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Danielle and Derek

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Danielle Nikolla was riding her custom-made motorcycle around the parking lot of her Bike Shop. Her best friend, Derek Jones, had set up a dirt mound that she was determined to jump off of. The only problem was:

She had fear instilled in her heart. She always knew that fear was a state of mind; that if you got over it, you could defy the odds. That's what she always planned to do. Defy the odds.

If she ever got over the fear of accomplishing it.

"Turn it up!" she yelled, thrusting her thumb in the air, as she rumbled around Derek for the umpteenth time.

"How? I'd need a freakin' bomb!" he yelled back, motioning to the already exploding ball of flames. It covered almost the entire mound, except for the small circular hoop Danielle was supposed to fly through.

Danielle paid no attention, and kept going; all the way to the entrance of the parking lot. There, she did a one-eighty degree turn, and stood still. The engine of the motorcycle purred.

As quick as lightning, she was off, racing towards the dirt mountain. Just as she was about to climb it, Derek screeched. She lost her concentration, and the bike wobbled. In a second, it was on its side, skidding away from Dani.

"Derek, you asshole!" she cried, whipping off her helmet. She looked down. Her leg was pretty torn up. It was bleeding, and getting all over her favorite jeans.

"Danielle, did you hear?" Derek shrieked again, running over to her. "Colin is here! He's at the Aladdin right now! Come on, we have to go!"

"Derek, I'm a mess. You ripped up my leg, you dick!"

"Danielle," Derek whined. He was bouncing on his feet. "Dani, this means so much to me. I was in love with this kid when we were little! I need to see him!"

Danielle - still on the ground - leaned back, and braced herself on her palms. She looked up into Derek's sparkling green eyes and sighed. "If you weren't so cute, I'd say no."

Derek squealed. "Oh, Dani, I will love you forever for this!" He bent down and kissed her sloppily. "Come on! We have to go!"

"Can I at least change first?" she asked, getting pulled off the ground by Derek. Her pant legs were all dusty, the knee was ripped out and the surrounding area was bloody. Her leather jacket was even more torn up than it was before, and was covered in brown particles.

"No, no! We have to go now." Derek grabbed her gloved hand, tugging her towards his car.

"Derek!" she yelled. He stopped. Danielle took a few deep breaths, then looked at him. "Put that out," she pointed towards the flaming ramp. "Before we get arrested. Drag my bike into the garage, while I close up the store. Understand?"

He nodded like a five year old, who had just gotten in trouble for knocking his sister's ice cream into the dirt. He slowly moved towards the fire.

Once inside the shop, Danielle whipped off her jacket, letting the cool air conditioned room calm her nerves. She threw her helmet underneath the cash register counter, listening to it smash and knock over many other things that had been thrown there. She flipped the sign on the door to CLOSED, before heading into the backroom. Derek's jacket was hanging on the back of a chair. She made a mental note to grab it on the way out.

Heading into the bathroom, she flicked on the light and shut the door closed behind her. Her reflection was a mess. Her ebony colored hair looked teased, and some of it was sticking to her forehead; it got pretty hot underneath that helmet.

After she cleaned off her face and disinfected her wound, she fixed her hair and attempted to clean her outfit. She got most of the dirt off of her pants, but the blood was there to stay. Her black t-shirt was considerably clean, due to the fact her leather jacket took most of the blow.

"Danielle!" Derek called, in a sing-song voice.

"Coming!" she yelled, stalking out of the bathroom, grabbing Derek's jacket on the way.

The bell over the door rang as she pushed her way outside, shoving the jacket into his hands. She turned towards the door, locking it with her key, and whirled back around. She kept walking, but stopped short, took a step back and cupped Derek's chin with one hand. "When did you manage to put this on?" she asked, examining the thick line of blue eyeliner drawn underneath and on top of his green eyes.

His quick grin smashed his cheeks in her hand. "When it took you forever to do whatever you had to do in there."

"Oh, right, Derek. I took fifteen minutes, tops."

"All right, all right. Can we just go? I called him and told him we'd be there in five minutes." Derek started towards the car, and Dani had no choice but to follow him.

"You didn't really call him, did you?" she asked, keeping up with his long legs as they reached the car.

Derek smiled at her over the hood of the car. "Not a chance."

Danielle was waiting in the lobby of the Aladdin, a high-class hotel in downtown Las Vegas. She didn't really want to see Colin Spencer; she was never really that close with him. The closest she ever got to him, was when her fist connected with his nose.

So there she was, sitting in an uncomfortable, maroon-colored armchair, watching people in glamorous clothing strut by, talking on their Razor cell phones. She looked down at her bloody knee. It was throbbing like a mother-fucker, and hurt when she just hovered her hand above it.

Her head snapped up when she heard dramatic, and loud, sobbing coming from the elevators. Only one person in the world cried like that.

Danielle got to her feet. She went and looked around the corner of the lobby. Derek was sobbing, stumbling down the hallway.

"Danielle!" he cried, throwing an exaggerated sob out with it. "Oh, Danielle!" He collapsed in her arms when he reached her.

"Derek, what happened?" she asked, supporting his weight, and bringing him over to the equally uncomfortable lobby couch.

"Oh, Danielle!"

"Derek, come on, hon, tell me." Danielle touched Derek's face, wiping away his blue colored tears; that Goddamn eyeliner was running like a bitch.

Derek kept screaming his pain. Finally, Danielle had to slap his face lightly. He stopped; only shuddering out breaths.

"Tell me," she demanded.

"He was with a woman!" he yelled. "Some bimbo slut, with big tits and fake, Barbie doll hair!"

"Well, Der, I hate to break it to you, but he was never gay. He liked chicks; remember he hit on me once?"

Derek laughed slightly, then sniffled. "Was that when you punched him?"

"Broke his nose in three places," she said, triumphantly.

Derek looked at her, with red, shaky eyes and watery looking eyeliner. He would blink, and soft tears would slither down his face. "But Dani .. he called me - "

"Called you what?"

"A .. "

"A .. ?"

"A faggot!" he yelled. Everyone turned and looked at him.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" Danielle growled. They went back to their business. "He actually called you that?" she asked him, softly.

"Yeah." He choked a sob. "He said, 'Sorry, but I was never interested. I mean, come on, Derek. I'm not a faggot like you'. Then he shut the door in my face."

Danielle shook her head. "That's it. What room is he in? I'll kill the bastard, I will!"

"No, Dani!" Derek grabbed the already standing up Danielle.

"Derek, I have to!"

"Danielle Nikolla!" Derek pulled her hard to the sofa. "You're making a scene. Stop it."

"Derek, how can you say that? He hurt you so badly! He made you cry! Why, if you didn't pull me down, I would've been knocking on every door myself, asking where that son of a - "

"Excuse me."

" - bitch was." Danielle was about to go on, but she stopped, seeing as how someone was talking to her. She turned and looked up. "You need something?"
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