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going home

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camryn's tired of being she does something about it.

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the doctor said that me and the babies could go home the next day. danny and kk came up to my room to help me pack while ryan signed us out. "can you believe it? you're a mom" danny said smiling. "i know. it feels weird not feeling them kicking my stomach" i said laughing. "well, you're next danny" kk said. "yeah 5 more months" danny said holding her stomach. "we're ready to go when you girls get packed" ryan said sticking his head in the door. "oh, we've been ready. we were just waiting on you slow poke" i said picking up rylee. ryan got dean and we walked out of the hospital, starting our lives with our new babies.

things were going to be difficult the next few weeks. we had to get used to having babies on the bus. babies that wake up in the middle of the night because they're hungry. well, i guess we're kinda used to it with brendon and all.. haha. the first 2 weeks were probably the worst. i think rylee and dean finally fell into our routine. they would sleep during the night and wake up in the mornings ready for food. they were good babies. since we were on tour the girls had to help me with the twins because ryan was always at soundcheck or performing. and afterwards he would sign autorgaphs, take a shower, and pretty much go to sleep. i know he's busy and it's his job but it makes me mad/sad sometime that he won't take a few minutes just to hold or talk to them. i mean, they're his kids too. i was sitting on the bus with pete. he was playing with the twins while i was fixing something to eat. ryan came onto the bus and walked straight to his bunk. he came back by carrying his notebook. "aren't you even gonna say hi to your kids" i asked getting mad. "i see them camryn. i have to get back to the guys. we're going over music for the new lyrics" he said. "can't you take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to spend with them. last time i checked, they were your kids too" i said staring to yell. "i do spend time with them" he said yelling back. "they've been home almost 2 months and you've barely spent any time with them. i don't care that you ignore me, but they're your kids and i will not let you ignore them" i said yelling loudly. "i promise. me, you, and them will spend some time together tonight. i just have to get this to the guys" he said walking off. i'd had it. i ran off the bus behind him and threw the bowl in my hands at him. it barely missed him, shattering on the ground in front of him. "what the hell is your problem" he said turning around. brendon, spencer, jon, and the girls came out of the building to see what was wrong. "YOU!" i yelled. "i know this is your job and it's something you have to do, but i can't keep coming in second place to your music. not rylee or dean either" i said, realizing everyone was watching us. "what's that supposed to mean" ryan asked walking towards me. "it means, i need a break. i'm going home and i'm taking the twins with me" i said, tears falling from my eyes. i ran from ryan and onto the bus.

(ryan pov)

i can't believe this. she's leaving..and taking rylee and dean. how did everything go from being perfect to horrible in 5 minutes. "hey ry, maybe you should go talk to camryn. the music can wait" brendon said putting his hand on my shoulder. i walked on the bus. pete was staring at me. "i know, i know. i'm going to fix it" i said. he took rylee and dean to see the others. i walked to the back and took a deep breath. i knocked on the door and heard camryn yell GO AWAY. i grabbed the knob and it ws surprisingly unlocked. i walked in and saw her packing her stuff. "come on cam. lets just talk this out" i said reaching out for her. "don't touch me" she said slowly. i backed off. "i can't do this anymore ryan. you're always too busy for your family" she said. i knew she was about to cry because her voice was cracking. "come on camryn. we have a break in 2 months. then we can spend all the time we want together" i said hoping she'd give in. "2 months is too long. i'm sorry but i can't give in. not this time" she finished packing her stuff, then started with the twins. "they're my kids too and i'm not going to let you take them" i said crossing my arms. "oh you finally admit they're yours" she said, sarcasm dripping from her voice. "you can't just ignore us ryan. then when things start to get bad, pretend it's ok and everything will be better if we work it out" she said. "i'm sorry camryn. what can i do to make you see i truly am sorry" i asked. "nothing. just give me some space" and she walked off the bus. i saw her hug danny and kk. i know they were trying to convince her to stay but she shook her head no. then i saw her hug the rest of the guys. tears were starting to fall from her eyes. then she got rylee from kk's arms and she put her in the backseat with dean. pete asked her a question and she shook her head yes. they got in the car and started to pull off. without thinking, i ran off the bus. everyone looked at me like i was stupid. i was. i had let the only person i truly loved walk out of my life just as easily as she had walked in. "where's the other set of keys" i asked. "right here" brendon said holding them in his hands. "lets go" i said dragging him to the car. he got in the passenger seat while i drove. i'm pretty sure i broke almost all the driving laws but i didn't care. i all could think about was getting to camryn in time. we pulled up to the front of the airport and i jumped out. i heard brendon yell something about parking the car. i ran to the gates and saw pete looking out the window. "where are they" i asked, gasping for breath. "they're gone ryan. you really blew it this time" pete said. i couldn't take it. i fell to the floor crying. brendon came up to us and pete told him. brendon put his hand on my shoulder. i couldn't believe they were really gone. "ryan" i looked up to see...

sorry this took sooo long to update. school got out last week and i was busy with finals. and i leave for hawaii tomorrow so i've been packing for that. i won't be back until next saturday so leave some reviews for me to come back to :))
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