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Chapter 18: Life Can't Always Be Like This

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Very important. Kim... you're gonna hate me for what's gonna go down in this one! :*( for the ending.

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Chapter 18: Life Can't Always Be Like This

Okay, this is my last chapter for the summer, and probably the last one in a long time. Sorry guys, I am going to need a lot time to try and NOT fail my freshman year.

So this will probably be my good-bye... for now.

No, this is not the last chapter; I am just going to take a break from writing.

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"Ten bucks says Isaab will come out of there drunk enough to pass out"

Whoever said that won ten bucks. Isaab walked, no, skipped toward back to the table VERY drunk looking and was dragging a half-asleep Alyssa.
"Heeyy... umm... Petey" she lazily saluted at him, half-laughing. She turned to Ryan. "RY-RY! I didn't see you there, buddy. Oh wait... we're day-ting, right? Or did I just dream that?" she said, slurring.
Ryan stood up, to help her sit down. "Yeah... we are, Izzington." He said at the mention of the nickname she was known to not call him.
He looked at Pete, whispering: "Dude, is short term memory loss one of the side effects of alcohol?"
Pete shrugged. "I guess it is for her. It's her first time, right?"
Ryan cocked an eyebrow. "Well, I am not sure. You're her best friend, shouldn't you know?" he said with emphasis.
Pete sighed. "Can we not talk about this now?"
"Okay, but you understand that I know what's going on. I am not an idiot, and I hope you know that and not see me in that way." Ryan responded sternly.
Pete nodded like he knew. "Yeah, I understand."
There was a sound of someone clearing his throat. The three looked behind them. It was Brendon, looking a little drunk. "Has anyone noticed at all that Alyssa has... umm..." he pointed at the ground.
Isaab started laughing. "Lyssie's sleeping on the floor!" she pointed at her best friend's lifeless body.
"Oh God..." Brendon muttered under his breath at the smell of alcohol in Alyssa's breath as they tried to steady Alyssa's now standing body.
"Brendon...?" Alyssa asked as she slowly woken up. "Oww..." she rubbed her head.
"Alyssa's awake!" Isaab stated the obvious.
"Whoa... I think it's time to leave." Joe said as he joined the group with Andy on his side.
Andy looked at his watch. "Yeah, it's getting pretty late. 1:14. We should get back to the hotel."
There were yes's said and nods in agreement. Alyssa had passed out again on Brendon's body. He sighed and asked help from Andy to get Alyssa on his back. Andy offered to help him by carrying her instead, but was denied. He settled with helping Patrick instead. Ryan had steadied Isaab beside him; Isaab's arm on his shoulders and his same. Joe offered to help, and was denied also. He decided to help Andy with Patrick. They found Jon and Spencer talking up two drunk-looking girls. Pete wanted so much as to carry Isaab's legs, but couldn't. Since he was not that drunk and everyone else was all helped out, he was able to walk out of the club without any trouble.
Everyone got into their cars and Ryan and Joe drove them out of there and to the hospitality of their hotel. Heads turned as they came in drunk and carrying each other. They tried to ignore everyone and succeeded.
They took the elevator to their floor, obviously. Pete had walked himself to his room, mentally greeting everybody good-night, then mentally kicking himself for greeting them mentally only.
Ryan realized that he was strong enough to carry Isaab and so he did, carrying her bride-style. Of course, this almost crushed his arms, but he was too proud of himself to care. He carried her to his room, which Brendon had exchanged with Jon for. He landed her gently on his bed. Why his room and not her and Alyssa's, which was nearer from the elevator? He saw Brendon carry Alyssa to their room, and didn't want to disturb them. He went to his suitcase which was still filled with clothes and pulled out a shirt and a pair of boxers.
"Is... wake up... can you put on these clothes?" Ryan said, trying to wake up Isaab; holding the clothes.
"Hmm?" Isaab said putting her hand on her head. "Ry, my head hurts" she complained.
Ryan chuckled. "It's going to hurt even more in the morning." He said stroking her hair. "You want me to help you dress up?" he saw the look on her face. "I won't look, I swear."
Isaab shook her head. "No, uh, can you just help me go to the bathroom?" Ryan nodded and scooped her in his arms and gently got her to her feet. He put his arm on her shoulders and slid hers on his shoulders.
"You okay?" he murmured. Isaab nodded and he helped her walk to the bathroom. He handed the clothes to her. "I'll be right here, so if you need anything, just yell. Okay?"
Isaab nodded. "Thanks, Ry." She closed the door
... And started headfirst to the toilet and barfed.

The next day...

Isaab eyes seemed to have split open when she woke up, so early in the morning to be waking up after partying. An unfamiliar sensation of something boiling and banging against her skull came.
"Oww..." she murmured.
"Oww's right." She turned her body (with stupendous effort) to the other side and came face to face with Ryan.
"Hey Ry. Good morning." She smiled nervously and winced because of the pain that did to her hung-over. "Ryan, why the fuck is my head throbbing so fucking much?" she said half-joking. Ryan chuckled.
"That's an understandable reason." He said
"For what?"
"Why you vomited 6 times last night." She winced at this.
"Where?" she asked.
"Bathroom, and thank God." He said chuckling.
Isaab groaned. "I got to get up and brush my teeth." Ryan nodded and she tried to stand up, failing and falling back to the bed.
"I'll help." He said standing up. He pulled her to her feet. "Can you walk?"
She nodded. "I just can't stand up from lying down. Thanks, you can let go now." He did curiously and crawled back to bed
She grabbed her purse that was on the bedside table and turned around to notice something-some/one/ was missing. "Ryan, where's Brendon?"
Ryan turned around and saw the empty and fixed bed. "I don't know. I was waiting for him to come back, but I guess I fell asleep."
"Where'd you sleep?" she asked, knowing already where, seeing as she woke up next to him.
"Beside you, duh." He said not seeing logic. Isaab grabbed a pillow and swatted him with it.
"Wrong answer. You slept on Brendon's bed, got it?"
Ryan did not get it. "No, I slept on my bed, beside you."
Isaab sighed. "Yeah, uh, don't tell my brother that. Tell him you slept on Brendon's bed." She explained.
"Ohhhhh! Okay!" he said innocently.
"God, you're too cute." She said grinning and kissed him on the lips.
"Eww, you smell bad." He said swatting her with the pillow she swatted him with.
"Oww!" she said rubbing her head. He winced.
She waited for a second. "Okay, now its fine." She kissed him on the cheek. "I really got to go then, my breath being so bad after vomiting. Call Brendon's cell, I am getting kinda worried for the kid." He nodded.
She walked toward the door. "Bye!"
"Bye. Love you!" he said expecting her responding with the same thing but was disappointed. She just gave him a flying kiss.
She walked out feeling so guilty inside. Why can't I say it?!
She walked to her room and knocked. No one answered. She shrugged and opened the door, picking up a piece of cloth. The sound of something vibrating sounded.
"Lyss, What did I say-AHH!!! " she stopped and looked in horror. The room was a freaking dump, but that's not what scared her. She saw Alyssa's bed "OH MY GOD!" she screamed.
"What the fuck is-oww" Alyssa said waking up and rubbing her head. She turned her head to where Isaab was looking and saw the sleeping body of Brendon. "Holy..." Something snapped inside her brain and she immediately look inside the blanket that was covering her, then looked at the horror struck Isaab. Both suddenly screamed and Brendon woke up.
Isaab screamed at what was before her eyes. She ran out of the room and to Ryan's door, banging the door; still screaming. Ryan opened alert and awake.
"What? What? What?" Ryan said, panic in his voice. Isaab couldn't say anything, just her body shaking the image and scene repeating in her head a million times a second.
"Brendon... Alyssa... bed... AHH!!!" she said and screamed. Ryan pulled her in the room.
He hugged her. She screamed again at the traumatizing sight and the sound of muffled screaming came.
They separated; Ryan put his hands on her arms firmly. "Isaab, what happened?" Isaab's eyes seemed to have grown to the size of plates and her voice had grown hoarse. Isaab took a breath. "You want water?" She nodded and sat down on Brendon's bed. Ryan walked toward the mini-fridge and took out a bottle of water and walked back to Isaab.
"Here." He said and gave it to her. She opened it and took a sip. "Better?" She nodded. "Okay, what happened?"
Isaab told him what happened, and by the end of it, Ryan had kind-of the same face. And then five seconds later, after everything repeated itself and thinking what this meant, he burst out laughing. And it would not stop. Soon, Isaab got to thinking and started laughing too. After 5 minutes, they still were at it; laughing the entire thing out. Isaab had dropped the OPEN bottle and it was now wetting a carpet floor. After a few minutes, they started to get sick of thinking about it and decided to stop laughing. They're voices hoarse (Isaab's as ever), they were now sipping NEW bottles of water and decided to crawl back to sleep.

An hour (of sleep) later...

Ryan woke up first this time. His eyes seemed to just open reluctantly, not wanting to ever wake up from that slumber. He felt something on his body and looked down; Isaab's arms seemed to cover Ryan's body, in an intimate hug. Her head was on his shoulders, snoring slightly. He smiled at her smiling face and slowly kissed her on her forehead. He put his arm on her shoulder and started stroking her hair.

If only life could just stay like this forever.


Yeah, this is the end... for now. I love you people so much for reading this story, I've loved writing this story so much. I never want to stop but for the meantime, I need to focus on my studies. It pains me so much to say that I won't be talking to you guys for long time.

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