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Gerard was walking with Bergitte a few days later when
"BERGITTE! LOOK OUT!" someone yelled, Bergitte pulled to the side and pulled Gerard with her as a girl went flying past on a skateboard with two other girls following her. The girl on the skateboard slowed down and came to a hault, "Hey Bergitte!"


"Hey! I don't try and kill everyone!" she bit her lip, "It's an accident"

"Yeah like when you broke that guys arm?" the other one said,

"Alright I meant to run into him, I didn't mean to break his arm. But he was hot!"

"Besides almost running into Bergitte you almost ran into this gent right here!" the blonde one said pointing to Gerard.

"Sorry about that!" the girl said

"It's okay" Gerard said

"Hmm I thought your parents wouldn't let you ride anymore. It's not how a Lady is supposed to act"

"Pft, I don't plan on following in all this crap, Oh yeah my parents are talking to your parents about you marrying my brother" she added to Bergitte, Bergitte groaned

"Your brother!? But it's not natural! He's too proper!"

"Tell me about it, he yelled at me for using the wrong fork. I promise you I'm never going to get that stuff down"

"It's not that hard! You just need to memorize it, but instead you choose to fill your brain with skateboarding moves and guitar strings or whatever you call it." The blonde one said again. Gerard just stood there unnoticed, until one of the girls looked at him.

"Who's your friend Berg?" she asked

"OH! OH Goodness I'm sorry, ladies this is Gerard, Gerard this is Natalie, Juliet and Lette" she said pointing to them. Natalie's eyes grew wide.

"Gerard as in Gerard Way!?"

"Yeah" said Gerard quietly, she shook his hand

"You're supposed to curtsy!" said Lette

"Psh, I don't care"

"How will you ever be wife of a king"

"Did I not already tell you that I'm not doing that!?" she turned back to Gerard, "Can I meet the rest of the band PLEASE!"

"Sure just uhhh follow me" said Gerard, Natalie grabbed Bergitte, Lette, and Juliet forcing them to come along too. Gerard found them in the hotel room just hanging out,

"Hey Gee-Wow you pimpin it?" Frank asked, looking at all the four girls.

"Actually, no, this is my friend Bergitte-"

"The princess!?"

"Yes, and her friends" Gerard said

"Hi I'm Frank" Frank said grinning at Natalie, who smiled sweetly.

"I know who you all are" she said, Frank blushed.

"Well I best be off" Bergitte said quietly so no could hear her, she walked out of the hotel and about 2 seconds later Gerard came out.

"Hey where are you going?" he asked

"Home" she said simply

"What? Why?"

"Gerard, this kills me, but I think I should keep away for a while."

"NO!" he said, she looked taken aback, "Berg, I'm really starting to like you"

"I am too, that's why I need to stay away. It's bad news, I'm going to get married to someone I don't love and I don't need to fall in love now with someone I can't be with" she was almost crying.


"No, I'm so sorry" she walked off. At that moment Gerard was feeling very odd, confused on the way Bergitte was acting, and hurt. He walked back into the hotel room and everyone was getting along, they had to marry princes but here they were flirting with all the guys. That didn't matter they weren't falling in love......or were they. Gerard slumped back onto the bed and listened to the laughter and fun. He just stared at the ceiling. He thought about everything.
"Typical of you isn't it?" said a voice, his head jerked and he saw Bergitte next to him.

"What are you doing here!?" he asked,

"I'm not really here, I'm a figment of your imagination, you should know, my accent is American" she laughed

"Oh great I've crossed the line to crazy town"

"No you haven't. But it's typical of you isn't it? Always want someone or something you can't have"

"What do you mean!? I don't always want stuff that I can't have"

"Okay fine, women"

"Well I can't argue with that"

"Exactly, you like the chase but when you catch the prey you don't want it anymore. So isn't this a good thing? You won't hurt anyone"

"But she might be different" Gerard said

"She, or in this case, I don't need to be hurt, aren't I going through enough? I've got to marry my best friends brother, rule a country, and deal with my feelings for you" Bergitte said

"So basically I'm meant to be alone"

"Did I say that?" Bergitte asked looking at her nails

"Well that's what you're implying isn't it?"

"Maybe I'm implying you're gay, but I doubt it" she said sarcastically

"So I'm not meant to be alone?"

"My God, you really are slow aren't you? Your mind is giving you the answer but you've got to contradict yourself"

"Well what is my mind telling me that I'm not getting!?"

"You've got to change, prove to yourself it's true love and not lust! Or worse.....for power"

"Power!? Bull shit! I barely like the way people treat me now!"

"You love it. You love the fact that teenage girls everywhere want you, you love the crowds chanting your name, you love how everyone adores you"

"They don't adore me, they adore Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance"

"That's who you are isn't it? You're only one person you just have different roles in your life but it's all you, the same thing is going on with Bergitte. Her life is much more harder, you got to choose your fate, while she's stuck in a play she doesn't want to be in. You don't want hurt her like you know you will, admit it you're glad she's gone. You've never felt like this about anyone else before and you're scared."

"I'm not scared!" Bergitte disappeared,

"You okay Gerard?" Bob asked worriedly,

"Wha-Oh yeah why wouldn't I be?"

"You're talking to yourself" said Frank.

"That's not the worst of it" Gerard muttered
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