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Chapter 1

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high school

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Title- Out of place and Under dressed. chapter 1
Pairing- Ryan Ross/ Brendon Urie
Summery- High school
Disclaimer- I do not own or know the people in this story fanFICTION good god people seriously! The tital also belongs to Panic! at the Disco. I own nothing, and am not claiming this to have ever happened.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Ugh, what the hell is that? Oh, right alarm clock, time for another wonderful day of school. My name is Ryan, and in case you dident catch that i enjoy sarcasm. Very much so. I slowly make my way out of my warm, cozy, over sized, queen bed and make my way into the bathroom.

I lazily strip off my cloths and lather my hair in shampoo before rinsing it out. Once my body is free of soap, i step out of the shower and dry myself off. I take a quick glance at the clock and instantly regret it, I'm already about a half hour late, i throw on a pair of tight girl jeans, and a fitted black band T shirt, i put on deodorant and apply a exaggerated amount of eyeliner.i follow the aroma coming from the kitchen, oat meal. oh this day just gets better, and yes that was more sarcasm.i grab my books and attempt to slide out the door unnoticed.

" Ryan! " my mother says in a sing song voice. " no goodbye, huh? "

Ugh, I wanted to scream at her to leave me alone, that I wasent a child and refused to be treated like one.
but instead I decided to settle with " sorry mother I'm kinda in a hurry. "
I hastily slip out of the door before she has a chance to reply.

I lived only about two blocks from the school so I walked. As I stepped out of the driveway I realized just how chilly it really was I shoved my hands into the front of my hoodie I had thrown on and cut across the dew ridden grass of the schools court yard humming some random tune in my head.

I made my way to my locker, where I found my best friend waiting for me. I muttered a quick " Hey Emma " and opened my locker obstructing my view of her face. She nodded indifferently and strode off to her class room.

I walked into my first period classroom, creative writing, and found my usual seat in the back far left corner.
This was my favorite class and the only one I was good at, at that. I opened my notebook to a clean sheet of lined paper and took out a balled point pen.

I had just started to throughly read threw todays prompt when I saw him out of the corner of my eye.
yes, Brendon Urie the most popular jock is school, he was gorgeous to say the least.
he had longish dark brown hair that was in the ' just got out of bed ' style, but was at the same time neat.
He was also about average hight a few inches shorter than myself, he was thin but lean, muscular but not bulky, he had beautiful, flawless, pale, skin and deep chocolate eyes you could stare into for hours.

Just to clear things up, I am indeed gay.

And to clear things up more, Brendon Urie is not.

I tryed to focus on my writing but couldent keep from looking at him out of the corner of my eye.
A warm hand on my shoulder startled me out of my daydream and i looked up to meet the eyes of none other then, you guessed it, Brendon Urie.

" Hey, um...Ryan? " i blushed about a million shades of red and nodded my head to confirm he had my name right.

" Can I borrow a pencil? " I nodded my head and manedged to stutter out a " ss su sure " Oh my god how embarrassing. He smiled and took it, his fingers brushing against my knuckles as he did so.
I continued the deep crimson blush that has all but devoured my face.

" Thanks. " he smiled at me again and turned back around in his seat and continued his writing.

Relieved he could no longer see my blush I tried to go to work on mine but was by far to distracted now.
I couldent stop thinking about his smile, oh god it was gorgeous his whole face seemed to light up when he did.
Now that I think about, it he really doesent smile very often, well, not genuine real smiles that is, just those fake smiles he gives his jock friends, when they crack some immature joke.

I have studied him alot, I fact its almost on the verge of stalking.
But its not. I Ryan Ross am not a stalker.

I noticed he was clad in his usual attire, dark blue jeans, that were just a bit tight in all the right places, a plain red t shirt, and his black hoodie he wore almost every day.

I snuck a quick peek at him an noticed him slightly biting his lip in concentration, he really was adorable.
" no! stop that!" I thought to myself, he was strait as a nail and i was pretty dam sure of it so, why get my hope up? Huh, even if he was gay he's popular and I'm er... well not.

So you see the picture, yeah?

I was shaken from my thoughts as the bell unexpectedly rang.
I walked slowly out of the classroom, I had a feeling this would be a long day.

Sorry this is my fist time attempting slash so.....sorry if it sucks!!!
I also can not spell and don't have a beta so...yeah.
I appreciate con crit, but please no hate mail.
comments make my day :]

I will update more frequently if i get comments :]
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