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A change in the wind

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All i can say is it is about a girl who uses her pirate lifestyle to find what she is looking for.

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Abigail sat with her legs hanging over the edge of the side. Her long blue low cut dress rustled in the wind as the ship continued to make it's course to Tortuga. Her long brown curly hair was half pulled back and the wind was blowing it. Her icy blue eyes glimpsed deeply into the horizon. Her eyes read something of hope, as if by a miracle something would randomly come out of the horizon, something she longed for.

" The king and his men stole the queen from her bed and bound her in her Bones. The seas be ours and by the powers where we will we'll roam." Abigail sang softly. Her mother had sung that song to her since she was little.

" Is that all you can do is sit there and sing?" her twin sister Edda.

" At least I can and don't sound like a dying mule." Abigail retorted in a annoyed tone.

" Please all you do is waste your time sitting staring at nothing. You know you will never marry
good if you have your head in the clouds." she seethed. Anger began to rise in Abigail.

" Well at least I won't marry for money. I would rather be miserible and alone then marry for riches." Abigail hollered.

" I hope you end up a spinster." her sister said turning around and walking back to rooms.. " oh
and father is never coming back. You're just wasting your time."

With a heavy sigh she gave up looking and stood up. She took one last glimpse and walked back into her small room on the grand ship. Abigail locked the door to her room and walked over to the fine oak desk which sat in the corner. Pulling out the third compartment, she tightly grasped a necklace. The light gold chain glimmered in the dim light in her room. Attached to the bottom was a heart shaped pendent and a key. A key to which she didn't know what it opened. The key and heart always brought a smile to her face, even in times of distress. Suddenly a knock came from the other side of her door. She slammed the compartment shut and stomped
to the door. Unlocking the door, she tossed it open.

" May I help you Sakda?" she replied with a hint of annoyance. The man that stood before her was short and pudgy, and muscular. He had dark black hair and was balding at the top. He had piercing brown eyes that could penetrate the soul.

" My Lady, we have arrived in Tortuga. Your mother wishes you to join her on deck." he said in a deep evil voice.

" Yes sir..tell her I will be there momentarily." she recited quickly and slammed the door. Abigail
held her hands over her eyes and slide down the door. Tears weld up in her eyes.

" Come on Abby, it's nothing. . This is normal. Just your mother and no father to help. Calm
yourself Abby. Pull it together and get on with your life." she spoke to herself harshly. Standing up she wiped her eyes, and walked out to the deck.

The wind picked up and blew fiercely , and struck the faces of the crew and it's captain. Abigail
bowed her head and walked to her mother. A storm was coming in and they would have to stay in Tortuga until the storm had calmed a bit.

" You summoned me captain?" she answered in a sarcastic tone.

" Yes, I need you to stay aboard ship with Edda and William. Understand? We will bring supplies back. We can't stay." She said grabbing Abby's shoulder.

" I understand mother." she said. Her mother nodded and left. William the youngest of the three stood playing with the wooden sword he carried around and Edda was busy fixing her hair inside. Abigail grabbed the nearest sword and began to practice her fighting in the air.

Abby was a girl not of elegance or manners, but of fighting and pirate business. Her sister was the girly girl of their family. The only thing that went through her empty head was looks and money. William was said to be exactly like their father caring and protective, thought known of them would know because none of the children met their father. All they had were stories. Abby and William didn't mind the stories, but Edda did. For some reason she hated their father and lost hope he would never return.

" Will you two stop?" Edda said coming outside in a formal dress. " I am going into Tortuga be back in a few moments."

" Mom told us to stay put." Abby demanded grabbing her sisters arm.

" Well Mother isn't here, and besides we have to get off this God forsaken boat." she whined pulling her arm away and marching off into the unknown parts of Tortuga.

" she is in trouble." William said stepping beside Abby.

" I know. Come on little brother, let's go save her from herself." Abby said grabbing a pistol and
hiding it under her dress.

" right beside you." William said holding his wooden sword. " Abby, you do know Tortuga and it's streets right?"

" Yeah. Pretty well actually. So nothing we need to worry about." she said. " Except the occasional drunken man and strange old men, but we can handle it Will. I promise"
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