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The next morning Bergitte woke up and stretched. She got out of her ginormous bed and slipped into the shower. Today was a sunny day, so she decided to walk through the town, maybe grab a cup of coffee. She got dressed in her 'everyday clothes' which consisted of a suit. Bergitte walked down the streets smiling at all the Danes who wished her good morning. She walked into the coffee shop and must have been extremley silent because the guy infront of her and spilt coffee on her. Everyone in the coffee shop gasped. Bergitte saw that the guy had earphones in, iPod. She started laughing,
"It's alright no harm done" she said and the rest of the people started laughing. She looked at the guy, it was Gerard. "Why am I not surprised?" she said giggling.

"I'm SO sorry!" he said horrified

"Don't worry about it" she said

"No really-" she put a finger to his lips

"It's alright don't worry about it" Gerard loved her accent

"Is there anyway I can repay you?" he asked,

"Well actuall there is. Would you join me for a walk? I could use the company" she said, she got her coffee and they started walking. "God I hate this. Being followed by security. If I get assasinated then my little brother can take over. Honestly I think they should be keeping an eye on him"

"I see no security" said Gerard, looking around

"Look in the music store" she said, he looked and saw two guys watching her like a hawk. They were in all black, sunglasses, and had earpieces.

"So you go around with a bunch of security following"

"Yes. Yesterday was bliss. There was no security" she said happily.

"So what is it like being you?" Gerard asked,

"What's it like being me? Pretty much like being like you. You love all your fans, I love all the people. But it's not all great. Security following you, knowing that you've got a huge task ahead of you, worrying about your appearance"

"Ahh what about when it comes to relationships?"

"Well I have a feeling they'll have to resort to an arranged marriage, I've never been good with men"

"So besides being divine what else are you good at?" he asked

"Well I'm not divine, and I can play the piano, I am an excellant cook, wonderful writer and I am very artistic"

"What are your hobbies?"

"Why do I suddenly feel like this is an interview?"

"Just answer the questions your majesty"

"Writing, anything with art and literature actually, cleaning-"


"Yes. I don't know why I just find it enjoyable. People don't get that I would be able to survive without all the perks. Most people think I'm a spoiled brat who doesn't give a damn about anything" Gerard shifted, "Oh my goodness you thought I was one of those people!"

"What? Nooooo" he said

"Don't lie to me!" she said giggling,

"Alright, alright I thought you were one of royals who got everything and she still wasn't happy and was a total bitch to everyone"

"I assure you that's not me"

"I freaking love your accent" he said

"That was completely random, but I thank you"

"It's different it's like American mixed with danish it sounds beautiful"

"Well I never heard it put that way before" she said

"It is you sound American but it's mixed with Danish"

"That might be because from the time I was three I was always in America with my aunt who moved there"

"Okay how old are you?"

"23" she replied

"Oh wow, you look a lot younger"

"Wow, most people say I look older"

"No, you're so-" he started touching her cheek until,

"Yo Gee!" Frank yelled, Gerard was about shout curse words at him.

"Well I must be off, wonderful chat, see you later" she said quickly walking off.

"Who was she?" Frank asked.

"The girl I'm falling in love with" said Gerard,

"Do I know her?"

"Frank she's a dane. Would you know her?"

"You never know"

"No you don't know her"

"Okay I want to meet her then" said Frank happily


"Yeah it's not everyday my boy starts falling in love" said Frank ruffling Gerard's hair, boy Frank really was slow. Did he not get a good glimpse of her?

"Uh huh so are we staying or leaving?"

"I'm telling them we're staying. I have to meet her!" said Frank running off. Thank goodness for Frank's nosieness.

A/N: I need girlfriends for Ray, Mikey Anyone interested?

Thats all I need
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