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Chapter Fourteen

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I'm just cool lyke dat.

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Chapter 14

I sat outside my house on the curb. I had two rolling suitcases and a duffel bag and some other things. I had called Meg and Lane and asked if I could come stay with them for a while and if they could come get me and my stuff. Of course they asked me questions, but I was tired and I told them I would explain later. It was a little after 8 in the morning and we were supposed to be in school. But we're seniors. We can afford to miss a little school.

I sat on the curb waiting for them my legs hugged to my chest and my head resting on them. I couldn't cry any more. I had run out of tears. With everything left there were no more to cry. Life went on, cars driving by on the street in front of me, people walking past behind me. I feel them staring, I hear them talking and I know what they're thinking. I don't care. I sit there and wait, ignoring them.

I hear a taxi stop and I hear footsteps come and stand in front of me. I hear my bags moving and I feel someone putting there arms around me and helping me stand up. I look around to see Lane helping the cab driver moving my stuff into the trunk and I see Meg walk me to the car. We get in and the trunk shuts and Lane slides in with us on my other side. They both hold my hands and we drive to their house in silence.

I don't remember most of the trip over to their house. This all seems so surreal. What kind of mother kicks their own child out of the house in the middle of her senior year of high school? And the most strange part is, she said that she would continue to pay for my schooling and cell phone bill (odd woman), but I could not live in her house until further notice.

We got to the Fulton's and moved my stuff into the guest room. I walked over to Meg's room and collapsed on her bed and snuggled into the pillows. I heard them walk in behind me.

"Nicky, we would like to know what's going on." Lane said.

"I don't really want to talk right now." I said into the pillows.

"Rain, we have a right to know." She said playing with my hair.

I sighed. They did have a right to know.

"My mom kicked me out because she said that I was out of control. The drinking, the smoking, the cutting. She said it was too much so she kicked me out." I saw surprisingly calm as I told them about it. They hadn't known about the cutting so I showed them all of the,. The ones Ryan hadn't seen on my legs and I showed them the ones he had seen on my torso and arm. They already knew about the drinking and smoking and sneaking out. Hell, some of it I did with them.

Some where in between all of this I ended up falling asleep.

Meg's POV

After Rain had told us about everything, she drifted off. Lane and I tucked her in and went to Lane's room.

"This is not a good situation." Lane said.

"Hell no its not. I need to talk to Matt." While I pulled out my cell she nodded and turned on her laptop and went online. I texted matt.

ARGH. I forgot he's in school. Oh well, Fuck it.

Emergency Come to my house ASAP. -Meg

I sat with my laptop and waited for Matt to reply. My phone vibrated and I flipped it open.

B there soon- Matt

15 minutes the four of us (Will had joined since he had skipped school anyway) sat in Lanes room drinking Red Bulls. It was only 9 in the morning so it was still early.

"Her mom kicked her out?" Matt asked after Lane and I had explained the situation.

We nodded.

"Fuck." Will mumbled shaking his head. "How's she holding up?"

"I think she still in shock. I mean wouldn't you be if your mom just kicked you out?" Lane said.

"Yeah. I guess." Will agreed.

Matt nodded. "Where is she now?" He asked. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me, pulling me closer.

"She's in Meg's room, sleeping. Apparently she was woken up really early this morning and had only gotten 3 ½ hours of sleep. She had a hard night last night anyways, so she must be exhausted."

"You should be, too." Will commented looking over at Lane and brushing the hair out of her face. "You were up late too."

She nodded and held up the Red Bull and smiled. "Thank you caffeine." We all chuckled together.

We ended up putting in a movie, letting Rain get some sleep. Mmmmm, Boondock Saints. We watched that, then made some lunch. Or rather we ordered lunch since we cant agree on food, Lane and I being vegetarian and Will and Matt being of the male species. Cheeeeeeese pizza.

We munched on that while we popped in movie #2. Lord of the Rings. When we got done around 3, Rain still wasn't up.

"All with the people inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy..."

"Ah! Turn it off!!!" Matt boomed.

I whined, Will groaned. Lane smacked Will.

"Oh shut you three. Its Nick's phone." Lane said getting up and picking it up off the table. We had kept it with us just for this purpose. In case anybody called or texted we could respond.

Lane tossed it to me and went back to the couch to cuddle back up with Will.

I glanced at the caller id. Ryan. Oh snap.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Nicky?" He asked confused.


"That's what I thought, you don't sound anything like her."

"Yeah, so what's up?"

"Uh can I speak to her?"



"Why not?" He asked confused.

"Oh. Well she's sleeping."


"This late? On a school day?" Still confused. Obviously she hadn't told him what had happened.

"Yeah well she did stay out super late last night and her mom did kick her out this morning and-"

"What did you just say????!!!" He cut me off.

"Her mom kicked her out this morning."

"Why? What happened? Where is she? Does she have a place to stay?"

"Whoa, so down there tiger. I think it would be best if she answered those for you. She's here, at my house. Come on over." I gave him directions.

"Ok. I'll be there as soon as I can." He said sounding panicked. Haha. He should be at a disco. SO he can Panic at the disco. I smiled at my joke as I hung up the phone.

"Ryan's coming over." I said as I hung up the phone.

"Ew." Matt said.

"He sounded panicked." I said.

"Haha. He should be at a disco so he can panic at the disco." Will drawled out.
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