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couple days later

It's been two days since Sam had gone and picked up Draven from Chester's. She was still having the same dream about her best friend. The day before, Sam's mom called her and finally told her want was going on. What was happening was that her real state company is in a big lawsuit. The people that were suing the company were also threatening to take everyone's license away. Not knowing that her mom already has a lawyer she decided to help her out by calling her own lawyer. Luckily he also did civil practice and agreed to help her mom out. They set the date to go to her mom's office for today. When she got to her moms office, she saw her lawyer already waiting outside. Once she reached him they walked inside the building going up to the receptions desk.
"Hey Emily, is my mom in?" Sam asked her mom's receptionist.

"Oh hi Sam. Yeah. She's in her office" Emily said.

"Thanks" she said before she walked over to her mom's office. When she reached the door she knocked, letting her mother know she was here.

"Hi Sam! How are you?" her mom asked. She got up from her chair and walked around her desk giving her daughter a hug. When she pulled away she saw her lawyer behind her, "Sam. Thanks for trying to help me out, but I already have a lawyer"

"You do? Who is your lawyer? And how come you didn't tell me?" she asked her. Then Sam heard a knock on the door and turned around not believing who it was. 'What does this woman want from me?' she thought to herself when she saw that it was Talinda.

"Yeah. Here she is" her mother said letting her come in.

"Mom please tell me she's not your lawyer?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, she is Sam. Is there a problem?" her mom asked.

"Yes there is! Shes Chester's girlfriend!" Sam exclaimed.

"Sorry Sam. I'm not going to tell her that I don't want her to be my lawyer just because you don't like her"

Sam sighed and rolled her eyes, "Fine mom. I just hope you win the case" she said before walking out of her office. When they walked out of the building Sam faced Rick, "I'm really sorry about that Rick. I didn't know she already had a lawyer" she apologized.

"It's okay Samantha. You didn't know. At least she does have a lawyer. Oh and don't forget that we have a meeting in a couple days to go over the custody case. You have to bring Draven with you to the meeting so I could talk to him okay" Rick said before walking off to his car.

"Okay" she said. She then walked off to her car and drove home.

When she got home, after walking in, she found her son and his baby sitter playing with his car toys in the living room together. She walked further into the room and sat on the couch watching them. "Hi, Mrs. Bennington. I didn't see you there" Leticia, Draven's baby sitter said to her when she got up off the floor.

"Hi Leticia. Just call me Sam" Sam said as she got up. They then walked out of the room and stood by the entrance so Draven couldn't hear them talking.

"I'm sorry about that. It's going to take a while getting use to not calling you Mrs. Bennington" Leticia said.

"That's okay Leticia. I'll let you go now. Thanks for watching Draven""

"Okay. And it's no problem watching Draven" she said. They walked back into the living room so Leticia could get her stuff and say bye to Draven.

"Bye Lesha" Draven said since he really couldn't say Leticia.

When she left, Sam walked back into the living room and sat down next to him, "Hey buddy, what do you want to have for dinner?" she asked him.

"I want daddy to cook for us." Hearing Draven say that broke her heart.

"Draven" she said moving some of his hair to the side, "I know that you want me and daddy to be together, but you know that were taking a break right?"

"Yeah. I know you and daddy told me already" he said in a little sad voice.

"Okay. So what do you want for dinner?" she asked him again hoping that would cheer him up.

"Pizza!" he said really happy.

"Okay, will have pizza tonight" she said laughing at how happy he said it.

After Draven had told her that he wanted pizza for dinner, she got up and went to order the pizza. When she got to the phone, she saw that there was a message. She decided that she would listen to it later after putting Draven to sleep. Once she finished ordering the pizza, she went back into the living room where Draven was playing at. A few minutes later after playing with Draven, the pizza came. Draven went to sit in his chair to wait for the pizza while Sam went to go and cut Draven's piece smaller so he could eat it. About an hour later after they had dinner Sam got Draven ready to go to sleep. As soon as she got him down she went and listened to the message.
'Hey Sam it's me Anna. I know we haven't talked in along time, but Mike and I are throwing a party for his solo album that's going to be coming out soon. Where inviting everyone over and I want you to come to the party. Don't worry about Chester. You can just hang out with me and the girls okay? It's okay for you to call me later to night, Mike's at the studio. Alright talk to you later. Bye.'
After she heard the message she started debating weather or not she should go. 'I won't let Chester stopped me from having fun' she thought to herself. She picked up the phone and dialed Anna's number.

"Hello" she said after she picked up the phone.

"Hey Anna. It's me Sam"

"Hey girl. You got my message right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I did"

"So, do you want to come or not?"

"Yeah I do. It's good to get out once in a while. I shouldn't let Chester not make me want to go

"It's about time you got out Sam. But listen I want to warn you, Chester is going to bring Talinda with him"

"I don't care about her. So when is this party?" she asked so she could know if she had Draven or not.

"In two weeks. All of us are going out to eat and then were going back to Chester's since it was his ideal to go to his house for drinks. Oh and the place where going to eat out is pretty nice, so dress up nicely"

"Okay. Well I'll let you go Anna. See you in two weeks" she said.

"Alright. Talk to you later" she then hung up.

'Why did I agree to go to the party? Were all going to end up at Chester's, a person I'm really not looking forward to seeing, especially his girlfriend' she thought to herself after finishing talking to Anna. After sitting there for a little while, she got up and went to get ready to go to sleep. The minute she closed her eyes the image of her best friend flooded her head...
The sound of a car horn going off in the background...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh" Sam saw herself screaming, standing next to a car that was smashed in the front. In the car she saw someone laying against the steering wheel and that person was her best friend Sandra Grace.

"Sandra!" she called out sitting up straight. She looked around the room trying to calm herself down. When she did she slowly lay down and tried to go back to sleep...
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