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anything for you babe

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Ryan is so cute. To bad Andrea cheated on him.

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Hey babe, Ryan said softly.
Hey, how did you sleep? Andrea asked turning over to face him.
Good, how about you? He asked kissing her shoulder.
Okay, She yawned. Do you have to work today?
No, he answered putting his hand on her hip. But Brendon wanted to go to the near by mall and I was thinking we might go with him.
Eck. She made a disgusted face before rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Why can't we do something alone?
Drea, he whined as she got up. Why don't you like him? He's my best friend you should.
Because he is a self centered bstard that thinks he can get what ever he wants. She replied angrily thinking about the night before while looking out the hotel window at a New York City street. And besides Spencer is your best friend. Spencer is awesome.
Yes, Spencer is quite awesome. Ryan said wrapping his thin arms around her thin waist and resting his head on her shoulder. But I can't see why to two of you can't get along.
I get along fine with him.
I'm talking about Brendon.
Oh, well then in that case, She said turning around to wrap her arms around his neck, I have no idea.
Well, could you try? He asked with his big brown eyes shining. For me?
Anything for you. She said pecking him on his lips.
Great. We should probably get ready. Do you want to take a shower first of should I? She smirked wildly.
Or we could take one together. She said seductively biting her lip.
Anything for you babe.
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