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A betrayal forces the commandos to flee; Dennis shows off hid skills.

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Sorry this took so long in coming, guys. Here's Chapter 9.

Choi woke up. He looked around, realizing that his companion of last night, Marie, was nowhere to be seen.
He got out of bed, dressed quickly, and walked downstairs to the kitchen.
Danielle and Marriam were the only ones there.
"Where is everybody?" Choi asked drowsily.
"Sean and Dennis are still asleep. Well . . . Sean's still asleep. Dennis just might not want to come out of his room. And . . ." Marriam smiled, and then went on, "we thought Marie was with you."
Choi blushed.
"Well, yeah, but I can't find her though," Choi said.
"Ooh, you must have such a small penis you drove her away," Marriam said.
"Size doesn't matter, he probably just doesn't have any really satisfying moves," Danielle said. They laughed.
Choi made no reply, except for to keep on blushing.
"Calm down, Choi, I'm sure she just went out to do some shopping. Now come over here and eat your breakfast," Marriam said.
Choi did as he was told, and after finishing thirds looked up.
"Marriam?" he asked.
"Yes?" she replied.
"Why did you tell us to use fake names around Marie?" he asked.
"Well you see, Choi, I only moved to Tarron a short while ago. I only met Marie a few weeks ago, but she seemed like a good person to move in with. As you can see, she had lots of unneeded space" Marriam gestured to the building they were sitting in, and then continued, "However, I check out everyone I move in with. I've been using my intelligence network to find out if Marie is some kind of Imperial informant, or has some kind of mental issue I need to watch out for. I'm still waiting for an answer, so if it turns out she is an Imperial informant, she at least doesn't know who your traveling troupe of commandos is. Everyone knows who I am though, so there's no point in trying to conceal my identity.
"And now I feel like taking a nap. I get hangovers a lot more easily than Sean, and he drinks more. Bastard." And with that, Marriam walked upstairs.
Choi realized, with a sinking feeling, just what he had done.

That afternoon, it was decided that they would all buy horses for each of them and set off.
Marriam opted to stay home, and gave a warm goodbye to all of them.
So they walked to the stable, where they selected horses for themselves.
Sean selected a huge, muscular, black Clydesdale. Danielle chose a smaller black appaloosa. Dennis got a black Arabian. Choi opted for a white horse, which made him slightly conspicuous.
They had said their goodbyes, so they finished gathering their supplies and set off.
They were just at the point where Tarron was becoming a speck in the distance when they heard the shouts of a quickly incoming horse and its rider.
When the rider was close enough for her features to be made out, it was to the surprise of all present when they recognized Marriam.
"RIDE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" Marriam screamed.
Sean, Danielle, and Dennis obeyed without question, spurring their horses to tear across the plain.
"What is it?" Choi asked.
"A DRAGON!!!" Marriam screamed, and without further comment, followed the others on her snow-white horse.
Stunned, Choi could do nothing but follow.
As they rode, the distance in their positions gradually declined, and as they got closer to one another, speech was possible.
"One of my contacts informed me not long after you left that a Draconian Warrior was on the way. Apparently, Marie informed the Imperials," at this, she gave Choi a pointed look, "which means that someone spilled the beans. Don't worry, Choi, it's not your fault. If she hadn't seduced you, she would've captured you and tortured you for information. And in her profession, she's probably a master of both seduction and torture."
Suddenly, a horrible, inhuman roaring broke the relative silence of the plain. Sean glanced behind him to find a huge, gray dragon bearing down on his party.
"Dennis, it's yours! Choi, keep the Warrior pinned down with you arrows! Everyone else, keep going!"
Dennis and Choi slowed down, Choi keeping slightly ahead. Choi turned around in his seat and began firing at the Warrior.
Dennis took off his cloak, quickly tucking it under his saddle for safekeeping. He stood up and whirled, bare-chested, to face the beast. In a blur of movement and a flash of metal, a knife buried itself in the dragon's snout.
Instantly, Dennis morphed to wolf form and leapt at the dragon. However, instead of hitting the dragon's face and teeth, the pain in its snout caused the dragon to rear up.
Just like Dennis planned. He hit the underside of the dragon's neck, digging in with his claws.
He morphed again, and swung up onto the back of the dragon's neck. He quickly whirled and buried three knives in the Warrior's face and chest.
He turned again, bent down, and shoved a knife deep into the sensitive spot between the dragon's head and neck, under its crest. He then jumped as far and hard as he could, directly onto his Arabian's back.
And, suddenly, the dragon crashed into the ground.
It was over. The whole exchange, starting with Dennis slowing down and ending with the dragon's crash, had taken less than thirty seconds.
Choi and Dennis soon caught up with the others, and they all stopped to rest and feed the horses.
"Dennis, Choi, good job. Now Marriam, I think it would be a good idea to ask you if you'll accompany us on our mission. We could really use your assistance," Sean said.
"You know, I think I will. Seeing as Marie's turned out to be an Imperial, I don't know if I'll be welcome at her house anymore. I'd really like to get back at her, though. I didn't leave anything of importance back there anyway. I've got my hammer and Iceheart here; I'm ready to roll. Where to?" Marriam replied.
"I think we'll head to Berbin. It's about thirty miles away, but it shouldn't take too long to get there. Are all of you ready?" Sean asked.
They nodded, and rode to their next destination. They were on their way.

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