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Saying you loved me made things harder at best.

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Drink+drugs+frank. Gerard has to care for frank, but whats going on?

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It felt good to be back in America, we were all happy, well...except for Frank and Gerard. At first Frank had been as happy as a 3 year old with cookies, but after the first week he seemed a bit down. Jamia called him every night, but instead of sounding happy to hear from her, the conversations were short and Frank spoke flatly to her. Gerard, hadnt been happy at all since we left the airport.
I was sat in the living area, Frank, Mikey and Ray had all gone out for a drink since we've got a free day tommorow. For once, Gerard hadnt gone, I hadnt either, I had gone on a date with Joyce. We had fun, and then I had come back to the bus. It was midnight and I was tired. Gerard was sat on the sofa, sketch pad open on his lap, staring out of the window at the rain.
"Are you ok Gee?" I asked.
"I dont know" He mumbled. I raised an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"It was just a joke. But...that night, when you were all out...he made that meal and we had a great night, acting like we were together and I asked him why he was doing all this if it was all a prank..." Gerard stopped, still staring out the window at the storm. I guess he's talking about the prank between him and Frank.
"What did he say?" I asked.
"He said he loved me" Gerard looked away from the window to look at me. I didnt know what to say.
"Are you guys purposely trying to fuck with my head?" I asked. Gerard sighed and looked away.
"He's definitely fucking with my head"He said. I licked my lips, un - sure of what to do.
" you love him?" I asked. Gerard nodded, a tear rolled down his cheek, I got up and sat next to him, putting my arm round his shoulder.
"Are you ok?" I asked gently.
"Like my own lyrics go - 'Saying you love me made things harder at best'" He mumbled. Ok, so now he's quoting lyrics from his first album...
"Well...just so long as you dont go putting a gun to Franks head" I said, trying to make light of the whole situation. Gerard smiled and nodded. He got up and looked thoughtful. Then he walked away whilst saying - "Im going to bed".
I sat on the sofa for another hour, wondering what the hell was going on. So...Gerard and Frank had pretended to be partners as a joke...Now Frank was engaged to Jamia...but Gerard loved Frank and Frank had told Gerard that he loved it just me who finds this whole situation fucked up?
The door to the bus opened and Ray, Mikey and Frank walked in. Frank was obviously drunk, he staggered into the living area before flopping down onto the sofa, giggling un - controllably. Mikey and Ray were looking worried.
"Hey" I said, Frank pulled me into a bone crunching hug.
"BOB! HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU PLAY DRUMS!" He cried. I pulled away.
"Man is he pissed!" I cried.
"Tell us about it! He just kept drinking and drinking!" Said Mikey kicking off his shoes and staring at Frank who was rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter.
"Then he took some drugs. I dont have a clue what it was, me and Mikey had to go pay the bartender for Franks drink because he forgot, then when we got back Frank was swallowing some pill this girl had given him. We brought him back after that." Ray sounded worried as he told me. Gerard walked into the living area. His eyes were red, maybe because he was tired...he saw Frank and looked back at Ray.
"What did the pill look like?" He asked, I knew Gerard might be able to say what it was because of when he was depressed and turned to drugs for help.
"We dont know, he swallowed it before we got a proper look" Said Mikey. Gerard sighed and went into the kitchen, he filled a glass with water and began to pour salt into it.
"What are you doing?" I asked. Frank was now sat on the sofa and singing nursery ryhmes. Gerard stirred the water which went murky from all the salt.
"We dont know what that pill was, it could be anything, we have to get it out before it does some damage" He said. Gerard picked up the glass and went over to Frank, me Mikey and Ray watched him. Gerard sat down next to Frank who turned to look at him, his eyes bloodshot, his black hair sticking to his forhead.
"Gee..."He slurred.
"Hey Frankie" Said Gerard, he was trying to sound like nothing was wrong but we could tell this hurt him, dragging up memories of when he would be drunk and drugged up with Mikey and Frank helping him.
"I love you you know Gee. I love Jamia, but I love you more." Said Frank trying to hug Gerard but Gee pushed him away.
"Frankie, if you love me will you drink this?" He asked, passing Frank the glass. Frank peered at the murky water, shrugged and raised it to his lips.
"Anything for my Gerard baby!" He said, then he gulped it down, he dropped the glass and it rolled across the floor. Gerard pulled Frank up and lead him to the bathroom, we all followed, Frank was swaying and groaning.
"I dont feel good" He muttered as Gerard got him to kneel infront of the toilet. Seconds later Frank was puking in the toilet, Gerard knelt beside him, rubbing his back and whispering words of comfort as Frank sobbed between vomiting.
For half an hour Frank was sick in the toilet, Gerard never leaving his side. It was hurting us all, Frank didnt do stuff like this, we knew something must be bothering him. Once Frank had stopped being sick Gerard washed his face with cold water as a fever was starting up. Then he took Frank to his bunk and undressed him so he was in his boxers.
"Come on Frankie...bed time" Said Gerard, Frank put his arms round Gerards neck.
"I want to sleep in your bed!" He cried. Gerard sighed and went to his own bunk. He cleared off sketches and drawing things before helping Frank lye down under the covers.
"Dont leave me" Mumbled Frank as he closed his eyes, he held Gerards hand. Mikey, Ray and me were stood watching it all, Gerard sat there for a few minutes watching Frank fall asleep. Once he was sure he wouldnt wake up, Gerard got up and walked into the living area, followed by Mikey, Ray and me.
"Are you ok Gee?" Asked Mikey sitting down next to his brother.
"It hurt to do that. I know thats exactly what you guys had to do for me...I'm sorry...I just hope he'll be ok" Gerard said quietly.
"You did great Gee, you really care for him" Said Ray. Gerard nodded.
"He's gonna feel like shit tommorow." He mumbled. I nodded.
"Why did he drink so much? I can understand he wasnt thinking straight because I guess he was already drunk when he took that pill but, this really isnt like Frank" I said. Mikey and Ray nodded in agreement.
"Maybe he's regretting asking Jamia to marry him" Said Ray. We all looked at Gerard who chuckled slightly, but he was obviously upset.
"Nah, he loves Jamia" He said.
"But he was telling you he loves you" Siad Mikey. Gerard shook his head.
"He was drunk, he didnt mean what he said" He mumbled.
"Maybe he did mean it, maybe he just never wanted to admit it but because he was drunk he didnt think about it." I said.
"He doesnt love me" Said Gerard.
"But - " Began Mikey.
"HE DOESNT LOVE ME!" Yelled Gerard, he got up and left, after 10 minutes of silence we all went to bed, Gerard knelt beside his bunk, holding Franks hand, his top half slumped over the edge where he had fallen asleep whilst watching Frank.

A/N: I know, frank and gerard arnt supposed to be in love anymore, but heck, some of you prefer frank and gee to be together, and so do i so I've decided to add a little twist. He he! Please review and tell me what you think!
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