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Fall Down/ I Won't Listen

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Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-06-22 - Updated: 2007-06-23 - 715 words

I was hanging out with the band at the mall.

"Where to now?" Bree asked running out of Weathervane.

"Hot Topic?" I asked, they shook their heads.

"Funk 'E' Breeze!" They all yelled. I looked at them like what the hell, although I wasn't in the
condition to shop at Hot Topic. We all walked down to Funk 'E' Breeze and separated. I went to the
posters with Kate, and I looked for anything I liked but didn't have. I saw a Green Day poster and
grabbed it, and then I saw Good Charlotte and grabbed it. When I was paying the others went out of
the store why did I feel like they were ignoring me? I caught up to them and walked behind them,
when they stopped for food I decided to go my own way and see if they really cared. I walked around
and saw a baby store that I decided to go into. I looked at girl clothes when the band came up to me

"What the hell?!" Kate yelled at me. Everyone looked at us and I got out of the store, Kate right
behind. "Why did you leave us?"

"You left me first!" I growled. "I was paying for my stuff and you all just ran off!" I walked away
from them and didn't look back, something my mom taught me in my previous life. If you didn't
remember I was hit by a car then put in this dream world...maybe that's what it is. This is all a
dream and I'll wake up someday, back to my cruddy life. I walked outside and then started walking
down the stairs and tripped.

woke up in a hospital, something was different about me. I looked at my stomach and I was no
longer blessed with a baby girl.

"Miss Kolber?" a doctor asked.

"Anna, please," I sighed holding back tears.

"I'm sorry you lost the baby." I nodded. I didn't want to talk, my baby was gone, my band hated me,
and I was in a hospital just like that night I died.

"Anna!" Billy yelled and ran over to me.

"Billy..." I cried. Billy sat down and pulled me into a hug and tried to calm me down.


"I really wanted that baby!" Just then a nurse came in with a wheelchair.

"Anna you can leave when you are ready," she smiled just standing there. I nodded and clutched onto
Billy a bit more hoping I would calm down soon.

"Are you ready to leave?" Billy asked. I shook my head yes and he helped me into the wheelchair. As
the nurse pushed me out Billy stayed there and walked beside me, when I felt woozy I would grab his
hand and squeeze it. It was hard to soak in that the baby had died before it was born. We had
reached the car where the guys were, but someone was missing...Benji? That was weird.

"Where's Benj?" I asked everyone.

"We can't find him anywhere," Joel sighed, his eyes full of sorrow. I sighed and stood up with the
help of Billy. I walked over to Joel's car and got in the front seat. Once we reached my house I got
out and assured them I would make it inside. I walked in and heard whispering and harsh whispers.

"Benji?!" I yelled in our big house. "Are you here?" I walked up the stairs and stopped in front of
our door for one second.

"Stop!" Benji harshly whispered.

"You need to let her know about us," a female voice whispered.

It was scaring me so I opened the door to find a half dressed Kate and Benji in the bed together.

"What the hell?!" I screamed and ran out of the room and down the stairs. I pushed through doors and
out to the front when Benji stopped me.

"Please listen to me!" Benji begged.

"NO!" I screamed loud enough that the whole neighborhood could hear.

"I'm not cheating on you!"

"Really? Then what was that?!"

"She was coming on to me!"

"Bullshit!!!" I ran off and didn't look back. I didn't know where to go but I wasn't going to any of
the guys or my band and they were all I had.
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