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Loving From Afar

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Mikey's fear of being hurt stops him from taking a chance

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It was early morning when Stacey awoke; she could tell by the pink in the sky, making it seem as though it had been in a battle and was bleeding. That's what everything seemed like these days, like a battle. No one knew if life was going to end for them at that point in time; everyone had learnt to live each day as much as they could. Tomorrow, may not exist.

Stacey's mousey brown hair was sprawled around her face, and was stuck to her cheek. Her hazy blue eyes stared at the clock on the wall, before she decided to get up. Stacey had a simple life, she lived off a simple inheritance, so she did not have a job. She lived in a small studio apartment, in the same apartment block as Gerard used to live him. Directly below him, actually. She had no children, and she had no husband, or even someone special. Her life was simple. It was dull.

It didn't bother Stacey really, she liked her life. She had no struggle to live, and no early morning rush to get to work. She had no one keeping her up all night, and she had no one else to clean up after. Stacey wasn't shy, but nor was she outgoing. She kept herself to herself, and it would always be like that.

Stacey enjoyed the early morning conversations she shared with herself. She also enjoyed the coffee and paper, which she shared with herself also. Stacey was... Stacey was lonely.

Mikey swung his legs over the side of the building, and let out a long sigh. He was tired, but he was also used to the long nights and the early mornings. At precisely five am every day, Mikey would travel into town and climb all five floors of the apartment opposite Stacey's. He would sit there, and watch her through her window as she walked around doing stuff. He did it until she left, or until he was needed somewhere else.

It may of seemed like a weird thing to do, but to Mikey... it was part of his routine. He would do a similar thing at night. Every day at eight pm on the dot, he would re climb the floors and sat on top of the building; just watching, until Stacey finally fell asleep.

Mikey felt that somehow it was his duty to watch over her, and keep her safe. He couldn't really explain it, but he knew he was falling in love with her from a distance. He was just too scared to introduce himself to her.

What if, she saw him like everyone else? And, what if she ran away from him- or stared at him in disgust? Mikey didn't want to take that chance, so he decided until he was a normal human again, he would watch her from afar, and keep her safe.

At least, that had been his plan. Until Fear and Regret showed up, telling him that unless he took more risks, unless he changed himself completely he may never be a human. Mikey didn't get what that had to do with repaying his "debt". To him, being a little shy and scared wasn't a debt at all. Now, his friends; his brothers, they had debts to repay. Especially Ray and Frank, but Mikey... he didn't.

Now he was stuck, he wasn't sure what to do.

Stacey had been, and was still oblivious to Mikey's eyes watching most of her every movements. If she had known, it probably would have freaked her out, it would freak anyone out.

Stacey left her apartment at ten to eight. Jersey had grown cold, it was no secret. Even in the summer, people still wore thick coats. They hadn't suffered the winter yet; but no one wanted to go through it. If summer was that cold that it could bring the odd snowfall, in the winter they would freeze to death.

Stacey, or SJ, had come to the conclusion that the weather had changed, and grown cold due to the black parade. Well of course it had, everyone knew that. But, she believed that the weather was a reflection of their hearts.

To her, they were cold-hearted monsters. To her, their hearts were the wintery tundra Jersey had turned into. She had a strong dislike for them all, and she wasn't afraid to let it show, did they ever appear in front of her. She wasn't afraid of them, and she wasn't afraid of death. She had nothing to lose.

Stacey quite enjoyed the silent conversations with herself, as she walked through the frozen streets of Jersey. Stacey quite enjoyed sitting by herself drinking coffee, in the very same place Gerard and Twiggy had sat just a year before. Stacey enjoyed being alone. Even if she was loneley.

And that's all I have written for now. Keep reading for more updates.
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