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Chapter 3

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15 year old Julia confidently accepts Jareth's challenge to complete his Labyrinth in search of her brothers. She suprisingly finishes his Labyrinth and is soon brought face to face with the king h...

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The air grew thicker with each passing moment, tension rising by the second. I studied Jareth from my place against the dirty wall, glareing, trying my best to be at least some what intimidating.
"Drop the act." He sighed, tired from the days recent events.
"Its not in your nature."
The things this guy knew, it was all rather shocking, overwhelming more or less, he saw right threw me.
Too tired to argue and too frightened to question I just sat there, occasionally glancing at my captor, whose mind also seemed to be else where.
The goblins blare quickly died down, they too noticed the sudden absent-minded change in their prolonged guide.
Light from the setting sun piered through the giant cut out window, brightening his broad visage, his hand placed slightly below his chin.
"I'm dying to know."
he spoke slowly, almost as if he was afraid to ask his own question.
"How is it a girl like you was able to complete my Labyrinth completly unharmed?"
His eyes remained on the slowly setting sun as it made it way behind the mounds of trash outside the city gates.
How was I suppose to answer such an uncanny question? A question even I didn't know the answer to.
"Hm, perhaps."
His face held a certain look of doubt.
"I'm not stupid Julia, You knew how it worked didn't you?"
I stared in confusion, this guy wasn't making any sence!
"Didn't you!"
His Labyrinth was his pride and joy, the very thought of someone finishing it made him very nervous.
He began to pace the room, his anxiety level slowly rising.
"I don't understand how a mere mortal, a teenager non-the-less, could ever complete my Labyrinth."
"Is it that hard for you to admit that I might actually be smart?"
Stopping, he turned to me, his signature smirk plastered on his face.
"Did you not hear me? Your only 15."
"Your brain hasn't even begun to develope yet."
Satisfied with his fierce remark he continued his pacing whilst I sat in angst, mortified by the very insult.
His irritating pacing continued for several more minutes in agonizing silence,his very own minions were silent, afraid of what their master might do if they disturbed his train of thought.
The rapping of his heels against the stone floor came to a sudden stop, his facial expression changed from furious to calm and collected. He took a moment to gather himself before beginning.
"I have an idea."

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