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Breakfast Jealousy

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Ryan, how the hell do you put up with her all day? Brendon asked his best friend who had just sat down for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
She isn't that bad Bren. Ryan responded. He hated it when people talked bad about Andrea or any of his friends.
Of course you think so you're the one screwing her.
Brendon, shut up. Ryan said irritated.
Why is everyone telling me to shut up? Brendon mumbled to himself.
Who told you to shut up? Spencer asked sitting down next to Brendon.
Your mom cause she couldn't stop me from screaming. Brendon joked. Spencer rolled his eyes and started eating his toast.
Whose mom? Andrea asked from behind Ryan. She held an apple in one hand and a glass of apple juice in another (mmm, apple juice).
Yours. Brendon said tilting his head and making a weird face at her.
Yeah? Well your uncle's, grandfather's, cousin's roommate. Betcha didn't see that comin' She smiled sitting down on Ryan's lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her farther into him with a smile on his face. This made Brendon sick. Spencer and Ryan laughed at her remark but Brendon just glared.
Who eats an apple and drinks apple juice at the same time? Spencer asked.
What's wrong with that? She asked looking at her juice.
It's just too much apply-ness! He exclaimed.
I don't think it's weird. Ryan said taking a bite out of Andrea's apple when her attention was on Spencer.
Hey! She yelled smacking him lightly on the head.
Mmmm, good. he said eating the small piece. She glared at him. He leaded in and kissed her softly on the lips. Mmmm, better.
Excuse me, Brendon said with a disgusted look on his face, I need to go vomit my breakfast. And maybe find Jon. He stood up shaking his head and shivering in disgust. He left the restaurant soon followed by Andrea after she made an excuse about needing to go to the bathroom. Brendon noticed her behind him and quickly turned around pulling her into the nearest room.
What the hell?! She exclaimed as her back was pressed up against the wall. Brendon's lips were on her's in an instant. He was angry and she could tell.
What the hell is your problem?! He yelled at her. Do you like playing with people? Do you like playing this game? 'Cause baby it's getting old. His lips were back on hers and his hands roaming her body.
What's wrong Brendon jealous? She asked pushing his head from hers.
Jealous? Of Ryan? He smirked laughing lightly. Why would I be? I'm not the one whose girlfriend is cheating on him.
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