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A lot can happen in one night

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Title explains it...kinda.

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I checked my image in the mirror, I looked quite good. Skinny fit black jeans and a black T - shirt with a misfits logo on the front. I know Joyce likes the misfits aswell so...what is that I can smell?
I walked into the kitchen, there was some sort of pasta sauce in a pot, Frank was stirring it and MAN it smelt good!
"Frank was is that?" I asked walking over.
"Its meditaranean vegetable pasta you think Gee will like it?" He asked me. I nodded my head.
"Yeah - can I try some?" I asked, going to dip my finger in the sauce. Frank batted my hand away.
"No! Its for me and Gee!" He said, I scowled.
"Oh come on, I only want to try a little bit!" I begged, Frank looked thoughtful for a second before handing me a small spoon.
"Just a bit!" He warned stepping aside. I tried a bit of the sauce, wow!, it tasted nice!
"Mmmmm, did you make this?" I asked, going for some more, Frank stopped me.
"Yes I did now bugger off, you have to go pick up Joyce" He took the spoon off me and put it in the washing up bowl, I grabbed a mint imperial which I think was supposed to be Mikeys before walking to the door.
"SEE YOU!" I called, Mikey and Ray appeared behind me.
"WE'RE LEAVING NOW TOO!" Called Mikey and then the three of us left the bus.
"See ya Bob" Said Mikey as I made my way over to the other bus I waved at them before knocking on the door. Joyce opened it. She was wearing skinny fit black jeans aswell, and a pink studded belt and a black T - shirt with red stars in the corner.
"Hi Bob" She smiled, grabbing a jacket and stepping outside, I pulled her into a hug and kissed her lightly on the lips.
"Hey you" I smiled. Joyce grinned and held my hand as I lead the way to the resturaunt we were going to.

"Oh my god that is so sweet" Laughed Joyce, we were sharing a pizza and I had just told her about Franks little break down in the bus earlier. "Aaaww, I hope it all works out for them, they really are a cute couple" She said taking a sip of wine. I laughed.
"Yeah, but if I hadn't have helped him I think he probably would of eaten his hand without realising it" I said. Joyce giggled and we finished the pizza.
"I'm stuffed!" Said Joyce leaning back.
"Really? I'm Bob nice to meet you" I joked, she leaned forward and pretended to hit my arm.
"Dont be an ass!" She said. I laughed.
"I don't feel like dessert, do you?" I asked.
"Yeah" Said Joyce, she was smiling mischeviously, but I was being slightly slow on the uptake.
"Really I thought you were stuffed?" I said, slightly confused, Joyce rolled her eyes.
"Not that kind of dessert" She said.
"I don't get it" I know, Im a dumb ass aren't I? Joyce sighed and leaned forward, she kissed me deeply before pulling away.
"Get it now?" She askes, I smiled, yeah I got it.
"Yeah" I said. Joyce laughed.
"Finally!" She said. I payed the bill and we left.
"We can't go back to my bus though because I promised Frank that I'd stay away for as long as possible" I said. Joyce shrugged.
"Don't worry about it, everyone on my bus is out having a drink. We've got the place to ourselves" She said, I grinned. I like the sound of that!

I pushed Joyce forcefully onto her bunk and climbed on top of her, we were still fully clothed but not for long. I kissed her deeply as I un - dressed her. I've never felt this way about anyone before, and I knew it was love.
"I love you" I whispered in her ear before kissing her neck.
"I love you too" She replied. I couldn't have felt happier at that moment.

I lay holding Joyce's waist, she lay sleeping, curled into me. I played with her hair, and listened to her deep breathing. The moment was spoiled by the sound of the door to the bus opening and a lot of roudy girls walking in.
"DID YOU SEE THAT ONE GUY DANCING ON THAT TABLE!? HA HA HA! I BET JOYCE DIDNT HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS WE DI -" Carla stoppd when she saw me, only wearing my boxers, mine and Joyces clothes thrown all over the floor, Joyce curled up against my chest. Oh this looked bad.
The other girls stopped talking when they saw me, oh god oh god oh god, what do I do?! I nudged Joyce slightly and she opened her eyes, she saw Carla and they other girls, she gasped, covering herslef with the covers.
"We didn't realise we'de be interupting - sorry!" Said Carla. Joyce blushed and started pulling on her clothes, I followed suit. Once I was dressed I grabbed my hoodie and made my way to the door.
"Hey don't leave on our account!" Said Carla, but there was no way I was staying there now!
"Err...I'll call you Joyce" I said, Joyce nodded, still blushing and I left the bus.
I looked at my watch, it was half one, I had been out six hours, I guessed that was long enough for Frank and Gee to do whatever they were doing. I guessed Mikey and Ray would still be with Alicia, moving from one bar to the next, just talking more than drinking.
I entered the tour bus. Everywhere was dark and silent, the washing up bowl had dishes in it. I walked down the bus, wondering what I was going to find.
Frank and Gerard were asleep, once again curled into eachother, Frank lay facing Gee for once, resting his head in the crook of his neck, Gerard had his hand over Franks waist and they were both breathing deeply.
I was glad that they had the covers over the bottom hald of them, because it was a warm evening and they might have decided agaisnt it, but it was a good job they didn't because all of their clothes - including thier underwear was on the floor. I don't especially like the idea of seeing them naked!
I walked off to my own bunk just as the door to the bus opened and Ray and Mikey entered.
"Hey Bob. Wheres Frank and Gee?" Asked Mikey.
"Asleep" I said, Mikey and Ray walked down the bus to have a look. They walked back in fits of silent laughter.
"When did you get back?" Asked Mikey.
"About five minutes ago, they were already asleep" I said. Mikey was still laughing.
"Oh do I even need to ask what they were doing!?" He spluttered.
"I think we can imagine!" Said Ray, we all stood, laughing as we thought about it. It was quite funny, that they were asleep, un - aware that they were being laughed at. Aaah, I can't wait to speak to them in the morning!
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