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Benji's turn

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exactly what it says.

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That night I was exausted.
Me and Joel had a great time.
He took me to the movies, a dinner, and mini-golf.
It was so fun. He was a complete gentalman.
He was making a fool out of himself to make me laugh.
I didn't get home until 12:20.

-The next day.-

I woke up a little earlier.
It was about 2:12 and I was about to get into the shower, when my dad came into my room.
"Kay, sit down." He said seriously.
"What is it dad?" Me and my dad are on good terms again.
"I don't think you should lead the boys on like this.
I know they both like you. But you can't do this to them."
"Dad, I know what I'm doing. I've done this before." I put a hand on my dad's shoulder before continueing.
"I'll tell them my decision. and the one left I'll find a girl for him. And if that don't work, then I will give them a fair amount of time with me." I shrugged like it was nothing.
But I've done this before more than once and it didn't work out like I thought it would. It backfired and lets just say that it wasn't good.
"It's now 3:30 and I got to get ready." I said.
He nodded a little hesitant and then left.
I got into the bath this time and took my time since I had some.
I got out out it was 4:49.
I went to my closet. But not before grabbing my phone.
I dailed Benji's number.
It rang and then someone picked up.
"Is Benjamin there?" I asked politely.
"Yeah, one moment sweetie." Robin said.
"Yellow?" A male voice said into the phone.
"Hey Benji." I said.
"Hey what's up?" He asked.
"Um nothing. But I wanted to tell you, don't bring your car, and dress casual and comfortable. I'm in controll tonight." I said with a laugh.
"umm. Okay. still 7?" He asked.
"Yeah." We said our goodbyes and hung up.
I looked at the clock and it was now 5:10.
I went back to my closet and piced out some really comfotable and cute jeans and my converses.
I picked out a white wifebeater and a black one over it.
It was warm out and I wanted to take advantage of it.
I had a picnic planned and I knew the greatest spot.
I put my hair into a ponytail and applied eyeliner.
It was 6:30 went I was finsihed getting dressed so I started getting the food together.
I had sandwhiches and fruit. some snacks and some drinks.
It was almost seven when the door bell rang.
I answered it this time and I greeted him with a smile.
"Hey Benji!" I replied hugging him.
"Nice to see you too." He laughed.
"Ready?" I asked.
"Yep." He took my hand as I shut the door.
Ilead him through the woods and there was an opening.
The sun was just detting and we set up the picnic.
"Wow. This is so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you. But it's not quite there yet." He said looking into my eyes.
"Wow, Benji. Thank you." I replied smiling.
He leaned in to kiss me and why I didn't refuse, I don't know.
It just felt right.
Don't get me wrong, Joel's awesome, but theres something about Benji.
"No. We shouldn't. It's not fair." I said pulling away.
"Who cares? If I get hurt. Then I get hurt. If Joel get's hurt, he gets hurt. We'll get over it and move on. Which one do you feel you have something with?" He said seriously.
"Both of you." I whispered.
"Kay, look. You can only pic one." He said lifting my face with his finger under my chin. Making me look at those gorgeous borwn eyes.
"I can't do that." I said.
"You're gonna have to." He said simply.
It's not that simple.
"I want both of you. But you're gonna be willing to share, or non of you get me. I only want whats fair. I can't do it any other way." Wow. This is really strange.


"Guys, I'll date one for a while and when one breaks up with me, I'll go oout with the other." I said.
They didn't like the idea but they took what they could get.
"What If one of us doesn't break up with you?" Benji asked.
"Then I'll break it off." I said.
"How ever long it last the first time, is how long the other one gets." I said.
"Oh, No matter what, we will remain friends and I WILL NOT come between you two. Understand?" I said sternly.
They nodded their heads.
I always knew this is a starnge town to move to.
This is going to be one hell of a time living here.
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