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Wet Clothes and Sidewalk Benches

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Samantha struggles through life with problems in her family. Will one night change everything?

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Well I decided to start a new story. It took me awhile to think through this whole chapter and stuff, but more coming soon. If you've been reading my previous stories I have been working on new chapters but I've been really busy ever since school started. But keep reading and please review!


I woke to the sound of my cell phone ringing and looked at the clock. 12:05am. Who would be calling me this late? I picked up.


"Umm...Hey Ryan, it's Jen."

"Hey, is everything alright? Your calling pretty late..."


Then for the next 10 minutes I listened to her give excuses about why she wanted to break up with me, even though I new the real reason. I walked out the door of my apartment and downstairs to go outside. I didn't want to wake anyone up from yelling at the girl who I thought loved me. I argued with her for awhile, trying to keep myself from saying something I would regret. I walked outside under the overhang.

"Jen please...I just-"

She hung up.

I sat down on the bench and dug my face into my hands. How could I be so stupid? She had been cheating on me all along. I guess it was a thought in the back of my mind, ever since I saw her with that guy at the club. She had told me it was a cousin of hers, and I believed her. Even though I figured she was cheating on me, I didn't let myself believe it.

Life right now is just crap. I moved out about a month ago from living with my dad. I loved him dearly but his drinking problem was just getting worse. I tried telling him he needed to get help, but he refused to listen. So I left. And as for my band, why yes I am in a band,...we haven't been getting anywhere. We've posted some stuff on the internet, but still haven't had any feedback. So yeah, things just aren't going well....

A couple minutes passed as I sat on the bench, just drowning in my thoughts, then I heard someone sniff, as if they were crying. I looked up and there was a girl sitting at the other end of the bench. Her dark brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, soaking wet. Her clothes were also soaked, and it seemed as if she was walking around in the rain all night. It was hard to tell if she was crying or not, for one since she was already wet, and two her hair somewhat was blocking her face. I kept watching her as she tucked her hair behind her ear. It revealed her deep eyes and perfect face. I couldn't help but keep staring. Should I say something?


I, Samantha Johnson, had finally admitted defeat. I looked down at my soaking wet shoes as I sat in the rain. It was late, maybe midnight...who knows. I sat for awhile, just trying to make all my thoughts go away.

I can't go back, not after all this time. I decided I should find somewhere dry, so I stood up and grabbed my backpack off the bench. My mind raced with thoughts of my past. What do I do now? I walked down the sidewalk and coming up was a club. I could hear the music blasting from inside. Vegas wasn't always my favorite place to live, it can be so loud sometimes.... I kept walking past the club and came up to a building with an overhang. I sat down on the bench underneath to stay dry. A couple minutes had passed and a guy came out, talking on his cell phone.

"Jen please...I just-" he said. Then he looked down at his cell phone in despair and closed it. He sat down at the end of the bench, not noticing I was there.

My eye's started to fill up with tears as I was thinking about my life now. There's no where to go, and home was the last place I wanted to think about. Tears were streaming down my face and I sniffed, trying to keep myself from sobbing.

"Hey, are you alright?" the guy asked. I guess he finally noticed me.

I looked up to answer him and was immediately struck by his beautiful brown eyes. His hair all seemed to fall into the right place, and his face just seemed perfect. He looked to be around 18 or 19. Then I realized I had been staring and quickly looked away. "Umm, yeah I'm fine."

"You don't seem fine...rough night?" he asked

"I guess you could say that...Getting kicked out of your house is pretty rough."

"Umm, wow I'm really sorry."

"It's didn't know."

We sat there in silence for a couple minutes, not knowing what to say.

"So, what about you....It didn't seem like you had a very nice phone conversation." I said to him.

"Basically my girlfriend has been cheating on me and decides to call me at midnight to break up with me."

"You knew before that she was cheating on you?"

"Well I guess in the back of my mind I knew that she was, but I never brought myself to believe it. I was just so desperate for someone to talk to and be with that I was blind to what was right in front of me."

I didn't really know how to answer him, so I just kind of stared at the ground.

"I'm sorry, this all probably sounds so dumb." he said

"No, it's fine...we all have our problems in life. Wanting someone to talk to about them is alright."

"Hey do you want to go some place dry? I could buy you a coffee or something...."

I thought about it for a minute. This guy is a complete stranger but what did I have to lose? Oh right...nothing.

"Ok, sure..." The rain had stopped, so we walked about two blocks down to a small coffeehouse . It was small and cozy, and it seemed to be a great place to sit and think. My hair was almost dry and was getting curly from being wet...I normally straightened it.

When we walked into the coffeehouse he had asked me what I wanted, and I told him whatever was fine. So I sat down at a two person table by the window. About a minute later he came over holding two cups of coffee that smelled like something of french vanilla. We both began sipping our drinks and started talking.

"Ya know, I never caught your name." the guy said to me.

"I'm Samantha...and you?"

"Ryan Ross"

We sat for a minute, just drinking our coffee. /what am I doing here/......I let out a long sigh. Then Ryan looked up at me with deep questioning eyes.

" you want to talk about it?" he asked me.

I looked away and stared down at my coffee cup. Looking into his eyes was almost impossible. They were so perfect and I felt so...I don't know...unworthy.

"'s kind of a long story." I said. He just kept looking at me, wanting me to keep going, so I did. "My parents got divorced a long time ago, and I was living with my mom. But I hated it. She didn't take care of me, and was always worrying about herself. So I ran away about two years ago to live with my dad. But, of course, that wasn't much better."

I stopped to catch a breath and sighed, "I don't even know why I'm telling you this...."

"No, keep going."

"So I just decided to stay with my dad, he at least was easier to put up with....and it's been two years now and I'm eighteen. So being the inconsiderate jerk that he is, he kicked me out and told me that I'm an adult now and I need to be doing things for myself. Basically that's another way of saying 'I'm sick of you here, get out'.... and that was my night. Great story huh?"

"Wow that's...." he started, "I'm really sorry."

Awkward silence.

"Have you ever thought of going back to your mom?" he asked me

"Well...yeah, but it seems pointless. If she didn't want me in the first place, why should I go back?"

"I'm sure she misses you."

"I doubt it. But, now I don't know what to do, where to go, or how I'm ever going to get bye without parents supporting me." I told him.

"Well I can relate..."

"Really? how?" I asked

"Well my mom died in a car accident when I was very young, and my dad...well he's an alcoholic, and has been for awhile. His condition kept getting worse and worse, and I tried to tell him that he needed help, but he didn't listen. It finally got to the point where it was just starting to ruin my life too, so I moved out not too long ago."

"I'm really sorry..."

"Yeah, it's ok though, it's been rough but I think I can handle it. At least for now."

We kept talking for awhile. It made me feel so good to talk to someone that I can really relate to. We ended up just pouring out our feelings to each other about our families, life, and stuff like that. I barely even know this guy, but I feel like I've known him for a lifetime. Talking to him was so easy, and he always had the right words to say.

"Wow, it's 2am." He said, looking at his watch. "Sorry, but I should go. I have to work tomorrow morning."

"It's ok, it's been nice talking to you though."

"You too," he said while getting up to leave.

"Oh and here," he handed me some money, "use this for a cab to go home to your mom, I think you should give it a chance."

And then he was gone. I stared down at the money thinking, should I really go home to her?
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