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Your secret is out and the best part it isn't even a good one!

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Brendon flies out to see Izzie in Chicago and discovers something he thought could never happen. Read Rate and Review!

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Izzie's POV

So a month has passed since Di came to visit, and she has been traveling back and forth from either Chicago or Vegas from home. I still travel back and forth from Vegas to Chicago with my designs and yes I have been still having sex with Will or Brendon. Brendon hasn't been home much lately because he has been practicing for tour and he tends to ignore me from time to time besides during sex. But Will goes on tour and during the day he is with me and at night he flies out to perform. I have been in Chicago for the past week trying to sketch out new designs for fashion week in New York City which is less than 5 months away. I say trying because Will is over almost every single day distracting me.

Well tonight I have a reason to be distracted. Everybody at Fueled By Ramen/DecayDance are getting together and celebrating Gabe from Cobra Starships birthday. Hell even Di is coming into town to help celebrate. So I was finished getting ready when I heard a knock at the door. I open up the door to find Brendon with flowers standing there.

"Brendon what are you doing here?"

"Do I need a reason to see my girlfriend?"

"Of course not but you never visited me before and tonight so happens to be Gabe's birthday. So I guess it was a coincidence you came tonight."

"Can we not fight? I missed you been gone a whole week so forgive me if I wanted to spend a little bit of time out of my crazy schedule."

"Sorry, I missed you too."

"Good now give me a kiss." I gave him a kiss and pulled away. "So this is your place? Very nice, Pete has some great taste."

"Yea tell me about it. I have to finish getting ready."

"Ok do you mind if I use you bathroom?"

"No, you can use the one in my room." We walked into my bedroom and he walked into my bathroom. I scanned the room to make sure that there weren't any condom wrappers on the floor or any of Will's clothes in sight. Then I heard Brendon's voice from inside the bathroom.

"So are you excited about tonight? I mean everyone is going to be there."

"Yea I know."

"Are you afraid of bumping into Will?"

"No, it wouldn't be the first time I have seen him since I have been in Chicago. I saw him at Pete's office one time and he was very nice and not rude." Brendon stepped out of the bathroom with his arms crossed at looked at me for a long time without saying a word.

"Do you still love me?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I still love you. Why even ask?"

"I just wanted to hear you say it. Because I still love you with all my heart, I hope you know that. You know that right?"

"Yea I know. We should go before we are late." We left and head out to the nightclub where the party was being held. We get there and I said my hellos and I saw Di and went up to hug her. I told her Brendon was here and she gave me the what are you going to do look which I then replied with I don't know look. Pete came and told us that he just saw Brendon and I need to be careful when I see Will. Brendon then joined us and he and Pete went to the bar to get us some drinks Di and I sat down at a couch when I saw Will coming straight toward me. I shook my head and glanced over at the bar where Brendon was at. Will nodded and turned the other way.

The guys came back with our drinks and Brendon sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder and kissed me on my cheek. I saw the TAI guys walking up to us and they said hi to Pete and Brendon. Will went to go shake Di's hand and I saw him slip something in the process. He nodded to acknowledge me and left with the guys. Di passed me what Will gave her and distracted Brendon while I read it. It said 'meet me at the restrooms in 5 minutes. By the way you look amazing.' I smiled to myself and sipped my drink. 5 minutes later I excused myself to the restrooms and felt myself being dragged into the female's restroom.

"I thought I would never get you alone."

"I know me too. Brendon showed up unexpectedly and I did not know what to do because I couldn't call or text you in front of him."
"It's ok. I still get to kiss you and tell you look amazing." He brought my chin up to give me a kiss. "Now too bad Brendon's here because I would have ripped those clothes off of you when we got home later. But Brendon is going to be the one doing that tonight instead."

"Yea maybe not. I am not in the mood of having sex with him."

"We should go back to the party before people start to suspect something."

"Yea. I'll call you when he leaves."

"Ok, now go back out there and be the perfect trophy girlfriend." I kissed him goodbye and went to go sit next to Brendon. He asked what took me so long I said I was on my period and my tampon was stuck. Will kept stealing glances my way and I kept rolling my eyes at Brendon. The party ended and Di left with Pete even though I was the only one who knew and Brendon and I went back to my apartment. I took Esteban out for a walk and crawled into bed and went to sleep. The next morning Brendon left and Will came over to satisfy my sex craving.

Brendon's POV

I hadn't seen Izzie in a week and I was really starting to miss her. The guys and I decided to go to Chicago and go to Gabe's party. The guys went to the hotel while I went to Izzie's apartment. I could tell she wasn't happy to see but she warmed up to me after we kissed.

I went to go use her bathroom and I noticed her medicine cabinet open. To my curiosity I glanced in her medicine cabinet and saw something I wasn't expecting to see. A box of open condoms? I pulled out the box and saw two missing. I put them back quickly and walked out of her bathroom where she was putting on her shoes.

"Do you still love me?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I still love you. Why even ask?"

"I just wanted to hear you say it. Because I still love you with all my heart, I hope you know that. You know that right?"

"Yea I know. We should go before we are late." We left for the club and I saw Di out of complete amazement. Izzie and Di have been becoming extremely close the past month. Pete and I went to go get the girls drinks when I saw Will walking up to Izzie. But then he stopped and turned around. I gave Izzie her drink when the TAI guys came up and greeted us. Izzie and Will completely ignored each other but when Will shook Di's hand I saw that he gave her something. Di quickly gave whatever it was to Izzie and Di asked me about practice and touring. Then Izzie got up and headed to the restroom and did not come back until God knows when and she gave me some bullshit excuse of being on her period. But I kept noticing Will looking over at Izzie and looking away. We left and went back to Izzie's apartment. I knew she hasn't been happy in awhile but having an affair behind my back is another thing. I lay in bed and waited for Izzie to come in to bed. She said goodnight and feel asleep. I left the next morning without saying goodbye and returned to Vegas not wanting to believe my Izzie would do something like that behind my back.
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