the words out, but they just wouldn't come. Her silence was answer enough. Mystique's eyes narrowed, full of anger and disgust.

"I can't believe it! My own daughter!" yelled the shape shifter, throwing her hands up in the air, "I tell you on day one to stay away from them and now you're having sex with one of them?! How?! If I wasn't so sure you couldn't touch I would ask what the hell are you were thinking?!"

Rogue's face contorted in embarrassment. It was bad enough she knew, but worse she didn't understand. This night had been so perfect up until now. And with the memory of what she and Scott had done still fresh in her mind, Rogue stubbornly fought back.

"Oh Ah don't know. Maybe it's because the X-men have been the only ones who've tried to make mah life easier since Ah got here? Maybe it's because they've reached out to meh in a way my own mama hasn't?!"

"Rogue, they're just using you!" shot Mystique, "You're playing right into their hands!"

"And how's the Brotherhood any different?" spat Rogue, "You say they want meh just for mah powers so Ah'll help their cause. Tell meh how that's any different then what you're doin' here!"

"Our goal is clear! Xavier's is a pipe dream at best!"

"Is that how ya really feel, mama?" said Rogue, tears forming in her eyes, "Or is that just what you've been told by someone else?"

Mystique stammered at that. Rogue hit hard. There was definitely some truth to those words, but she remained stubborn. She had worked too hard to turn back now. And she wasn't about to lose her daughter like this.

"Look, this isn't about our cause. It's about my daughter being involved with a dangerous boy," said Mystique in a calmer tone.

"Dangerous?!" spat Rogue, "Scott's the best thing that ever happened to meh! He understands meh and makes meh happy! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!"

"It's not right!" spat Mystique, "He's an X-man! He'll just draw you into a futile battle and I don't want to see my daughter caught up in Xavier's mess!"

Rogue was on the verge of tears. She was so angry and hurt. She never thought she'd find love in her life and the second she feels it her mother stomps all over it. She could take being hurt by the rest of the world, but her own mother struck her especially hard.

"Mama...Scott means a lot to meh. Ah can't just forget how Ah feel about him."

Mystique rubbed her sore temples. She hated seeing her daughter with that hurt look on her face. It tore at her heart more than she ever expected. This was a lot harder than she thought, but it was for the better.

"I'm sorry, Rogue. But it can't go on. What's going to happen now is that you're going to stop talking to him and you're going to tell me how this happened. I especially want to know how on Earth you're controlling your powers enough to fuck him!"

"You can't do that!" yelled Rogue.

"I'm your mother, Rogue. I can and I will," said Mystique sternly, "Don't test me on this! I'll pull you out of school if I have to, but you will NOT associate with that boy now or..."

Suddenly, just as she was passing her sentence, the shape shifter was cut off by the sound of her phone. She was brimming with anger. She couldn't let this stand. But she also knew she couldn't keep her boss hanging.

"Hold on," she muttered angrily as she answered the phone, "What?! I'm in the middle of something!"

The tension in the air was thick. Rogue didn't know what to do. This was her mother. She couldn't just run away from her. She had such strong feelings for Scott, but her mother still had a great deal of authority over her life. There was no escaping that. But at the same time, her heart pulled her in another direction.

"Now?!" she spat into the phone to whoever it was on the other line, "I told you, of long?"

A look of great frustration fell over the shape shifter. She let out a harsh grunt of anger. Nothing was going right tonight. She wanted to finish this with her daughter, but she couldn't ignore orders.

"Fine!" grunted Mystique bitterly, "I'll get right on it."

Tossing her phone aside, she stared down her daughter with a cold gaze.

"I have another mission," she said angrily.

"So what else is new," muttered Rogue.

"This isn't over!" spat Mystique, "But...I'm willing to give you a chance to work through this. You just have to do one thing for me."

"Oh? And what might that be?" said Rogue, hugging her shoulders as tears streamed down her face.

"End this relationship with Cyclops and keep your distance," she said sternly, "If I come back and you've done as I've asked then we can forgive this whole thing. We'll still need to talk about your powers, but you have my absolute word that all will be forgiven if you just respect my wishes. Deal?"

Rogue cast her mother a bitter glare. It was bad enough she ran out on her constantly, but now she was trying to take away the one piece of happiness she had in her miserable life. And like it or not, Mystique was still her mother.

"Fahne," she said in a low tone.

"Good," said Mystique, finally calming down, "Make sure that it's done. Or so help me we'll leave this place and never come back. Is that clear?"

"Crystal," sighed Rogue.

With one final look of frustration, Mystique left Rogue to contemplate her situation. On one hand she had her family and on the other she had the love of her life. It was a difficult position, but one she couldn't escape.

Tears filled her eyes as she collapsed on her bed and curled up in a fetal position. She didn't want to leave Scott behind and she didn't want to lose her mother. It was all so complicated. Her life was coming apart. And now she had a major decision to make.

"Damn it!" she said with a hard sob, "What the hell do Ah do now?"


Up next: Rogue comes to a difficult decision.
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