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Chapter 8 - Eww boy cooties!

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Jane's P.O.V:

So far i've avoided going anywhere near MCR but I new it wouldn't last. I had to come up with some ideas of how I can make Gerard hate me though. I have several, but they're all too cruel. Who cares if they're cruel. You'd love killing one of his friends. NO I WOULDN'T! You keep thinking that. After awhile of thinking Holly, Jake, Derek and Adam came over to my bunk and sat down on the floor leaning back against the bunks on the other side looking exausted.

" That was an awesome came of kickball. You should have came Janey poo!" Holly said cheerfully but outta breath.

" I'm just caught up in my own problems. It hurts to think back though," I replied to her statement sighing at the end.

" We're here if you ever need someone to talk to remember," Adam said comfortingly. The others nodded their heads agreeingly.

" Yeah I remember," I told them standing up. " Well I have to get some time outta this shithole bus. You guys wanna go to get some coffee?"

" Damn girl all you drink is blood and coffee!" Jake chuckled.

" You try being me and see how fuckin lame it is! I can only drink black coffee and blood. You know how boring it gets at points?" I said jokingly.

" Well let's go then!" Derek said. They stood up and we made our way out into the parking lot. We were in Chicago and tonight we were going to meet the guys from FOB. MCR and them were going to play at the show with us so I was excited that I was actually going to hear other band's songs.

Jake remembered where a Starbucks was near here when he came here a couple months ago to see his old girlfriend. He's never had alot of girlfriends cause he likes to take time picking the right ones. Now he says that he was going to find a girl to spend the rest of his life with. I died a little inside when I heard him say those words. I'm never going to have that ever again...

" Hey Janey Waney!" Frank shouted from the other side of the street waving like a lunatic.

" Hey Franklin!" I yelled waving. I saw the other guys with him outside of a bookstore. They all waved smiling and we all did the same except Gerard who was just standing there looking at me.

" What did you call me?" Frank shouted running across the street. I laughed as I ran away from him. I started singing the Franklin theme song in between laughs then fell onto the sidewalk laughing hysterically. He ran over to me and started to tickle me.

" Never call me that again!" Frank joked.

" What will you do about it?" I replied laughing. He stopped tickling me, picked me up and hoisted me over his shoulder. " Put me down!" I yelled laughing still. He walked with me back over to the guys of MCR.

" I've got meself a live one. Pretty little bugga at that!" Frank said to the guys in a very stupid fake Austrailian accent.

" She's a keeper," Mikey replied in the same accent yet even worse.

" My god get the accents right you guys!" I said giggling. Frank still had me over his should and they stood in silence for about half a minute. " Uhh you can put me down now ya know," I said.

" Oh right," Frank answered setting me down.

" Well how are you all today?" I said as the others made their way over to us. They all replied saying fine and good except Gerard who was still staring at me. I snapped my fingers infront of his face. "You hoooo anybody alive in there?" He finally snapped out of it and realized we were all staring at him as were my band mates and Holly.

" Oh sorry just thinkin," He replied blinking a couple times.

"Well we best be going now I need my coffee! You guys wanna come? " I asked.

" Sure why not?" Alicia replied.

" Good well let's go!" I said linking my arms with Frank then we started skipping ahead of them all.

" Hey I wanna skip too!" Holly whined giggling. We let her join us then we went on our way down the street. " Frankie pankie pudding pie, kissed the girl and made them cry!" I chuckled.

" Hey i'll have you know that I am a very good kisser," Frank protested.

" Out of the other guys and you who do you think's the best kisser?" Holly asked making me laugh.

" 100% MOI!" He replied puckering up his lips.

" EWW BOY COOTIES!" Me and Holly cried out together. We looked at eachother and laughed menacingly thinking the same thing. We got up closer to Frank and started flirting with him jokingly... but he didn't know that heheh.

" Hey there Frankie," Holly and me said to him twirling some of his short, black hair with our fingers. Everyone else walking behind us knew what we were doing a they started chuckling. But one of them wasn't so happy.

" Hey you two he has a girlfriend you know?" Gerard said pulling me off of Frank. But why didn't he take Holly off of him too?

" No shit sherlock," I replied jokingly. But he didn't really take it as a joke.

" Then what the fuck were you doing?" Gerard demanded.

" Who knows? Right Holly?" I answered giving her a little wink. She giggled and nodded her head.

" Hey what can I say? The ladies love me," Frank said wrapping his arms around our shoulders.

" Hey I want some of Frankie too don't hog him all to yourselves," Alicia giggled jogging up to us and Frank made it so all his arms were around us. Then Gerard pulled Frank's arms off of me and pulled me out of the link.

"Alicia come back to me my love! " Mikey replied chuckling with Ray and Bob holding his arms out for her.

" Sorry Frank but you kinda stink," Alicia said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and leaping into Mikey's arms.

" You know you love me!" Frank joked. Holly pulled away too giving him a kiss on the cheek.

" Sorry but Alicia was right, you do stink. Plus, there's someone else," Holly chuckled running over to Derek. He embraced her and they started to kiss.

" Oh my fucking god you're cheating on me with one of my best friends?" I said to Derek the walking over and pretending to slap him on the cheek. We all laughed except for Gerard who was still looking a bit angry.

" Oh Jane I lied about being the best kisser. Gerard is," Frank stated simply. Okay now it was awkward cause he was standing right beside me.

"Good to know, but i'm not single remember, " I replied adjusting my sunglasses.

Gerard's P.O.V:

Great Frank you idiot.

What I was just trying to help!

Yeah well it didn't it made it worse. Plus she has a boyfriend.

Ummm yeah about that... can we skip coffee? I need to talk to you

Sure I guess. Frank told the others that him and I were needed back at the arena to check something out before we did sound check later. After saying goodbye we headed back to our tour bus. We entered it and sat down at the couches.

" Okay so what do you want to talk to me about?" I asked curious of what he has to say. He shifted in his seat a bit before answering my question.

" Well you know Jane's boyfriend?"

" Know of him yes,"

" Well, his name was Anothony." Wait... was?

" What do you mean was?" He sighed and waited a minute before responding.

" Holly, me and Jake were talking the other day and I told them she told me about her telling me she had a boyfriend named Anothony."

" Point?" I asked.

" Well, he was her fiancé. That is untill he died..."
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