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Scott and Jemma set out on Their First Sort-Of Date With Disastrous Results

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"Is it flat?" "What do you think?" "Jeez, I think you need some happy pills." "Sorry, but it is the second time its happened this month." "And do you have a spare?" "This is the spare." "Oh....

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Chapter thirteen

Disastrous Quiet. Just quiet. Nothing was to be heard. No one said anything for what seemed like hours. A horrible silence. Was it because we were in a totally new atmosphere together? Actually when I thought about it, it did seem that whenever were together, there was some type of solid between us. A desk. A counter. A lunch table. Always something. However, the silence didn't last too long. It was broken by the sound of air or gas escaping something that was holding it under a lot of pressure. And I know what you're thinking, but no, Scott did not just, erm, experience flatulence. Neither did I for that matter.
No, instead it was something MUCH WORSE. The back right tire had made the whooshing sound. I hadn't realized what happened until I heard Scott swear under his breath.
"Is it flat?"
"What do you think?"
"Jeez, I think you need some happy pills."
"Sorry, but it is the second time its happened this month."
"And do you have a spare?"
"This is the spare."
"Oh." Crap. This could NOT be happening. Not on our first sort-of date!
"What the heck are we gonna do?" I asked to no one in particular.
"Why don't we get to the other side of the road before we are pummeled by this semi," he retorted. Sure enough there was a Pepsi semi coming just our way. My breath caught nervously, but Scott got us out of the way in the nick of time. As if his car was tired out and hadn't liked it when Scott drove out of the way, it sputtered and whined, until it completely died out.
"Double shit," Scott was in shock I guess.
"Yah, I'm guessin that wasn't supposed to happen."
"You guessed correctly!"
"Well then, what do we do now?"
"Hmmm..." Scott pondered, "Do you have your phone?" He was talking strangely calm for what had happened. I know that if my car had a flat tire and died on me all in a matter of minutes, I would have been angry! However, I soon found out that Scott simply deals with anger very differently.
I gave him my phone.
He flipped it open and dialed a number, which I soon found out was for an auto body shop.
"Hey is this Randy?" he asked, anger rising in his voice. "We'll could I please talk to Randy? Thank you." He was giving prhases a strong emphasis, like he was talking to a toddler. Next I heard a large amount of shuffling and whoever Scott was talking to was having a great deal of trouble finding this Randy guy. Finally I heard the voice of a guy who sounded kind of young.
"Hi Randy! How are you today? Had a lot of dead cars, flat tires today?" Scott's voice was falsely cheerful.
"Uh no, not since you came in last week..." Randy sounded confused.
"Well then, do you remember what you told me last week?"
"Umm--," Randy sounded uncertain.
"You told me that my car was virtually and I quote "undie-able" meaning it could not die or would not die for A LONG time. Now do I just have the meaning of ' a long time' wrong or did you mean that my car wouldn't die for at least a week?" Scott was much angrier now, but what Randy said next nearly made him explode.
"Wait, slow down tiger, did your car die again?"
"God, cool it dude, no need to get so pissed!"
Scott had passed pissed by now.
"YOU ASSHOLE! I AM MUCHO PISSED WITH YOU! Listen, buddy. I have got a really pretty girl in the car right now who is so passed pissed that she will do whatever it takes to find you and hunt you down if you don't come and fix this car RIGHT NOW!" I was beet red, had he even realized what he had said?
"Jesus, I'm on my way," I think Randy was kind off pissed now, too.
Scott hung up and handed me my phone, taking deep breaths, as if his rant had winded him.
"Thank you, "he told me. He sounded completely back to normal now.
"Uhh, I take it we probably won't be seeing the Fray tonight, will we?"
"It doesn't look like it," Scott said very awkwardly, he seemed really sorry about it, too. "My car..."
"It's okay, it could happen to anyone," I was upset though, I really wanted to see the Fray. "Actually, we should really feel sorry for Randy. How does he know where we are,anyway?"
"He always knows," Scott said, "He's my brother."

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