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Chapter 6 - Like An Angel

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Frank¡¯s P.O.V:

After talking to the other band for a while all of us started to get thirsty so we decided to leave and find some fresh victims to quench our thirsts. But I kept thinking back to Jane¡¦ She was strangely, different¡¦ to say the least than any other person I¡¯ve met before. When you could sense her you could feel all the guilt and pain she¡¯s gone and has been going through. Another thought that has been running through my head is what Gerard was thinking, out in the open¡¦ again. You¡¯d think he¡¯d start after what seemed like forever to block his thoughts from others. But what the fuck was he on about? What girl? It would seem like a miracle for Gerard to like another human being again after his last love. I can still remember that bitch to this very day loud and clear¡¦

* Flashback*

Me and the guys were walking back out to the tour bus after a concert one night. Ashley - Gee¡¯s girlfriend- knew about us for awhile now but she seemed¡¦ different¡¦ she was still a bitch and treated everyone like crap but she was somewhat strange to say the least. As we were walking we could hear shouts and screams from inside the bus. But then we heard Alicia screaming out to us in her mind.


¡° Alicia,¡± Mikey whispered. We all bolted it to the bus. When we arrived, we found Alicia strapped to the sofa bleeding out with Ashley laughing as she kept slicing her up. Then we heard her say words of the ancient language.

¡° She¡¯s a fuckin hunter! ¡± I yelled. Gerard walked over it Ashley, with no emotion and started to talk to her.

¡° Why? ¡± was all he said to her. She looked up with an evil grin on her face.

¡° Because, I¡¯ve always hated vampires. I¡¯ve killed over 200 so far. What makes you think I was in this relationship for love? I was in it for death,¡± she whispered menacingly.

¡° I never loved you. I was trying to make myself love you because I thought you loved me. Now, since you¡¯re killing a person my dear brother loves, and that I love like family, I have no other choice than to kill you. So fuck¡¦ you,¡± he replied with a single tear running down his face. We all just stood there shocked except for Mikey who was untying Alicia.

Ashley, terrified, tried to run for the door but Gerard grabbed a hold of her and with one swift motion, snapped her neck.

¡° I hate you,¡± was all he said before backing away from her lifeless corpse and walked back into the bunk area.

* End flashback*

Hey Gee can I talk to you?

Go for it.

What were you talking about earlier? Who were you talking about?

Promise not to tell a single soul? He replied looking dead ahead into the darkness.


You know the lead singer of Dead Girl's Diary? Jane?

You're falling for her. I answered now knowing what her was on. He's falling in love. But something inside me sensed that he was feeling bad for it. There's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. You're falling in love with her. Teach her more about yourself, teach her to love you back.

But it just seems like she has so much sadness flowing through her I dunno how to help her if I dunno what's wrong. It hurts me to feel what she's feelin. Shit, I just want to hold her and tell her it's okay. I looked over at him and he was still staring straight ahead, a single tear rolling off his cheek.

Don't worry Gee, it'll be alright. One day, she'll you in, she'll let you love her and she'll love you back with just as much compassion.

Thanks Frank. You dunno how much it helps hearing you say that.

After another 5 minutes of walking, we all heard someone shouting out with their mind. Then, for some reason Gerard looked terrified and ran into a dark alleyway that fastest I've ever seen him run. We followed in after him. When we reached him, we saw...

Jane's P.O.V:

I felt helpless stuck there. I closed my eyes and cried silently. Just as one of the guys was about to remove my shirt, I heard some struggling, then one of them let me go. I fell to the ground. Then I felt a gentle, yet cold hand lay on my shoulder. I just started to break down, still not knowing who was there with me. They sat down next to me and hugged me tight to their chest. I felt safe there for some reason. When I finally calmed down, I looked up into those hazel eyes i've gotten to know.

" Are you okay? Are you hurt?" his gentle voice soothed me.

" I don't think so," I said barely a whisper, looking down at the pavement.

" Hey guys someone was feeding off a mortal over here!" I heard Bob yell.

" Yeah it looks like they were storing up some in a couple bottles!" Ray said standing over the corpse I killed barely 15 minutes ago.

" Here let's get you back to the arena they'll be worried sick about you," Gerard said, pulling me up with him.

Gerard's P.O.V:

" My car's parked over there," I heard her fragile voice answer. I walked her over to her car, holding onto her shoulders.

Oh how I wish to hold her in my arms for eternity.

Uhhh... who ya talkin to? She asked me. Shit... for fuck sakes I really gotta stop thinking out loud.

Hey how can you hear me anyways and how can you answer back? You never answered my question I asked earlier.

Ohh sorry I was in a bit of a rush. And thanks for saving me, I owe you. She quickly said. We stopped once we reached her black honda civic parked under a lampost.

Still never answered me. I replied.

Well how can you? Oh shit... After about a minute of stuttering over words, she quieted me, and kissed me on the cheek.

" What was that for?" I asked using my voice.

" Nothing I wasn't thinking," she responded giggling nervously again. Her words felt like a stab to my heart.

It meant everything to me, I said to myself.

What did?


" Nothing, nothing at all," I said grinning.

Jane's P.O.V:

My god he's like an angel I thought.

So ya think i'm an angel? He said grinning even more.

What? Uuuh no. I was thinking about my... boyfriend. SHIT WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?!?!?

His grin left his face as fast as it came. A swift pang of guilt swam through me.

" Well I go to go, thank you again and see you tomorrow for the tour!" I answered trying to sound happy. I don't think it hid much cause he looked kind of puzzled.

" Yeah see ya," he said walking back over to his friends. I started up the car and headed back towards the arena.

No one would love you anyways so stop feeling bad already! I was right. Why would anyone love me?

Gerard's P.O.V:

"I heard the whole conversation Gee," Frank said as I walked over to them.

" We all did," Alicia said. I decided to tell them all that's happened.

"..... and then she told me how she was thinking about her boyfriend," I finished. They all came over and gave me a big hug.

" Don't worry Gee, you'll find another way to get her. You'll get her in the end, no matter what," Mikey replied with a smile. We all went over to the guys I just killed to save the love of my life... wait... did I just say love of my life? Yes... yes I did. We fed off of them untill we were full then went back to our houses for the night.

I'll give her more love than her precious boyfriend ever can... i'll make sure that's she's mine, whatever it takes, no matter how long, we'll be together...

*A/N: Can anyone say CHEEEEEESE? Hahah --Christiexox¢¾
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