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Another Year For Pat

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Pete finished his peanut butter and jelly sandwich in only a matter of minutes, but decided to allow Kate to sleep for awhile longer. He left the room and went downstairs to see what Patrick, Andy and Joe were doing. When he got down there, he found Patrick on the couch playing his guitar while Andy and Joe sat quietly on the floor playing a boardgame.

"Hey guys." Pete sat on the couch next to Patrick.

"Hey Pete. Where's Kate?" Andy asked.

"She fell asleep. I think i'll wait awhile before I wake her."

"Oh. I know you said don't ask questions, but why is she here? I thought you were just gonna talk." Joe asked.

Pete sighed. "It's a long story. It ends up she was still with that guy and he wasn't treating her right, so, I went back to her place and straightened things out. I just wanted her to stay here for today until that douche bag left her house."

"Wow, ok then." Joe went back to playing the boardgame.

"Watcha' doin' Pat?" Pete turned to Patrick.

"Just playing some song I made up." Patrick replied.

"Hey, what's today?" Pete asked the group.

"Um, it's a Thursday. Why?" Andy turned to Pete.

"Dude, can I talk to you guys for a second?" Pete asked.

"Yeah what?" Patrick asked.

"I ment, just talk to Joe and Andy." Pete smiled aquardly.

"Oh, sure." Patrick walked into the other room with his guitar and put his headphones on, so he could hear what they were talking about.

"I just remembered tomorrow is Patrick's birthday. I think we need to do something special for him." Pete whispered.

Joe smiled. "Yeah! It can be a Starwars party!"

Andy and Joe began jumping up and down.

Pete rolled his eyes. "Dudes, Patrick isn't a hug fan like you guys are. I was thinking we could have a suprise party or somethin'."

Andy and Joe stopped jumping up and down and stopped smiling. "Oh yeah. I guess your right." Andy pouted as he crossed his arms.

"Alright so, here's the plan. Tomorrow, we have you take him somewhere and when you get back we'll all suprise him." Pete pointed to Joe.

"Yay! Shopping!" Joe cheered.

Andy giggled. "Yeah, and while your gone, me and Pete will be setting up the decorations."

"Woot woot!" Joe jumped up and down.

"Shhhhh! Calm down we dont want Patrick to hear!" Pete shushed him.

"Oh right. Sorry."

Thank you, Pete_is_Sexy and JoyLuvsMCR and everyone else. you peoples rock my socks.
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