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Ch. 6 - Childish Banter

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"You're Andrea's favorite." Stated Frank.

I blinked and reached for my shoe.

"No. he's not, I'll have you know!" I said defending myself. "In fact!" I was about to reveal how I actually thought of him.

"Never mind. But NO, it's not Gerard."

"Well tell me." Frank said.

"Nah." I shook my head.

"I'll just keep asking."

"And I'll just keep saying no."

"Who is it."

I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks." I said to them. "Well. Who's gonna let me borrow some night clothes?" I asked in cheerfully bold voice.

"I will if you tell me who." Frank offered.

"What if I don't want your clothes?" I challenged.

"You can borrow some of mine." Said Ray.

", thanks." I stuttered.

"IT'S RAY!" Shouted Frank.

"What if it's Bob?" I shot back.

"IT'S BOB!" Frank changed his mind.

"What if..wait! NO! You can't do that!" I said to Frank.

"Well, who is it?"

I gave a defeated look. "I'm not saying, I'd have to go in this long explanation..." I said.

Frank pushed me in a seat and sat next to me.

"I have time."

I rolled my eyes and the other guys kept milling about. James, Matt and Bob all announced they were head to bed, and Gerard and Ray went to the back to play a game.

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