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Chapter 5

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We arrived at the venue, and it was huge. The guys led us to the backstage area, and showed us where we could hang until the sound check and the preparations end. It was a very busy place, with crew everywhere. One of the crew took the band for their sound check, so Nat and I decided to stay in the lounge area until they finish with it.

"I still can't believe we are touring with My Chemical Romance," squealed Nat.
"Yeah," I said, looking at the direction of the stage. There stood each member of the band, busy with their instruments, and their singer holding the microphone saying random stuff.
After a while they left the stage and came back to the lounge area.
"I'm glad that's over, I hate sound checks," said Ray, and collapsed on the couch.
"Guys, you have to be on stage in an hour," announced one of the crew.
"Time to get dressed," said Gerard, and went to the dressing room the five of them shared.

After what seemed like forever, the guys came out of their dressing rooms, dressed in their Black Parade uniforms.
"You guys look great," said Nat.
"Good luck," I said. They all muttered "thanks" and went to the stage. I could see they were nervous.
"Ok guys time to go," said a roadie, and they went on.
Nat and I rushed to the side of the stage to watch them.

As soon as they where on stage, you could see the guys relaxed. You could see that they loved every minute of being on stage. I watched them having fun and playing their hearts out, entertaining everyone there. I started singing along unconsciously and so did Nat. You could feel the intensity of emotions around you. I started dancing along with Nat and having the time of our lives.

"Thaaaank Yooooooooou everybooody! Have a good night and drive safely!" announced Gerard, and they rushed backstage.

"That was AWESOME!" I shrieked, hugging Gerard. Just then I realized what I was doing and released him.
"...sorry for that," I said, looking at the floor, feeling myself turn red. Gerard didn't answer but just looked at the floor too, while the others started sniggering.

"Um... I'll just go and change now," said Gerard, and headed to the dressing room.
"Oooooh, someone has a crush on Gerard," said Nat.
"Shut up," I said, feeling myself turn redder.
The rest of the guys laughed.
"That's so cute," said Frank, and pinched my cheek.
"Don't worry we wont tell him," winked Mikey, and went to change, with the others behind him.
"Thanks Nat, you embarrassed me in front of everyone," I spat angrily and stormed off. I sat in the empty parking lot thinking. Thinking not just about what happened right now, but at everything. Why am I stuck with a drunken idiot for a father? Or that no one in the whole world understands me, even Nat. I remembered the memories of me and my dad, before he started drinking.

"And with that the princess and the prince lived happily ever after. The end," read Dad.
"Dad, promise you will never leave me, and you will always love me forever," I said, tucked in my warm princess bed.
"I promise honey," he said, kissing my forehead. "Good night, my beautiful daughter."

Tears were spilling from my eyes. I remembered all of the times I spent with my dad when I was a kid. They way he used to wish me good night every night and chased away the boogie man from under my bed every single night, just made me remember how much I miss him. I started to cry, not caring about anything, except to have my old life back. With a caring father, and a mother who isn't out of the house every night. I don't want this life anymore. I wish I could time travel back to the past, or better yet, die so I wouldn't need to go through this anymore.

"Hey, you ok?" I heard someone ask. I turned around and it was Gerard. I looked away. I wasn't in the mood to talk.
"Hey Mel, what's up? Why have you been crying? Is there something wrong?" he asked caringly.
"It's nothing... just homesick," I lied.
"Oh I know how you feel. I always get homesick when going on tour. When you first leave your family, you're happy that you won't see them again. But later, you regret leaving home, and want to go back to your loved ones," He said, and sat down next to me. "Don't worry Mel, after just these two weeks, you will go back home,"

He suddenly pulled me into a hug. Just then I forgot everything that I was worrying about. I just loved how he smelled of soap and how I could hear his heart beating. He pulled away, and wiped the tears off my face.

"Don't worry Mel, everything is going to be alright,"
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