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Ex-friends Forever

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The next morning, Pete woke up at 11:00, got dressed, ate breakfast and got in his car and drove to the park where he would see Kate for the first time in months. He was a bit nervous by the thought, and just thinking about seeing her again seemed not right. She cheated and almost drove him insane. He wasn't even sure why he agreed to see her again. She cause him more pain than anyone else ever had in his whole life. He was sopossed to be angry with her forever, but all of that faded as he saw her in the park.
He parked his car and took a deep breath, getting ready for what was going to happen. When he got out of his car and walked toward the park, he could already see her sitting on a bench. She was dressed in a white coat and had on a pair of jeans. She was just as beautiful as when he left her. Just as perfect as she had always been. It was like meeting her all over again, for the first time. All of his feelings for her rushed back all at once.

He took a seat next to her and smiled breifly. "Hey." He said quietly.

"Hey Pete! It's so nice to see you." She gave him a hug in which he did not return. He sat there just letting her hug him.

She let go and backed away. "So, I'm really happy you came. Believe me I was a wreck without you."

Pete smiled and nodded. Being in this situation made holding back the tears even harder, but he had to do it. He couldn't let her know how much he missed her.

"So, how was the tour?" She finally asked.

"Ok. It was nothing great." Pete mumbled.

"Oh. How are the guys?"


"That's good. How have you been?" She asked, making her concern for him obvious

"Ok." Pete replied.

"Oh. Listen, I'm really really sorry about what happened. I wasn't thinking. It just, happened."

Pete looked away and nodded slightly. "You still with him?"

Kate knew who he was talking about and she didn't want to give him the answer.

"Yeah. I'm not happy though."

Pete was suprised with her answer. "Y-you are?"

"Yeah. I've been meaning to break up with him though. He doesn't treat my right."

"How so?" Pete was getting curious.

Kate rolled up her sleve and revealed a large bruise.

Pete's eyes widened at the sight. "Does he...He hits you?"

Kate nodded.

"What the fuck Kate?! Why are you still with him? You don't deserve that!" Pete was getting very angry.

"Pete, it's complicated. You don't understand...."

"That's it, you have to let him go. There is no way i'm letting you hang around him." Pete argued.

"What are you all of a sudden? My mother?" Kate was getting offended.

"No, i'm your friend. C'mon lets go." Pete grabbed her arm gently and walked her to his car. She got in the passender seat and he began to drive.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"We're going to your house. I'm gonna show that fuck face that he can't mess with my friends."

"No! Pete, pull over!" Kate demanded.

"No Kate." Pete continued to drive. He drove all the way to her house, remembering exsactly where she lived, and got out of the car. Their was another car in the driveway, meaning someone else was there.

"You stay here." He told her.

"Pete no. Don't do this." She begged.

Pete didn't listen, and went into the house. Alot of yelling could be heard from inside the house, and then eventually the sound of things breaking. Pete left the house five minutes later with a bloody lip and a a torn sleve to his shirt.

He got into the car and began to drive. "There's no way he's gonna be bothering you again. Believe that."

Kate looked shocked. "Pete, what did you do?!"

"I would rather not get into detail if you don't mind." Pete said as he drove back home.

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