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We Take Sour Sips,From Life's Lush Lips

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Who would've thought that one little fight could shatter Pete and Patrick's friendship? Written with Jess Peterick

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Chapter One We Take Sour Sips,From Life's Lush Lips
Patrick sat on the couch in some studio in LA. Him and Pete were going to be working on songs for Infinity On High.
Pete walked through the door to the room he knew Patrick would be waiting for him in. Pete took a brief look at the lyric book tucked under his arm, before looking towards Patrick, plopping down next to his bandmate.

"Late as always Peter" Patrick sighed.
Pete rolled his eyes, opening the book and setting it out in front of the two.

"So I was thinking there should be maybe be a Trohmania guitar break here," Pete suggested, pointing to some lyrics with a pen, wanting to get right down to business.

"I think it should be here" Patrick placed his pen a few lines down.

Pete raised an eyebrow, before giving out a chuckle.

"Are you kidding me? There'd be no way that that line could fit with the solo."

"You write lyrics,leave the music to me" Patrick booted up his Mac.

Pete threw Patrick a digusted look.

"Let's see, who is the frontman of this band?" Pete snapped.

"I'm the frontman, smart ass"

"But no one knows that with you whoring yourself out everywhere. I can't tell you how many boards I've been on that call you the lead singer"

"Well maybe if you'd stop hiding in my shadow, this wouldn't happen!"

"I can't help how I am! Tell the fans to realise, I'm the singer"

"Why don't you just tell them yourself? That way maybe you could actually front this band the right way."

"This is stupid! We're supposed to be working and we're fighting"

"Yeah, started it," Pete huffed childishly.

"Act your age not your shoe size" Patrick replied typing on his Mac.

Pete scowled at Patrick.

"You're just jealous, because you don't know how to have any fun. You're watching Star Wars while I'm out with Diddy and Ashlee! You would be no where without me!" Pete yelled.

"Have you fucked her yet?"

Pete narrowed his eyes.

"Why would you care either way?"

"Maybe if you open your eyes and stop being scene drama king, you would see who really loves you"

"Patrick, the fans and models love one loves the real Pete Wentz!" Pete yelled, before covering his mouth and looking to the floor in embarassment.

"You want to bet! I beg to differ! I know someone WHO DOES love the real Pete Wentz!"

Pete looked up, hand still clamped over his mouth, eyes taking on a sad look.

Patrick toned his voice down."I know the person very well"

"Oh?" Pete asked.


"What celebrity this time?" Pete muttered.

"Ironic enough they are a celeb" Patrick muttered

Pete raised a brow.
"He's the lead singer of this band"

Pete's jaw dropped.


"No what?"
" No, you can't possibly..."

"Well I do, maybe we should call it a day then hmm?"

Pete sighed, rubbing his temples.

"Yeah, you're right."

"See you next week,Pete"
"Bye Patrick."

"Bye Pete"

Pete stepped into the all too familiar lounge where he and Patrick had been a week earlier, working on their writing. It had been the first time they'd confessed feelings for eachother and their first major fight.

Patrick was already there typing on his Mac as usual. It would shock his friend to learn that Patrick was keeping a blog.
"Hey 'Trick," Pete called, heading over to his friend.

Patrick tried to close the window but too late. "Oh hi Pete"

"What's this?" Pete asked, pointing to Patrick's blog.

"Oh yeah? Let me read."

"Umm..I guess"

"Alright then," Pete answered, arms open.
Patrick cussed under his breath he realised the dark material in there.

Pete's eyes scanned over the blog, and he peered over the top of the Mac.

"Since when do you keep a blog?"

"Since my life got hetic:

"I thought I was in charge of the band's blog?"

"It's not the band's,it's my own."
Pete shrugged, handing the laptop back to Patrick.

"Alrighty. Come up with anything new yet?" Pete questioned.

"Not really"

"Well, I was thinking for when Andy and I do our beat for when Jay raps, you and Trohman could throw in some sweet distorted chords. The kiddies would love it."

"The kiddies love whatever we throw at them"

"Well, yeah, but I just thought this would be pretty interesting."

"If you say so"

Pete cocked his head.

"What's wrong with you? You're acting so...submissive today."


"You sure?" Pete asked.


"So do you like the chrod idea?" Pete asked.
"You're the genius not me"

Pete glared at Patrick.

"What's with your emo attitude?"

"I'm not being emo"
"Well, you're not suggesting anything and you're just...taking it! What happened?!"

"NOTHING HAPPENED? WHY MUST YOU QUESTION EVERYTHING I DO?" Before Patrick releasized what he was doing, he balled up fist had collided with Pete's face.

Pete gasped in shock and in pain at what Patrick had done. Pete snarled as blood dripped down from his nose. He quickly grabbed Patrick by his collar and slammed him up against the wall, hands tightening around his throat.

Patrick kicked at him with his short legs. He was strong,but he couldn't match Pete's strength.

Pete just tightened tighter.

Andy and Joe walked in just as Patrick's legs stopped kicking. It took both of them to pry Pete's hands off of Patrick's neck. "What the hell where you doing?!" Joe yelled.

"He fucking threw a punch at me!" Pete yelled.

Andy looked up atboth of them and focused on Pete."Did that mean for you to kill him?"

"I didn't kill him..."Pete drifted, wiping the blood from under his nose.
We Take Sour Sips From Lifes Lush Lips says:
"Pete,he's not breathing"

Pete quickly looked up, forgetting about his nosebleed, and ran over to Patrick. Pete pressed a hand to Patrick's chest, feeling his pulse. As he got no response, his brown eyes began to water.

"Patrick!" He sobbed, "!"

Joe was on his cell calling an ambulance.

Pete started to go into hysterics at the realization of his actions.

"It's all my fault!" Pete screamed, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"It's all my goddamned fault! Patrick, I love you.."Pete sobbed, laying his head down on the singer's chest.

"You loved him?"

Pete didn't bother lifting his head up.

"Yes! I fucking loved him from the day he was wearing that damned argyle sweater and shorts!" Pete cried.

"All he talked about was how much he wanted you.."

This realization made Pete sob harder, his cries becoming those his vampire character had made whenhe had been arrested.

"What have I done?!" Pete screamed. "I'm a fucking monster!"

"How did this happen? Patrick punch you?"

"'He punched me, then I got angry and ended up shoving hm up against the wall," Pete sobbed, lifting his face from Patrick's chest.

The paramedics arrived after this. They walked over to Patrick and felt for his pulse.

Pete watched, biting his nails , short sobs escaping now and then.

"He's got a pulse just a weak one though"

Pete's eyes widened.
"Oh my god!"

Patrick was rushed to a hospital with the band following the ambulance.
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