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Love Will Tear Us Apart (Violently)

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and the pain and suffering continues....

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When they finally got to NewYork 4 hours later, they got off of the plane and got a taxi to drive them to their show. It was at a small club, but was completely packed with people. Their was a large line outside for people waiting to come in and see FallOut Boy.
The taxi driver dropped them off at the back door of the club, and the four of them walked in, trying to be unnoticed. When they got on stage with their equipment, the crowd went wild. This was even before they started playing any songs. After Patrick had set up the microphone and grabbed his guitar, Andy set up his drumset, Joe tuned his guitar and Pete got his Bass ready, they started the show.

"Hey guys. Are you ready?" Pete said, with no excitement in his voice. The crowd screamed.

"Ok. Hope you enjoy the show." He said, not caring weather they liked the show or not.

Patrick started out with one of their most loved songs, "GrantTheftAutumn/WhereIsYourBoy." the crowd went wild and began singing along. This show was very different from others since Pete and Joe didn't have the energy to jump around and act crazy like all of the other times.
After they finished the rest of their songs, the crowd cheered with excitement. The four boys were glad they were done, and grabbed their instruments and headed back stage. They didn't spend much time signing autographs or talking to their fans, and all decided to go to the hotel early.
When they arrived they were happy to find that their were more than three channels on the TV and that the hotel was alot nicer than their last one.

"I am exhausted." Joe said, letting himself fall face first on the bed.

"Me too." Andy agree as he began taking off his shoes.

Pete and Patrick both sat down on the same bed. Pete reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

"You gonna call her are you?" Patrick asked.

Pete nodded and began dialing the number. His hand shook as he placed the phone to his ear. It rang a few times before it was answered.

"Hello?" Kate said

"Hello?" Pete answered

"Who is this?" She asked

"This is Pete." He sighed.

"Hey Pete. What's up?"

"I...I....Called you the other day and some guy answered the phone claiming to be your boyfriend."

Kate didn't respond.

"Whatis going on Kate?" Pete was starting to get angry.

"I..I can explaine." She mumbled.

"Yeah, explaine to me because i don't know what the fuck is happening."

"I made a really big mistake. I shoud'nt have done it. I..I'm sorry." She cried.

"What did you do!" Pete yelled into the phone.

"I...I hooked up with someone. It was just one night though, I swear!"

" what?!" Pete screamed as tears made their way down his face.

"I'm sorry babe! I wasn't thinking!" Kate apologized.

"Damn right you wern't thinking. Who was it?!"

"It....It was my boss." She continued.

"Kate! I said i loved you, for god sakes! And this is how you repay me!?"

"Pete, I didn't know any better!"

"Have a great life without me, Kate. I hope your boss cares about you half as much as i did."

"But Pete I-" Pete didn't continue to listen to her make up excuses and he hung up the phone.

"What happened?" Joe asked, walking over beside Pete.

Pete screamed and threw his cell phone against the wall, making it shatter into a million pieces. He got up from the bed and took a few steps back.

"She slept with someone! Her fucking boss!" Pete screamed.

"Oh Pete, i'm so sorry." Patrick said walking over to Pete. He put his hand on his shoulder. Pete flintched back and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

Andy went over to the bathroom door. "It's ok Pete. Come out, you don''t have to lock yourself in there."

"Go away!" He replied from the other side of the door.

Andy sat back down on the bed and sighed. "What now?"

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