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Knowing what's wrong

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Knowing what's wrong

Chapter 16

Gerard sat back on the comfortable bed of the hotel's suite, leaning on the thousands of insanely white cushions that lay on top of the fluffy pillows, his wet hair contrasting beautifully against them. He sighed and continued to flip through the channels, thing he had been doing for the past twenty minutes with no success whatsoever.
The O.C which featured an alive and preppy Marissa Cooper and Ryan, the badass from Chino, with his mean choker punching a random guy.
Friends that cheesy chapter in which Ross is trying to stop Emily from leaving and goes to the wrong airport at first and then almost getting killed by Phoebe's maniac driving skills.
A Mexican telenovela showing Esperanza, the maid, crying over Alejandro, her boss' handsome boy which happened to be married with Esperanza's sister that was separated from her side at birth, who had called her poor and witless.
Ugly Betty on its low imitation of the first and way better Colombian telenovela called "Betty la Fea".
The news with a dozen of guys in uniforms carrying guns and rifles, and half a dozen civilians with knifes, pots, and spoons on hand; both sides with mean and scared faces, blood splattered everywhere.
A bunch of phoney governors giving speeches in tall podiums circled by an audience made up of (yeah, you guessed it!) another dozen of phoney governors and media.
An old interview of Alice that showed her pretty fucked up, answering random questions truthfully and playing with her black and red hair without taking her wonderfully groomed eyes from the camera and smiling candidly.
A pair of brunette girls with bleached hair soaking wet, caressing each other's faces passionately as they kissed, rubbing their thighs against the other's body...the drops of water brightly shining on their almost naked bodies...
Wait, that was Alice?
He returned to the previous channel as Alice's face disappeared and the title of the show appeared amongst thousands of small videos of people talking,
"The E! True Hollywood Story:
Gerard turned the tv off compulsively. He sighed deeply and turned it on once again, finger trembling on the on/off button on the remote that was tightly clutched on his hand.
" The updated version"
The show started and he stared at it, absorbed as he watched Alice's life pass through his eyes...things he didn't even know that happened to her. He watched every one of her successes and failures, her face change from the adorably cute baby she was to the lovely face he had caressed and now loved.
Then her death came up and he was about to shut it off. But something caught his attention.
They talked about a possible baby. Some of the people that worked on the rehab centre in which she was submitted had done statements saying how her belly started to protrude and that after some months there were doctors with her at most times.
Gerard's jaw dropped beastly and so did his remote. It fell from his now sweaty hands and landed on the carpeted floor of the hotel room creating not much more noise than a dime would if it fell on the same carpeted floor. The lid that covered the batteries fell open and one of them misadjusted from its functioning position.
Something very similar was happening to Gerard's heart at the moment.
If it had ever been properly functioning then it did no longer, for something had shattered inside.
Could that baby be his?
Even if it wasn't, what had Alice done with it?
Why would Alice take her life away after having this baby?
Was the kid alive?
Was the kid dead?
What used to be Gerard's heart seemed to skip a beat as he pondered over the news he had just gotten. He needed to bent over and reach for the phone. Call Bert, Ben, Kamz whoever. He needed to do /something/.
Who else knew about this?
Did his band mates know?
He needed to move, to start learning things to try to make things better.
But he couldn't. He couldn't move.
Hell, he could hardly breathe.
He tried to steady himself, thinking what the proper thing to do at the moment was.
He swallowed hard, he could feel his spit moistening his throat and falling downwards to the dark and damaged profundities of his battered body.
Come on, asshole, you can do this. You could stop drugs you can stop this He told himself and regained a bit of composure.
Who did he have to talk to first?
He dialled a number he hadn't dialled in a long time, Alice's house. The number ringed and ringed. Gerard waited patiently and no one answered. He sighed heavily, desperation creeping over. He was expecting no one to answer, he just didn't know where else to call.
He dialled Alice's cell phone. There was a short pause and then someone answered,
"Hello? Gerard?" A girl's voice said, rather surprised.
"Ummm...who is this?" Gerard asked in amazement.
"This is Lucy. Wait a minute are you like Gerard Way?"
" did you know it was me? Why are you picking Alice's phone?"
"'Cause the screen read Gerard and I knew my sister used you. I'm her sister." Said the kid, voice a little high-pitched, "This is my phone now. Daddy gave it to me"
Gerard shrugged. He didn't recall Alice having a sister. He should've figured if someone did answer it would've been someone from her family.
"Ummm...Lucy, was it? Do you happen to have Ben's number?" Gerard asked hopefully.
"Oh, yeah! I loooovveee Ben. Wait a sec." Gerard could listen to the kid tapping some keys on the cell phone, most likely looking for the number through her dead sister's contacts. She paused for a second,
"Here it is! The number's..." she said in her squeaky voice, obviously happy of being of aid someway.
"Thank you very much, Lucy. You've been a great help. Goodbye now" Gerard said, in what he hoped was a thankful and nice tone and waited for the kid to say goodbye before hanging up.
He stood up and drank a whole bottle of water with an aspirin before taking the phone once more and dialling Ben's number.
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