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My Way Home Is Through You

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Lalala, part two! We're finally introduced to the main character. Lovely, ain't she?

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So many years just seemed to fly by ...

The sky ... tonight it only knew how to cry. A lone girl whimpered in the opening, just off the curb of a crippled sidewalk. Her hands rubbed hard on her filthy arms, and she too could only cry. No one reached out for her as if it was not allowed. The girl was a forbidden object to all. So perfect, so delicate but with a dirty exterior. And the soothing rain would not wash away the pain that had followed her for nineteen years. Blood stained memories trailed behind her in hopes of plaguing her mind with thoughts of the inevitable end to life. She was stronger than that though ... She knew better.

A man's shoes clicked down the street with a sense of urgency. Premonitions every night, he knew not what he was looking for, but when he found it he would know. From beneath the sidewalk was a patch of grass, a stargazer lily remained being pelted with splashing drops of water. He firmly plucked it from its concrete shelter and stowed it away in his coat. Matted black hair hid beneath his properly placed hat and a monocle adorned his left eye. To some he looked stunningly sophisticated, but it was all an act. It was so she could recognize him.

When he pulled around a corner, the shivering body of the young girl flickered into sight. The girl turned her head upward and flashed a cruel smile, for it was all she knew what to do. Feet gripping hard against the ground, she stood herself up and waved to the man. They approached each other and grinned their fake grins. "I ... I got you something," the man wheezed and retrieved the lily from inside his coat pocket. "You always knew," she accepted it gracefully, her eyes never meeting his.

"Care to tell me why we are here?" his fingers twitched and burned with longing to grab her.

"Did the Saint bring you?"

"Saint .... Orpheia?"

"That's her all right," the girl nodded and let the lily escape her grasp. Into the gutter it washed away, each and every petal shriveling up to fit through the drain. "You know about my past?" she asked.

"I know nothing about you," he frowned before removing his monocle. It was true, he didn't even know why he was talking to this girl. But the more she spoke, the more he just wanted to hold her. So much sorrow escaped her lips and so much pain seeped from her eyes. Her makeup was worn in a gruesome fashion, bleeding red eyeshadow. There wasn't a quality about her that wasn't tattered and pathetic. "Nothing? Nothing at all? That's not what Orpheia said! She said you'd benefit me ... You're supposed to help me," agony poured from her mouth.

"I'm sorry that I am good for nothing, but ... go home." The girl peered into his face, her glare burned holes into his eyes. "Home? What's that?"

Surely she was kidding.

As if she could read his mind, "No I'm not kidding. I am the abandoned child of the Saints."

"Well in that case, I must be leaving now. I want nothing to do with anymore of the Saints," he muttered, turning on his heel and striding down the street. In the back of his mind he knew he did not want to leave her alone. She was far too ... what was the word he was looking for ... elegant. Beneath that shell of pure hatred and medicated lies, she was beyond perfect. "My way home ... is through you," she whispered, her words carrying on into the wind.

"Me?" he turned around, slightly baffled.

"I am speaking to none other than you," the words came out in hissing wisps. The man's eyes watered and his legs wobbled before giving way to the pavement. Blood boiled and flooded from his mouth. "Lilium," he gagged.

"Saint Jimmy will be so proud of me," Lily snickered as her hands sunk into the man's chest. "One down, ninety nine to go."
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