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Tardis Trouble

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Martha and The Doctor land on a strage planet and Martha meets up with The Doctor...

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I was woken up from my dreams filled with monsters and demons when I fell off the Doctor's pilot seat. I had been curled up on it, and the Doctor had been taking us back to London for a weekend. Anyway, I woke up on the floor staring at a burning TARDIS console. The Doctor was nowhere in sight.
"DOCTOR!" I screamed...

"What is it, Martha?" The Doctor ran in and stared at the smoke covered console. Martha rolled over and ran towards him, hugging his arm.
"No, no, no, no, no!" The Doctor screamed as he ran to the console. Sparks flew off it and he lifted up a mallet... and smashed the console several times. But to no avail, and smoke puffed out of the console. There was a huge Woof noise and flames engulfed the Doctor.
"NO! Doctor?" Martha screamed, straining to keep her watering eyes open; the smoke stinging them badly. The Doctor leapt out of the fire and pushed her into a room she didn't even knew existed. They were shook about as the TARDIS lost control of the Time Vortex. The shaking stopped and the Doctor opened the door; smoked filled the small room quickly and Martha ran out with the Doctor. They felt there way to the door and opened it quickly. Martha took in gulps of fresh air.


I stared at the new world I was on. The grass was red and the sky was yellow. It was quite strange to see everything I was raised up with in different colours. It was like a child's drawing! I fell to the floor laughing as a frog jumped towards me. It had the body of a frog but the features of a dog. I picked myself up and walked forward. Where were we? The Doctor walked towards me and gasped.
"What's wrong?" I asked.


The Doctor explained that the strange planet was the neighbouring planet of Gallifrey! It was called Ballifrey! He told her that the red grass was something from Gallifrey itself! Martha was astonished.
"Didn't you say Gallifrey was destroyed?" Martha asked, not sure if it would upset The Doctor.
"Yes, so we must be in the past!" he said and walked forward.
"I visited this planet when I was younger... It was great until I was taken back to The Academy!" he said and ran down the sloping hill we were standing on top. They ran together and soon saw a small market.
"Oh! Can we go? Please!" Martha begged.
"Erm...I'll stay here, but you can go and have fun!" he handed her a small card about the size of a credit card.
"It has 55'555 credits on it, that should get you something nice!" he explained to her.
"How did it get to that...number of credits I mean?" she added quickly.
"Oh...Rose bought her mum something on a wee asteroid, a bazoolium, I think, it told the weather anyhow!" he smiled as if remembering a happy memory. Martha walked away towards the market.
"Good old Rose yet again!" she murmured.

Martha reached the Market and walked towards the nearest stall.
"Hi, what are you selling?" She asked!
"There you are, you scraggy old mutt" the man behind the stall shouted towards her!
"'Scuse me?!" she asked, confounded. The man walked towards her, lifting up a long metal rod. He brought it down and hit... the small frog/dog that had obviously followed Martha down the hill. Martha only realised the cage of frog/dogs after this abuse.
"Oh my god! Why did you hit it!" she said, trying to block out the croak/whine.
"'cos it is ma stock and it ran away!" he said, spitting onto the floor.
" much is it?" she asked, trying to look confident.
"Why? Are you going to buy him?!" the man laughed in her face!
"Erm... YES!" she shouted in the excitement.
"You couldn't afford him!" he laughed again.
"How much?" she asked.
"5,000 credits" he said, staring at her.
"Ok! Here you go!" she handed over the card and took the frog/dog from the man's grip. He swiped the card and handed it back to her staring in disbelief. She turned and walked into a young boy!
"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she apologised. The boy looked up and stared at her.
"Wow, you've got a west highland dog frog!" he shouted.
"Erm, yeh!" she said.
"I really wanted one but I don't have any money!" the boy whined.
"Er...well I have some spare cash," she told him, she would love to wipe that grin of the fat mans face.
"Really, miss?" he asked in disbelief!
"yeah, sure! Male or female?" she asked.
"Male, please," he said smiling. Martha turned and gave the man her card.
"One male, please!" she asked. He frowned, swiped the card and through a fog/dog over to the boy, who caught it and stroked the white fur. Martha took the card back and turned to the boy.
"I'm Martha by the way!" she said.
"Oh, im The Doctor," he said.
"the... Doctor?" she stuttered in confusion.
"Yeah, I know it isn't a proper name but my real one is too long to remember, even for me!" he said.
"Oh, I got to go now miss! See you later!" he shouted as he ran off into the crowd.

Martha walked back up the hill. She could see The Doctor sitting cross legged on the grass.
"I...just!" she stuttered.
"Well, I wouldn't say that, I mean, we're friends right?" he asked, oblivios to what she meant.
"No... I mean, I just met the younger you at the market!" she said, and fell to the floor. The frog/dog licked her blank face.

Martha woke up on the grass. The Doctor was staring at the market.
"Hi!" she said.
"What are you going to call your new pet?" he asked.
"The question is what did you call yours?" She asked.
"What?" he stared at the sky, "Oh, that was you? I remember now, I called it Drog!" he said.
"What?" she laughed.
"D for dog, R for frog and OG for both!" he laughed and she joined in. Martha dog/frog barked and Martha called him Drog in memory of The Doctors pet.

[To Be Continued...]
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